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Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Oberois welcome the guests. Tia’s mum asks for set. Anika gives her. Tia’s mum asks Tia to see the beautiful set. Tia is upset. Dadi says we are going downstairs, get Tia along. Shivaye thinks. Sometime before, Anika and Shivaye see each other. They walk together. He says Anika, I….. She stops and says yes…..He says nothing. She says you were going to say something now. He says I said no. She says don’t lie. He says no. She says but you were going to say. He says I was not saying anything. She says say it, maybe then you won’t get a chance. Music plays….. They have an eyelock.


He asks what do you mean. She says I mean whatever it is say it. He asks can’t you understand, I said nothing. She asks really. He says no. She goes and gets the water glass. She throws water on his face. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays……..She cries and walks away. He looks on. She turns to see him. He turns away. She leaves. O jaana…..plays……….

Pinky asks servants to keep items in Tej’s car. Dadi asks about Tek and Shakti. Jhanvi says they will reach venue directly. Dadi asks about Priyanka. Jhanvi says she will reach direct from airport. Dadi says keep her clothes. Pinky comes and asks about other things. Jhanvi asks her not to worry, I have sent car for pandit. Pinky says manage everything, I m nervous like the time when I married Shakti. Shivaye comes and says I m getting married, why are you getting nervous. Dadi says as she is becoming saas. Pinky says I forgot this, I got old like you. Dadi says I m not old, you are old, the one who falls in love is never old, Shivaye is old, who never loved anyone, or maybe he did love. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Om and Soumya are leaving.

Shivaye stops Om and asks where are you two going. Om says we are going to take Rudra, he is stuck somewhere. Shivaye asks what, is he safe. Om says yes, relax, we will get him. Shivaye says I will come along. Om says its your marriage, go and get ready, I will get him. They leave. Anika comes. Jhanvi asks how are you going. Dadi says she will sit with Shivaye. Anika says no, I mean I have to reach venue soon, I have Tia’s bridal dress, I will take taxi. Pinky says we shall leave fast. They leave. Shivaye passes by Anika. Her bracelet gets stuck in his sleeve button. Music plays…………..They see each other. He removes the bracelet. Ishq hai…….plays………. She sees him and leaves.

Rudra coughs and asks the man to leave him and let him go home. The man says we can’t do this, its against our Devi’s wish. Rudra asks you know who I m. He says I know you are Rudra Dev. Rudra says I m Oberoi, leave me. The man says we will agree to you if you agree you are Rudra Dev, our Devi’s husband. Rudra says I will not agree, leave me. Soumya and Om reach Rumi’s house. Soumya says to save Rudra, we have to become Rumi’s devotee. She shows the tees. Rudra asks for water. The man asks him to agree he is Rumi’s husband Rudra Dev. Rudra thinks to agree, I can deal with Rumi later, first I should leave, I will see her. He nods. The man frees his hands. Rudra gets up and takes water. The men chant Rumi devi ki jai.

The guests are welcomed by Tej and Shakti. Dadi goes to see Shivaye and takes Pinky. Priyanka takes Tej. A man asks Shakti about the groom. Shakti says grooms take more time than brides to get ready.

Rumi’s guard stops Om and Soumya. Soumya and Om dress in the tees with Rumi’s pic. She chants Rumi’s name. Guard lets them enters the house. Om says we will check in that room. Tia thinks of her husband. Tia’s mum says this lahenga looks beautiful, I was waiting for this say, Anika pass that set, see Tia its beautiful set, you like it right. Tia says ya its nice. Anika says Tia, you and Shivaye have to go together. Tia asks Anika for some water. Anika goes.

Soumya and Om come to the room and see Rudra tied to the bed by chains. They get shocked. Om rushes and frees Rudra. Soumya cries and holds Rudra. Om says we should leave from here. Rumi comes and asks where are you taking my Rudra Dev, I will burn you both. Om gets angry. Rudra stops them. He goes to Rumi and says if you show me your face again, I will kill you. Soumya goes to Rumi and raises hand. Rumi gets scared and gets back. Soumya says stay away from Rudra, see this hand, its hand of paratha eater, if it hits a size hero girl like you, you will be unconscious for two days. Rudra thinks of his marriage with Soumya and smiles. Om asks them to come. They leave. Rumi fumes.

Pinky compliments Shivaye. Dadi says stop it, he will catch your bad sight, we are coming downstairs, come with Tia. They leave. Anika gives water to Tia. Tia’s mum asks Tia not to drink water, the lip color will get spoiled. Tia asks what to do, shall I die by thirst. Tia’s mum says what are you saying, that too on marriage day. Tia says sorry, I did not mean that, I m just nervous. Anika thinks what happened to Tia, what is she hiding now. Tia thinks what’s happening, why am I not able to hide my feelings. Shivaye thinks I have to hide my feelings, I m marrying Tia, that’s the truth. Dadi asks Jhanvi where are Om and Rudra, will they come like guests. Jhanvi says they will be coming. Dadi says call them. She talks to pandit. He asks her to call groom and bride. Dadi asks Anika to tell Shivaye and Tia to come together. Anika goes to Shivaye. He senses her and turns to see. Anika says Tia and you are called downstairs. He says fine, I will get Tia.


Om, Rudra and everyone dance on Radhe teri chunri…… Tia gets shocked seeing someone. Anika goes to Tia and asks what happened, shall I call designer, is there any problem in the dress.

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