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Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye and Anika walk downstairs and come face to face. Hamari Adhuri kahani…..plays………. Sometime before, Daksh asks Shivaye did you see Anika, I had to give these papers. Shivaye asks whats this. Daksh says her price, she has spent the night and asked for 15 lakhs, the deal got costly for me, what to do, I have to pay her to get rid of her. He goes. Shivaye thinks can Anika do this. Daksh gives papers to Anika and asks her to see if its all fine. Shivaye comes and sees them. Daksh smiles. He asks Anika are you happy now, you got 15 lakhs. She says thanks. He says thanks again? You decided no sorry and no thanks. He holds her and says the happiness you gave me, I m ready to do anything for you, we are not two, we are one, no thanks. Shivaye leaves.

Anika sees papers

and says Dadi did a lot for me, she gave me money to save house and then got my loan passed, even dear ones don’t do this, I promised myself to return her money. Daksh says I like this, you are self made, independent and does not want anyone’s favors. She says I will meet Dadi and leaves. He says like I planned and thought, its happening like that, I m a genius.

Soumya calls Rudra. She says I know Rudra is annoyed with me, please pick up. Rumi answers. Soumya asks where are you, I m much worried for you. Rumi says don’t worry Soumya, Rudra is fine. Soumya asks where is he. Rumi says he is there where he should be. Soumya asks is he playing match. Rumi says yes, match of life and death. Soumya asks what do you mean. Rumi says I have sent a video, see it, you will know where is Rudra and in what state. Soumya checks video and gets shocked. She cries seeing Rudra’s condition. She says you are doing wrong, leave Rudra, else I will tell Shivaye and Om. Rumi says you won’t do this if you worry for Rudra a bit. She ends call. Soumya says how to save Rudra.

Shivaye comes to room and says how did I do mistake in understanding Anika, I m such a fool, it was all a lie, self respect, independent strong girl, my foot, talks big, and doings cheap….. Anika comes there and says Shivaye….. She asks him to choose it as Pinky has sent it, marriage is tomorrow and there is no time. He says I know marriage is tomorrow, I decided it, no need to remind. She says its imp, there is much work, I have to tell designer. He says neither designer nor I m running anywhere. She says I know, but time is passing. He says I said, keep it. She says please, say it now. He takes the glass plate from her and hits it on the wall.

The glass pieces shatter. She gets shocked seeing his bleeding hand. She goes to him and holds his hand. She says you got hurt, what did you do. He says and what you did…. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks why, I want to know. He says I can’t say what you can do and what you did. She asks him to say it what she did. He says I have no waste time, Anika leave. She asks him to say, please. He says just leave and signs her. She turns to go. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… He removes the glass piece from his hand. She looks on and leaves.

Its night, Anika is on the way. She says if he did not have to talk, why did he say, whatever he does, I don’t care if he breaks tray or his head, I don’t care. She recalls Shivaye. She says when he is happy, it matters, when he hurts my heart, says something or not, it matters, why does it matter, I know very well that he is going to get married, even I m engaged now, it should not matter now, no I have to make Shivaye out of my heart and mind, no…..

Its morning, Anika comes to Oberoi house. Maid says pandit ji called and is asking for Dadi. Anika says tell him Dadi and everyone went to temple to do puja for Shivaye and Tia. Om calls Rudra and says Rudra is not answering. Soumya runs to him. He asks why do you look worried. She says I need to say something about Rudra. He asks what happened to Rudra. She tells about Rumi and shows the video. Om gets shocked seeing the video. He asks do you know where is this place. She says no, I replayed video all night and did not get any clue, wait a min, these frames, its Rumi’s house. He asks are you sure, you know where she stays. She nods.

Anika asks servant to work fast, we have less time. Shivaye says how does it matter, girls like you achieve a lot in less time, you are expert in planning, wedding planning, tell me if you want recommendation letters, letters by my name can benefit you. She says maybe it can make my life, thanks, I don’t need your letters. He says of course, you are marrying Daksh. She asks whats my marriage related with work. He says really, as if you don’t know Daksh has much money.

She says its good Daksh has money, but I m not interested in his money, I don’t need anyone’s support or help to make my life. He says its good to hear this, you say big dialogues with feel and it looks true. She says its certain you are saying something and it means something else, you won’t tell me if I ask, anyways these are your wedding clothes, try it, if there are changes to be made, designer is going to come and make the changes. He takes the sherwani from her and goes.

Tia is on the way and asks her husband what are you saying, we worked hard, if you behave so, all hardwork will get waste, don’t be insecure, atleast let me answer the phone. Anika says why is she not answering. Tia answers call. Anika says designer is coming, come and try the dress, if there is any problem, he will make it fine. Tia says I will get it, you try the outfit, I will talk to you later. She ends call and phone falls. Anika says how can I try bride’s outfit.

Shivaye holds the sherwani. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………. He thinks of Anika and gets sad. Anika walks downstairs wearing the bridal dress. Shivaye dressed in his wedding clothes comes the other way. Paas aaye……plays………… They recall their moments since the beginning. They see each other. Hamari adhuri kahani …….plays………………

Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face and cries. Shivaye looks at her. She asks him to say it, why did he stop, maybe he won’t get a chance again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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