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Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 11)

Hi friends….sorry for updating almost after 1 week….actually I was suffering from severe haedache due to which I wasn’t able to post the episodes…..I hope that u all remember me and my ff…In case u’ve forgotten then here is the link of all my previous episodes..
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If u don’t have time then atleast read the previous episode to get the story.
Recap: It’s revealed that Shivaye is married to Mallika.


Scene 1(Oberoi mansion): Shivaye is in the drawing room talking to someone on phone….He sees ACP Randhawa entering the Oberoi mansion…..Both glare at each other and fume…..
Ranveer: Hello…Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye: What the hell are u doing here????
Ranveer: Mr Oberoi…I just came here to say congratulations…U’ve found ur long lost brother.
Shivaye: Listen…I don’t have time to waste on u…. Come to the point…what do u want????
Ranveer: Fine…I want to meet ur brother Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye: Om will not meet any outsider…..now plz…u can leave.
Ranveer: Why are u so tensed???? I am only doing my work….I just want to know whether is he really Om or an imposter.
Shivaye: He’s Om, my brother and I know that really well….
Ranveer: Haven’t u wondered how u saw him 8 years later that too when he meets with an accident losts his memory….Don’t u think it’s something fishy….this guy can be an imposter who is pretending to be Om…..He can harm ur family.
Shivaye goes back in flashback and remembers when he saw Om getting hitted by a car.
Ranveer: Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi…police only wants to help u, I’ll only do some interrogation to know whether he’s really ur brother or an imposter.
Shivaye: We don’t need any help from police….Our whole family knows that he’s Om, if he would have been an imposter then I would have knew it in 2 seconds…..now plz…u may leave.
Ranveer: I’m just doing my job Mr Oberoi and i also have the permission for the interrogation…so plz…don’t interrupt in my duty.
Shivaye: So u will not understand like this….Fine, Let me call the commissioner and then u can do ur duty in ur home.
Shivaye dials the commissioner when Anika enters.
Anika: Shivaye….no need to call the commissioner.
Shivaye: But Anika???
Anika: Shivaye….He’s only doing his job.
Shivaye: Anika…U know very well what’s the condition of Om….if he’ll know that he was not with us all these years then his life will be in danger.
Anika: Yes…I know that…..Mr Randhawa…Here’s the writing of the Doctor of Om in which it’s clearly written that Police can’t meet him until and unless his amnesia doesn’t gets cured….I hope that it’s enough for u.
Ranveer: Okay, fine…..but remember Mr Oberoi….don’t be so blind in the love of ur brother…..who knows that this guy maybe having some hidden motive.
Shivaye and ACP look at each other and glare…ACP leaves….

Scene 2: Shivaye thinks about ACP’s words….”don’t be so blind in the love of ur brother…who knows that this guy maybe having some hidden motive to harm ur family.”
He again goes back in flashback when he sees Om getting hitted by the car.
Shivaye(thinking): What are u doing Shivaye???? U r doubting ur own brother….how can u even think like that….no,no…he’s my brother Om and he can’t…harm his own family…..The scene shifts to Om in his room.
Om(thinking); the first step of my plan is successful….I’ve successfully entered the Oberoi mansion and no one has any doubt on me…I’m sorry Shivaye but I have to betray u.
The scene again shifts back to Shivaye.
Shivaye(thinking); Om can’t betray anyone….never….So why am I feeling that something is wrong…something is not right…something is bad…but what???
Anika enters.
Anika(to Shivaye): Shivaye??? Is everything alright???
Shivaye: Uh….yeah everything is fine.
Anika: Then why r u looking so tensed???
Shivaye: Uh…no I’m not tensed….it’s just work pressure.
Anika: Shivaye, I don’t know why u don’t share ur problems with anyone…if there is any problem then u can tell me….Shivaye, plz tell me if anything is wrong????
Shivaye: Anika…I don’t know why but I’m feeling that something is wrong???? That ACP loaded crap on my brain…..I’m doubting my own brother??? How can I do this???? I don’t trust my own brother!!!! I’m feeling so guilty.
Anika: Shivaye, plz, no need to feel guilty….I understand….u know, alot has happened in last few days….everyone is happy that Om is back but also they are is too much confusion in everyone’s minds….We still don’t know where was Om all these years…where and with whom he lived??? We still don’t know all this…and it’s natural for u to think all this.
Shivaye: No Anika….I know very well that he’s my brother Om and Om can’t betray us.
Anika: But something is definitely wrong Shivaye….we all thought that Om is dead and suddenly out of nowhere he appears in the same city in which we are living.
Ifhe lived here then how we never saw him???
Shivaye: One thing is for sure that he didn’t lived in this city in all these years…he was living somewhere else, but where???
Anika: And what’s more shocking is despite ur family being so rich and famous in India and Omkara himself being such a famous artist, no one ever found him…..
Shivaye: Something is not right Anika but I know that Om is betraying us….but these questions need to be answered and it’ll be answered when om remembers everything.
Anika puts her hand on Shivaye’s shoulders….O jaana song plays.
Anika: Don’t worry Shivaye…everything will be alright.

