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Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye fills sindoor and makes Anika wear mangalsutra. Anika cries, Pinky asks will our bride sit hiding face in ghunghat, we will see how our Tia looks. Sometime before, Shivaye comes to the marriage venue. Everyone see him and smile. Pinky asks Shivaye, you came alone again, where is your bride. Anika comes from behind. They all smile seeing the bride. Anika cries and stands with Shivaye. Media clicks their pics. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and cries. Shivaye holds her hand and walks ahead. He stops near Mrs. Kapoor. He says this of this as suggestion or warning, except both of us, none should know that Tia is not behind that ghunghat, you have to do all the rituals that you would do being Tia’s mum, if you don’t do this, I will ruin your family and family business, both. She gets shocked.


He walks ahead with Anika. Tia’s mum says Tia what have you done and worries.

Shivaye and Anika sit in mandap. She cries. Pinky asks will our bride sit hiding face in ghunghat, we will see how our Tia looks. She goes to lift her ghunghat. Tia’s mum stops her and says don’t lift Tia’s ghunghat, our family pandit said no one should see Tia’s face before the mu dikhai rasam, it will be abshagun. Pinky says abshagun should not happen, it does not matter, as Tia is behind the ghunghat. Rudra says firstly everything used to happen by universe’s wish and not by pandit’s wish. Om asks him to shut up. Anika thinks of her believe on marriage which she told Richa. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. Pandit says now groom and bride stand for the varmala and wedding rounds. Shivaye gets up. Anika sits crying. He sees her and holds her hand to make her stand. O jaana……plays…………Everyone smile.

Shivaye makes her wear the garlands. She cries holding the garlands. He holds her hand and makes her put garlands in his neck. Pinky ties the ghatbandhan. Shivaye walks ahead. Anika cries. He stops and holds her hand to take her. Mangalam…..plays………. Everyone smile and shower flowers on them. Shivaye and Anika sit back in mandap. Pandit says make her wear the mangalsutra. Shivaye sees the mangalsutra in hand and Anika. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays………. She cries. He takes sindoor in hand. O jaana……plays……..

Pinky says no, no one will see Tia’s face except Shivaye, all media people shut cameras, I don’t want any abshagun, Mrs. Kapoor can Shivaye see Tia’s face. Tia’s mum says yes, he can see. Pinky asks Shivaye to apply sindoor, they will see the other side. Shivaye fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline. They get up. Tej hugs Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika take blessings. Jhanvi hugs Anika and says welcome to the family Tia. Shakti and Pinky bless them. Pinky says congrats, our Tia has become Tia Oberoi now. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi looks at her and hugs. Dadi sees Shivaye and blesses both of them. Shivaye hugs Dadi. Shivaye and Anika walk away. She cries.

At home, Dadi stops them at the door. Dadi says you felt you will do anything and I will let you do. Shivaye says Dadi…. Dadi says shut up and laughs on him. Om clicks their pics. Dadi asks Pinky and Jhanvi where is puja plate, new bahu has come, no one knows anything. She calls out Anika to get puja plate. Jhanvi says Anika is not here. Dadi asks where is she. Pinky says I did not see her in marriage. Dadi says call Anika and ask where is she. She asks Jhanvi to get puja plate. Rudra asks Shivaye why does he look worried, is everything fine.

Soumya says Dadi, Priyanka and I got puja plate and arranged everything. Dadi says my granddaughters are smart. Anika says I can’t lie more, it will be good you tell them truth, else I will say. Shivaye says shut up Anika. Anika says it means you won’t say, fine I will say. He holds her hand and says Sahil…. you remember what I can do. She recalls car blast. He says I m sure you understood what to do now. Pinky sees him and says someone see Shivaye, he is not ready to leave Tia’s hand.

Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand quickly. Tej says you got scared Shivaye as if you did not hold Tia’s hand, but someone’s else. Dadi says we will joke later, we will do rasam first. She does the aarti. She says journey can be long, but beginning is by one step, you are going to start a new life by entering this house so this step should be auspicious, come, make this kalash fall by right leg and step ahead. Anika thinks I can’t cheat Dadi. Shivaye holds her hand. Shakti says Shivaye got another chance to hold her hand.

Rudra says maybe Tia does not know right and signs her. Om sees Shivaye and asks Rudra do you also think the same. Rudra says yes and shows loo sign. Om asks are you mad. Rudra asks not this, then how would I know what you feel. Om says no Rudra, I feel its strange. Rudra says it will look strange, its Shitia’s marriage, more strange will happen. Om asks will you always cry. Rudra says what to do. Shivaye pushes Anika. Anika hits the kalash and steps in red color water. She steps inside the house and leaves the footprints. She puts hand in haldi and leaves handprints on the wall structure. O jaana….plays……….

Shivaye says I don’t want anyone to know you are in this ghunghat. Anika asks how will I from this ghunghat. He holds her hand and takes her. The family stops them and shout surprise. Dadi says you are surprised, this was Om’s idea, he said we will do mu dikhai tonight.

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