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Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jhanvi asks why this press conference suddenly why. Pinky says I m also surprised. Reporter asks Shivaye any special reason for press conference. Shivaye says I have to make an imp announcement. Pinky and Om think what is the announcement. Anika comes there. Shivaye looks at her. Sometime before, Shivaye asks Anika to stop being adamant. He drags her and makes her sit in the car. He sends her home. Anika gets thinking. She gets a call and answers.


Its morning, Shivaye goes to kitchen. Maid asks will you take breakfast. He asks her if she has seen Daksh. She says don’t know, I haven’t seen him. He asks did Anika come. She says I haven’t seen even her. Soumya thanks Anika for coming at night, it really means a lot. Anika asks what happened, how did you get scared. Soumya says I felt there

is someone in room, I was scared and did not wish to disturb Dadi, luckily Daksh was awake and called you, I really feel there was someone in my room. Daksh looks on and smiles.

Anika says when we are worried, we think anything, I know you are worried for marriage with Reyaan. Soumya thinks of Rudra. She says its strange thing, we have less senses and know what we want and what we don’t, we get sensible when we grow up and don’t know what we want. Anika says you would know what you don’t want, decide by it. Soumya says its confusion, I will send tea for you. She goes and greets Shivaye. He asks are you fine. She says yes. She asks maid to send Anika’s tea to Daksh’s room. Shivaye thinks of Daksh’s room and says Anika’s tea in Daksh’s room…… Daksh looks on and smiles.

Daksh runs to his room. He greets Anika and says sorry I came without knocking. She says its your room. He says I just have to take my clothes. He pours tea on himself. He says I have to change now. She changes pillow covers. He removes his tee and throws on the ground. Shivaye comes there and sees Daksh wearing the shirt. He sees Daksh and Anika together. Daksh sees Shivaye in the mirror and smiles. He says I hope you had good sleep in my room yesterday night. Anika nods. Shivaye recalls Daksh’s words. Daksh holds Anika. Shivaye gets sad. O jaana……plays……….. He leaves and recalls them. He hits on the wall and shouts why….. He thinks of Daksh’s words and throws a vase.

Jhanvi asks why this press conference suddenly why. Pinky says I m also surprised. Dadi says I was busy in arrangements, I don’t know either. She asks Om. Om says there is something that has shaken up Shivaye, I need t talk to you Shivaye. Shivaye says after this press conference Om. Reporter asks Shivaye any special reason for press conference. Shivaye says I have to make an imp announcement. Pinky and Om think what is the announcement. Anika comes there. She sees media. She asks Jhanvi is everything fine, why did press come here. Jhanvi says we are also trying to understand it. Shivaye says I m marrying Tia next week as you all know, but now my marriage won’t happen next week, it will happen tomorrow. They all get shocked. He says I m getting married tomorrow. Pinky says what is he doing, my clothes are not ready. Dadi asks why tomorrow. Reporter asks the same. Shivaye says its my personal matter, I don’t need to explain anyone, this press conference is now over. Anika looks on.

Tia talks to someone and says its all going as per our plan, why are you upset, you know this marriage is formality, I got married to you, after marrying Shivaye, his half property will be ours, I m doing this for us. She sees news on tv about Shivaye’s announcement and gets shocked. She says marriage, tomorrow…. The guy throws the remote and breaks the tv screen. He leaves angrily.

Shivaye says so what if I preponed, the marriage will happen tomorrow, what’s there to worry. Om says you look more worried. Pinky says you ruined our plans, you should have asked us, arrangements are left. Shivaye asks what was your super visioned wedding planner doing till now. Jhanvi says we called guests, will they be able to come on short notice. Pinky says yes, if my aunty knows we preponed everything, she will get sad. Shivaye says I don’t care if guests don’t come or arrangements are not done, I m marrying tomorrow. He leaves.

Dadi asks why is he so angry. Pinky says Anika, you start, you have to do arrangements of one week in one day, I have to inform Tia. Anika thinks it means he is marrying Tia tomorrow. Pinky says I will help you, we will call guests first, come. Servant gives courier to Dadi. Dadi checks and says Anika’s loan passed. Daksh greets her. She asks did you see Anika. He says no, why.

She says its good news, Anika applied for loan for her brother Sahil’s boarding school, 15 lakhs loan got passed. He says wow, Anika will be glad knowing this. She says yes, she works hard. He says you helped right. She says I told Shakti, he spoke to bank manager. He hugs her and says now Anika and I are same, you helped her, it means you helped me, thanks. Dadi laughs. He asks shall I give the papers to Anika. She says fine, its same to give you or Anika. He thanks her.

Shivaye talks to Tia on call and says sorry Tia, I did not ask you and took decision, I just hope you are not much upset, and happy that we are getting married. Daksh says you are no less in giving surprises, why did you prepone marriage. Shivaye says nothing. Daksh says leave it, I understand, you can’t wait, even me and Anika could not wait yesterday night. Shivaye says just stop it, I don’t want to know. Daksh says angry young man, why this anger, that I won the bet, I hope you know Anika has spent the night with me.

Shivaye recalls Daksh and Anika. Daksh talks cheap. Shivaye gets angry. Daksh says unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend your marriage, mom met with an accident, her knee surgery is tomorrow, I have to be there, did you see Anika, I had to give these papers. Shivaye asks whats this. Daksh says her price, she has spent the night and asked for 15 lakhs, the deal got costly for me, what to do, I have to pay her to get rid of her. He goes. Shivaye thinks can Anika do this……

Anika says Pinky has sent this, choose from this. Shivaye says keep it, I will see. She asks him to say, I have much work. He angrily hits the glass tray on the wall and injures his hand. She gets shocked seeing the blood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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