Scene 3( Shivaye’s room): Shivaye is working in his laptop….Om enters.
Shivaye: Om…u here…do u need anything???
Om: Why??? Can I only come to my brother’s room when I need anything???
Shivaye: What r u saying??? It’s nothing like that.
Om: Shivaye, we need to talk.
Shivaye(tensed): Uh…yeah sure..what do you want to talk???
Om: Shivaye, I don’t know how to say it…I came to know about it after my accident and it looks really really weird asking u this.
Shivaye: Hey…why are u thinking so much in asking a question to me??? u can ask me whatever u want???
Om: Shivaye, I just came to know that u r married to Mallika and u also have a 7 year old kid….but I don’t know what happened between u and Anika that u have to take such a huge step???? ..I know it looks very weird for u to answer me but I want to know??? why??? why u and Anika r not together??? I mean, u both confessed ur love to each other….u both accepted each other then what happened that u have to get married to to Mallika and why Mallika left Kabir…..There are too many questions going on my mind Shivaye, whenever I ask u all about something that happened in these 8 years, u all try to hide it…..and why u didn’t told me before about ur marriage???? why were u hiding it from me??? Why I got to know about it today after so many days???
Shivaye gets lost in his thoughts

Om: Shivaye??? what are u thinking???
Shivaye: Uh…nothing!!!!!
Om: Shivaye…U know what??? when I saw Anika around I thought that she’s ur wife…u both got married and Tara is Anika’s daughter…I didn’t even felt the need to ask u….bcoz u both were behaving like a couple but when I came to know that it’s Mallika who is ur wife and Anika is only a nanny of ur daughter I was completely shocked….such a big fool I am.
Shivaye: Om plz….no need to feel bad about urself..We didn’t tell u bcoz we didn’t knew how will u react..but I think that now it’s time to tell u..I and Anika got separated bcoz our worlds were completely different from each other….yes we loved each other but love isn’t enough to live a happy life….For us to live in a society we have to marry a person who is equal to us in terms money and status…..otherwise this society will not let us live…My mom and dad were never happy with my relationship with Anika….and between love and family I chose my family bcoz family comes first for me….And
Om: I can’t believe it Shivaye…U r still the same…there is no change in u even after 8 years…I thought that Anika has changed ur ideologies…..but no, I was wrong!!!!!
Shivaye: I also thought the same when I fell in love with Anika…..but then I came to the real world and realised that love only gives u pain.
Om: Well….I don’t know what to say??? but…why u married Mallika???
Shivaye: Sidharth left Mallika bcoz of his family pressure..Hs family didn’t accepted Mallika again after she ran away from marriage….After that Mallika went on depression for some time and I took care of her….after that we decided to give our relationship a second chance and eventually decided to get married
Om: Well…I don’t know what to say??? but r u happy with Mallika???
Shivaye: Uh yeah…ofcourse…. we understand each other very well and we are also compatible…..we are happy in our married life.
Om: And…do u still love Anika???
Shivaye’s lips gets sealed….O jaana song plays.
Shivaye: Uh…ummm..I..uh…I
Om: Okay, forget it…I got my answer.
Shivaye: No..Om…it’s not what u r thinking, I…
Om: No need to explain Shivaye….I’ve understood what u want to say.
O jaana song plays…the scene shifts to Anika thinking about Shivaye….the scene again shifts back to Shivaye…Om leaves from Shivaye’s room.
Shivaye(thinking): I’m sorry Om that I’ve to lie to u….but how can I tell u that it’s bcoz of u I and Anika are not together….It’ll be heart wrenching for u to know that it’s u who is responsible in ending my relationship with Anika.

