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Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye, Om and Rudra dance on Aaj ki party song. Tia asks Anika to take money. Anika asks why. Tia says Shivaye wants to give you tip, he wants you take this money and leave him. Anika asks Shivaye did you give this money to me. He says yes. She asks why did you give. He says Tia would have told you. She says but I want to hear it from you. He says you want me to say it again. She gets shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye sees Anika coming and asks are you fine Anika, security just told me that you were attacked again last night, why did you not tell me, what are you thinking, are you okay, did he harm you. Daksh says he has such intention, but thankfully I reached there on time. Shivaye says why did you do there, how.

Daksh says heart is connected to heart, my heart said Anika maybe in some problem,

so i went there to see if stalker is troubling her or not, unfortunately I could not find him. Shivaye says Anika don’t worry, we will catch him, I will call commissioner, if you have any clue, lets share it with police, you may have call log, just check. Daksh says Shivaye, its your sangeet today, concentrate on your sangeet and lovely bride, I will handle this, trust me. Shivaye stops Anika holding her hand. Daksh looks on.

Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………… Shivaye asks are you fine. Anika says I m fine. She frees her hand and goes. Daksh asks Shivaye not to worry about Anika, I m there to look after her, concentrate on your wedding. He goes. Tia looks at Shivaye and smiles.

Anika asks servants to get guest room checked and finish the work. Dadi says Anika, they will manage, you take some rest, you are hurt and still working. Anika says I will be hurt if I stumble, no one leaves walking by fear of wound, don’t take tension Dadi, I m fine and I will manage. Pinky comes and says i forgot to tell you, do dining table arrangements, check dishes, guests should not complain. Anika says I will see, don’t worry. Pinky goes to see jeweler. Jhanvi comes and says Anika, will you give brief to DJ for sangeet, and songs list. Anika says I will do that. Jhanvi thanks her and asks Anika did you get dhol. Dadi says not dhol, dholki, songs are sung by playing it, you don’t know it, how will you take culture ahead. Jhanvi says don’t worry, I will learn it soon. Anika says I got dholki and send it, I will see arrangements.

Tia says Shivaye there is a problem, mum said she invited friends of social welfare society, problem is there will be 40-50 guests more, caterers will not be able to arrange everything, we have to arrange everything. He says whatever, get it done. He gives money and asks is that enough. She says I think so, I will tell Anika, she will see all arrangements. He says I will just tell her. Tia says you don’t need to take stress for every small thing, I will tell her, I have to discuss about bridal dress. He says cool. She goes.


Tia goes to Anika and asks her to take money. Anika asks for what. Tia says its from Shivaye’s side, whatever you do for this family, its compensation for that. Anika says that’s my work and I get salary for it. Tia says its for that work which is not your work, even then you do it. Anika asks her to say clearly. Tia says you linked your name with Shivaye and told everyone that you were in a room with Shivaye all night, such defamation for Shivaye’s sake, so he wants to give you a tip, tip is given when service giver’s service ends, so Shivaye wants you to take this money and leave him, as he is going to get married, so here…. She throws money on Anika and says take it, its tip. She goes.

Shivaye turns and sees Anika. She asks did you give this money to me. He says yes. She asks why did you give this to Tia to give me. Shivaye says yes why. Om asks Shivaye are you not ready, come fast, Rudra messaged he is getting dance. Shivaye says coming, wait a min. He says Tia would have told you. She says but I want to hear it from you. He says you want me to say it again. Om comes and says Shivaye, everyone is waiting, I will forget steps, Anika get ready and come, hurry up. Shivaye sees her and goes. She gets shocked and recalls Tia and Shivaye’s words. She throws the money and cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………

Anika says the man who thinks such about me, how can I love him, no I can’t love such man. O jaana……plays……. She sits crying. Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, Dadi talk to guests. Dadi dances.Jhanvi takes her. Pinky comes and dances with Tia’s mom. Rudra dances and goes to Robin. Robin looks at Tia. He says I know you are upset, I know its your sister’s and my brother’s sangeet, atleast say something, smile. Om calls for everyone’s attention.

Om says its Shivaye’s sangeet, my brother’s sangeet, he is my brother, if you ask my heart, he is much more than a brother. Everyone smile. Om says I m a small artist, a poet, its my work and likes to play with words, I have no words to tell about Shivaye, if Rudra duffer is my heart and Shivaye is my heartbeat. Everyone smile. Shivaye asks will you make me cry now. Om says not more emotional talks today, Shivaye is special for you all, for me, Shivaye is most special, I can do anything for you, I don’t know dance, I can do even donkey dance for you, I love you Bhai, this is for you. Everyone clap.

Om, Shivaye and Rudra dance on Aaj ki party song. Anika walks in. Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra. He stops on sighting Anika. Music plays…………. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays……..Anika looks at him. Daksh comes to Anika and says Anika, I m waiting for your reply, please don’t say no. Anika recalls his proposal. Daksh says I promise you, I will keep you very happy, please just marry me. Shivaye walks to her.

Dadi, Tej, Shakti, Pinky, Jhanvi, Shivaye, Om and Rudra dance on Galla goodiyan……. Daksh says I m going to test my luck. He asks Anika will you marry me. Shivaye says stop it now. Daksh says she will tell if she has a problem. Shivaye says she said no, no means no…. and gets angry.

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