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Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 6)

Hi friends, I know that u all want the suspense to be revealed about Shivika relationship and history but I feel that it will be too early to reveal
their past….Actually my original plan was to reveal Shivika relationship in 10th episode….but many ishqies want me to
reveal it fast…I don’t know what to do now…actually I wanted to give some hints through flashbacks before revealing their past…..So now it’s upto
all of u…Whether u want me to reveal it now or whether u want me to give some hints to tease u before revealing it in the 10th episode…As for Ishkara
past and the reason behind Om faking the memory loss….it will take some time to be revealed but I’ll also give some flashbacks for u to figure it out by urself.

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Recap: Ishana meets Om after 8 years.

Scene 1(In the hospital): Ishana is looking at the Obros in Om’s ward through the window….Her eyes are wet with tears.
Ishana goes in flashback. Flashback scene 8 years ago:
Om and Ishana are standing in an open field.Ishana is pointing a gun towards Om.
Om: Ishana??? What the hell are u doing???
Ishana: Om, I’m sorry but u have to die.
Om: I didn’t expected this from u.
Ishana: Right…no one should expect anything from me.
Ishana grins and shoots Om.
Flashback ends. Ishana opens her eyes and wipes her tears. Someone puts his hand on Ishana’s shoulder…It’s Anika.. Ishana turns
back sees Anika. They hug each other tightly without saying a word..Ishana starts crying.
Anika: Ishana, why are u crying???
Ishana: Anika, I’ve done many sins…Because of me Om was away from his family for 8 years…Bcoz of me a mother was away from his son for 8
years..There’s so much pain in this heart…This guilt is eating me…This guilt will kill me…I really don’t want to live anymore.

I’ve become a reason for the pain and suffering for everyone…I don’t know..I don’t know what to do..
Ishana bursts into tears. Anika wipes Ishana’s tears and hugs her again. Anika makes Ishana sit on the chair.
Anika: Ishana, listen to me…u know, we can never change the past…regretting is’nt a good thing…it only gives pain to u..
And whatever happened wasn’t completely ur fault…I don’t know wheter Om will accept u or not once he gets his memory back and I will not give any false
hopes to u…but I only want to say one thing.
Ishana: What???
Anika: Ishana, Ur life hasn’t ended…Life always gives second chances to people..why are u spoiling ur life???? Why u do these illegal activites???
It’s not good at all…I know that u r a good girl…so why do u need to do such cheap work???
Ishana smiles and bursts into tears.
Ishana(crying): Anika, U know.. people get second chances only in stories…not in real life…I was sentenced for 7 years imprisonment for trying
to kill Om….U know how brutally I was beaten in the jail…It hurt a lot…I was crying and bleating in pain but no one listened to me….
I got this beating for 7 years in jail…it was a living hell for me….I can’t describe in words that how painful it was for me….And when I came out of the prison

after 7 years this society made my life hell….People looked at as if I’m not a human, but an animal…There eyes were hurting me…..The word criminal
was hurting my ears…I had no work other than going in the path of crime…bcoz that’s were my place is..that is the place where I’m accepted…I simply had
no other option…It’s not that I like doing this work but what else can I do..
Ishana cries….
Anika(putting both her hands on Ishana’s cheeks): Ishana, plz don’t cry..I know that u have gone through lots of pain and suffering but ur life hasn’t ended yet
and u can do an honest job if u want.
Ishana: Anika, lets nottalk about it right now.
Anika: But Ishana…
Ishana: ANika plz..lets talk about u…tell me what happened in ur life??? And why u didn’t marry Shivaye????
Anika?”(smiling): You know na….we were never meant for each other…
Ishana: But u loved Shivaye so much then why???