Scene 4: Om is in his room thinking about Shivaye’s words…..
Om(thinking): Why are u lying Shivaye???? I know that it’s me…it’s me who is responsible in separating u with Anika….I’m sorry my brother…I’m really sorry….U’ve done so much for me and what I’ve done for u???? I separated u with ur love and what am I doing right now??? I’m betraying u and my whole family….It’s so hard to believe that once upon a time I hated saying lies and now I’m building a web of lies for my whole family….
Tears come out of Om’s eyes…Ishana enters and sees Om crying.
Ishana: Om??? What happened why are u crying????
Ishana wipes Om’s tears.
Ishana: What’s this Om??? Why r u crying all the time??? It looks like a Karan Johar movie is going on….everyone cries on every 5 seconds…
Om laughs…Ishana smiles.
Ishana: Now tell me…why were u crying???
Om: I came to know about Shivaye and Mallika’s marriage….Ishana, I don’t remember anything what happened in these 8 years…so plz tell me, are Shivaye and Mallika happy in their relationship and does Shivaye and Anika still love each other.
Ishana’s smile fades and she thinks for a while.
Ishana: Om….I can’t say anything about this….it’ll be better if u ask it to ur family members…
Om: But atleast u can tell me whether Anika still loves Shivaye or not???? U both are friends after all
Ishana goes back in flashback.
Flashback scene: Anika and Ishana are hugging each other and Anika is crying.
Anika(crying): I still love him Ishana…I want to forget him but I’m not able to…I don’t know what to do??? Plz tell me ishana…plz tell me….what should I do???
Ishana comes out flashback…
Om: Ishana??? What happened???
Ishana(smiling): Anika doesn’t says that but her eyes…her eyes speak that she still loves shivaye….and she has also confessed to me that she still can’t forget Shivaye.
Om: I knew that…they both deny that they still love each other and have moved on in life but it’s not true….love is not that weak….once fall in love it’s impossible to forget that person…..u know Ishana….people say that love gives u a lot of pain….it’s easy to fall in love but it’s not at all easy to be loyal to ur love….yes it’s true that theire is pain in love but the person who finds joy in this pain then it’s true love.

Ishana goes back in flashback
Flashback scene: Ishana getting beaten by police in jail…..Ishana screams in pain….
Flasback ends….

Ishana’s face pales….
Om: ishana??? Where did u get lost???
Ishana comes out of her thoughts….She looks at Om and gives a fake smile.
Ishana: Just wondering how it’s joyful to get pain in love.
Om: So u don’t agree with me.
Ishana smiles.
Ishana: No Om…I agree with u,
Om: Really???
Ishana: yeah…really!!!!!
Om looks at Ishana
Om(thinking): U know nothing about pain or love Ishana….a person like u can never fall in love….I still regret that I fell in love with u and only I know, how it feels to see ur face when I hate u…I hate u Ishana…I hate u!!!!!
Ishana: what happened Om??? What r u thinking???
Om comes out of his thoughts.
Om(smiling): nothing!!!!!!!
Om smiles….Ishana feels suspicious.

Precap: Rudra and Soumya fight….Om talks to Rudra about Shivaye and Mallika relationship.

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