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Ishqbaaz 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye rushes to Om and gets shocked seeing Om lying on the floor. He asks Om to open his eyes. Everyone get worried. Riddhima shouts Om. Shivaye gets injection and gets shocked. Sometime before, Anika asks Shivaye to see Tia. They see the sandals, purse and cushions fallen on the floor. The courier boy stands hiding his face behind the frame cover. Tia fixes the photo frame. Shivaye and Anika see Tia fixing Shivaye and her on the wall. Shivaye looks at Anika.


Rudra says you got Mrs. Rudra Singh Oberoi. Soumya says no, you got Mr. Soumya Tendulkar. He says you are Tendulkar, then I m Sehwag, lets find Dhoni. She says very funny. A man says someone has come to meet you two. Rudra says who is calling us, come we will meet. They throw off garlands.

Tia asks Shivaye when did you come. He

says just now. She says universe wanted me to surprise you, but you surprised me, I felt when you come from office and see our photo, you will be glad, but how did you come early. Shivaye asks Anika do you have to say anything. Tia says Oh my God Anika, you really felt that I…. you really think I will bring any random guy in this house and…. its disgusting, that day I felt you have misunderstanding, but you seriously got after me, what did I do that you hold negative opinion against me.

Rudra and Soumya laugh. They see Rumi and get shocked. They laugh again. He says I m seeing this Devi in dream. She says even I can see her. He says it means she is coming in our dreams. She says I think husband and wife get same dreams. They laugh. Rumi walks to them. Rudra says wait, Sumo, are you ready. He holds Soumya’s hand and says Sumo run. They both run and Rumi shouts Rudra. Rumi runs after them.

Anika says I felt… Tia says its okay Anika, Shivaye baby you believed Anika and doubted on me, I m hurt. He says don’t misunderstand, I trust you, I came here to clear her doubt. Priyanka shouts Shivaye, mom, dad…. Rumi shouts Rudra, wait, you can’t get saved from Devi’s anger.

Shivaye, Anika, Tia rush to see Om and get shocked seeing Om lying on the floor. Tej and Jhanvi come and get shocked. Shivaye says someone call the doctor. Shivaye gets the injection and gets shocked. He holds Om and shouts for water.

Rudra and Soumya hide. He says we got saved. She laughs and says you are such a coward, you…. He shuts her mouth and says don’t make noise, else Devi will come. Soumya nods and looks at him. Rumi shouts Rudra, come out, I know you two are here, come out else I will burn both of you. Rudra reacts. Soumya shuts his mouth. Music plays…………. Rumi shouts Rudra and walks towards them. Rudra sees her and asks Soumya to run. Rumi says Rudra, you can’t treat me like this, I m Devi.

Riddhima comes and gets shocked seeing Om. Shivaye sprinkles water. She asks did Om ….. Shivaye says I don’t know. She shouts Om and pumps his heart, moving him. Om gets a breath and opens eyes. They all get relieved.

Rudra and Soumya run inside cottage and Rumi follows. They run out and lock door. She shouts open the door, I m Devi, you can’t treat me like this Rudra……They run away.

Riddhima holds Om and asks are you okay. Om says thank God, you came back, I felt I lost you. She hugs him. Shivaye gets away and looks in shock.

Soumya says wait, why are we running. Rudra says yes, we locked her in room. She says its heavy costume and jewelry, I m sitting now. They sit under a tree and fall asleep.

Shivaye consoles Jhanvi and says its all my fault, I got tangled in my problems and could not see my brother’s sorrow, I m sorrow, I should have been more responsible. She says its fault of all of us, we did not notice what is going on in his life, thank God he is safe, we need to be careful, Om never shares his problems. Tej hears them. She says we failed him as a family. Tej says stop blaming yourselves, Om is not a kid anymore, life hurts, if he has a heart of glass, it will break.

Anika asks Priyanka why are you crying, its not your mistake, stop crying. Shivaye comes there. Priyanka hugs him and cries. She says I m responsible for this. He says no, its just my mistake, no one else’s, I could not take care of my brother. She says no, its my mistake, I knew it and did not do anything. He asks what did you know. She recalls Om’s words. He asks did you know something what we don’t know. She says I mean I was with Om sometime back, I felt he is not okay, when I asked, he refused and I agreed to him. He says I did same mistake, I spoke to Om and could not read his eyes, I did not know Om broke up after his breakup with Riddhima, till I realized….. He looks at Anika. He asks Priyanka not to cry, I have come, Om is gonna be alright. He goes. Priyanka thinks what shall I do, Shivaye can solve this problem, but I can’t tell him.

Jhanvi says sometimes I feel you are ashamed that Om is your son. Tej says he did not give me any chance to feel proud. She asks really Tej, you have this opinion about him. He says what am I saying wrong, he has to manage Oberoi empire tomorrow, he is not able to manage himself today, how can my son be so weak. She says not weak, he is sensitive. He says you can change word, not truth, weak people take support of drugs, one girl left from his life and he is back to drugs, Shivaye will never do such thing, you know why…. because he is strong, don’t defend your son. She says I m not defending, but we know the problem, no use to point it out again and again. He says what shall I do, one son is drug addict, and other is linked to Devi, you see Jhanvi, even if one of them marries tomorrow, we will not get to know of it, mark my words.

Rudra wakes up and holds his head. He sees Soumya, sindoor, mangalsutra, bridal dress….. He recalls the marriage and gets shocked. He shouts no…. She wakes up and holds her head. She asks are you mad, what happened now, why are you worried. She sees him in groom’s clothes and asks why did you wear groom’s costume. He signs her to see herself. She gets shocked recalling their marriage. He signs her. She worries. He says it means we both …. She says got married….. They both shout no.

Shivaye calls Rudra and says where did he go, where shall I find him. Anika comes to talk to Shivaye. She says I want to talk to you. He says I don’t want to listen anything. She says just listen to me. He says just drop it. She says I know whatever happened is because of me but… He says I did not say this. She says but you feel so, that’s why you are angry with me. He says I m angry with myself, I should have not asked you to lookafter Om, my mistake. She says when I saw Om, he was fine and was talking to Priyanka. He says you should have not left him. She says if you told me problem in detail then… he says even then you could not keep an eye on Om, as you were busy keeping an eye on someone else.

She says you can see what I was doing, but you can’t see why I was doing that. He says its simple, there can be two reasons, either you are totally mad, or you have an agenda, some motive in this. She asks motive? He says you want to make Tia fall in my sight. She asks why will I do this, what will I get by your and Tia’s breakup. He says we spoke about this before, I don’t want to say again. She says speak up like always, tell it, that you feel an ordinary girl like me, who do not have blood, family line, upbringing like you rich people, you feel I want to take Tia’s place and trap you to become rich. He says I did not say this. She says but your meaning is same, I m poor and not much educated, and from rich family, but I have understanding of right and wrong, what about you, you are educated, big businessman, why can’t you see and identify people, someone is cheating you by becoming dear and someone is dying to help you despite being a stranger. He says I don’t need your help, there is no one more imp to me than my family, I will not bear that anyone points on my family, one more thing, Tia is my family now, did you get that, so from today, stay away from Tia and my family, if you like to help, help yourself, because you really need it. He leaves. Tia heard them. Tia smiles seeing Anika and gives a flying kiss.

Shivaye says I don’t know why is she doing this, there would be some reason. Tia says there is reason, I did Anika’s tarot reading and got this card for Anika, Love. He says Love, no Anika does not have any lover. She says universe indicates this, Anika did a lot for us, its our turn to pay her back, I really think we should find a good life partner for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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