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Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Shivaye pushes Anika on the bed. He holds her face and says you did mistake and you will pay for it, you will sit in mandap with me and do all rituals of marriage, you will wear mangalsutra of my name, put sindoor of my name, you will become my wife. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Pinky asks Dadi is this abshagun that bride’s dress got spoiled. Dadi asks her not to think so. Rudra asks what happened. Dadi tells about Tia’s dress. He says it means universe does not want Tia to wear the bridal dress. Pinky asks him to shut up. She asks Anika to go and see Tia, if she needs any help. Anika goes to Tia and asks what happened Tia, shall I call designer, is there any problem in the dress. Richa turns. Anika gets shocked seeing her. She asks who are you and where is Tia.

Dadi, Priyanka, Soumya,

Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti, Pinky, Om and Rudra on Mahi Ve. Anika reads the papers. She says what does Shivaye want to do, I got tired telling him not to marry Tia, he did not listen, now when Tia has run away from marriage, he got mad, is this anything to do marriage for one day, what will happen of this girl, no I can’t get in this matter, I already did a lot. She returns paper. Richa says tell me what to do, please. Anika says what to say, its your life, do what you find right. Richa says my parents took my life’s decision, I can’t go against them, but I don’t want to do this marriage. Anika says no, I can’t get in this matter, self respect is in own hands. Richa says its better that I die than doing this marriage. Anika gets shocked and stops.

Everyone is still dancing. Anika gives water to Richa and asks her name. Richa says Richa…. Anika says look Richa, I know much things spoiled in your life, but whatever it is, remember always listen to your heart, you are going to get married, and its not a joke, its a big promise, that’s a relation if made by heart, else a bond, sindoor and mangalsutra are not just makeup or jewelry, its witness of two person’s love and relation, marriage is not a game, its relation of seven births, people made a joke of sindoor, ask those who applied sindoor in their maang, even if the world sells off, they can’t pay price for sindoor, marriage is a beautiful relation, one day marriage is a bad joke, its on you now, you decide, you can find a good guy and keep a relation, else joke along with Shivaye, husband and wife are like two wheels of life’s car, you are going to become a stepney, not a tyre, which is fixed for one night as replacement, Shivaye is stubborn and rude, one can’t expect him to respect girls, but girls have to respect themselves.

Shivaye walks to the room and says why is this girl taking so much time. Richa opens the door. He sees her and asks did you not get ready. Richa says sorry, I can’t do this marriage. He asks why, you just said you are ready, what happened suddenly. She says I m sorry, I will not do this forced marriage, I was going to do wrong, its good she opened my eyes. She leaves. Anika comes out of the room. Shivaye blocks her way. He says so you did all this, who told you to interfere. She says I did not interfere, but…. He asks what’s your problem, why do you raise questions on my decision always, why. She says I just told Richa to listen to her heart. He says heart is not heard in business decisions, you know what you did, I have to answer press, business partners, rivals, they all have come to attend Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s marriage, what will be our respect when people know that Oberoi’s would be bahu Tia Kapoor has run away before the marriage. She says but Tia did not run because of me.

He says but Richa has run thanks to you, I thought to replace Tia with Richa and no one will know, but Anika does not like this. He breaks a vase angrily and asks why are you after me, why do you increase my problems, its my marriage, my decision, my problem, by what right are you interfering in my life. She asks who gave you right to play with a girl’s life, to force her for marriage, I know business is everything for you, life is not a business deal, if you do this marriage, you would cheat family too. He says that’s none of your business, I thought of it. She says how can you marry anyone. He asks will you teach me what’s right and what’s wrong, I can do anything to save family respect.

She says you, your family, your respect, business, decisions, everything yours, what about that girl, did you think of her, how can you put a price on her without knowing her wish, while buying company, when did you start buying people. He thinks of Daksh’s words and says you are saying this to me, the one who is sold is pointing finger to the one who is buying, this thing does not suit you. She asks what do you mean. He says one has no right to point to other’s decision, the girl who can sleep with anyone for money. Anika gives him a tight slap. O jaana……plays……….

She says I did not know your thinking is so cheap. He gets angry and holds her hand. He drags her inside the room and throws her on the bed. He steps beside her and says you don’t know what I m and what I can do. He holds her face and says you will see Shivaye’s real avatar now, you did mistake and you will pay for it, you will sit with me in mandap in Tia’s bridal dress. He drops her. She cries and says this won’t happen ever. He holds her and says this will happen, you will marry me, you don’t have an option, you will wear this dress and come downstairs with me, you will do all the rituals of marriage, you will wear mangalsutra of my name, you will put sindoor of my name, you will become my name, but just for one day, I will give divorce to you tomorrow. He pushes her away.

She gets shocked. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays………. He throws the bridal dress on her and says wear the bridal dress, you have 5mins. She says no. He says you will do this, I m not asking you, I m telling you. He pushes her inside the changing room and says don’t make me helpless, its good if you wear it yourself, else I have to make you wear it. Anika says how can you do this. He says I can do a lot more Anika, more than your thinking and understanding, don’t push me, you have 5 mins.

Anika says I m not afraid of you, I won’t do anything which I shouldn’t. Shivaye says you have to do, and calls out Sahil. She asks where is Sahil. He says he is there in car. She says please let him go. He says fine, and shows the car blasting. She shouts. Anika gets dressed as bride. Pandit asks the groom and bride to stand for wedding rounds. Anika cries.

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