Anika goes in the flashback
Flashback scene 8 years ago: Shivaye and Anika are sitting together in a beach seeing the waves of the ocean.
Anika: Shivaye….U know what??? U r a very boring boyfriend.
Shivaye: What do u mean??? I’m not boring
Anika: I mean that the air is so fresh here…the smell of ocean is magnificent…the scenery of sunset is so beautiful…atleast u can
say some romantic lines in this beautiful moment….Seriously u r so boring…atleast u could have learned some poems from Om.
Shivaye: Oh hello..this is not a movie…and we are not hero-heroine that I will give say few cheesy lines…seriously u should
stop watching Karan Johar movies.

Anika: That’s what I said…Don’t know why I fell in love with u???I could have got so much better than u.
Shivaye: Fine..then go and search someone else.
Shivaye gets up and Anika holds his hand.
Anika: Offo..sit na…U don’t even understand a joke.
Shivaye sits again. Anika puts her head in Shivaye’s shoulder.
Anika: Shivaye…I still can’t believe that u were once a person who didn’t believed in love.
Shivaye: Yeah..even I don’t believe that u have brought such a big change in me. U know Anika..I’ve learnt one thing in life…that love can
conquer each and everything…..When u fell in love..this blood..family..lineage doesn’t matters at all.
Anika: Shivaye..will u promise me something???
Shivaye: What??
Anika: Promise me that u will never leave me….
Shivaye: Why do u think that I’ll leave u??? Anika I love u, and no matter what I will never leave u???
Anika(holding the hands of Shivaye): Shivaye..I fear alot about future..fate has been very cruel to me….I fear that what if we
get separaed.

Shivaye(putting his hands on Anika’s cheeks): Anika, u don’t have to fear..our love is’nt that weak…I promise
that in every difficult situation we’ll always be together.
Anika: Pinky promise??
Shivaye: Fhat the wuck!!! What’s that??
Anika: Shivaye??
Shivaye: Okay fine..pinky promise.
Shivaye And Anika laugh and hug each other…Flashback ends
Present time:
Ishana: Anika, what happened??? where are u lost??
Anika(getting out of her thoughts): Uh,nothing.
Anika(thinking): How can u forget ur promise Shivaye???
O jaana song plays.

Scene 2: Om is sitting on the bed in his ward…Tej enters…Om looks at him.
Tej: Hi Om… how r u now???
Om: Mr Oberoi…what r u doing here??? Plz leave.
Tej: What??? What do u mean??? I’ve come to meet u…my son is in such a bad condition….
Om: Listen Mr Oberoi…I’m not at all interested in talking to u….so plz…just leave.
Tej goes near Om and sits beside him.
Tej: Om beta..plz don’t say this..it hurts me a lot.
Om: Do u think it hurts only u…….Do u think that pain and suffering is given only to u…..I don’t think so….
Tej: Om..I know that I’ve done many sins any past…
Om: And nothing can wash ur sins Mr Oberopi…I say it again…nothing….the pain u’ve given to us can’t be forgotten…..it is impossibvle to forget Mr Oberoi….
Tej: But Om..
Om: Listen to me Mr Oberoi… U r not my father…..blood and DNA don’t make relationships…relationship[ps are made from heart but of course….u will never understand it…bcoz for that u need to have a heart first.
Tej: But Om…I’ve changed now.
Om: Some wounds never fill Mr Oberoi and the wounds that u have given to us will give us pain till the last breath…and scars of the wounds will keep me reminding about it tiome and again.
Tej bursts into tears and cries.
Tej(crying): Plz Om….plz don’t do this to me…I’ll die with this hatred.
Om: Mr Oberoi…..go and show these fake tears to someone else…I know u very well and I’m not going to fall for it .
Tej leaves wiping his tears…He comes out of the ward…
Tej: How can u be so stone hearted Om???

To Be Continued….

No Precap.

Well guys…now it’s upto u..whether u want me to reveal about Shivika past in next episode or in ththe 10 th episode..tell me
through ur comments..and I’ll go with the majority….I know guys that I’ve promised two tmes that I’ll reveal about Shivika past
and haven’t fulfilled but believe me…if majority wants me to reveal it fast then I’ll reveal it in the next episode itself.

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