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Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Anika opens the door and someone pushes her. The guy knocks the door and stabs the door with a knife. Anika screams and gets away. Shivaye asks Om where is Anika. Om says don’t know why. Shivaye says I feel something is wrong, that girl maybe in trouble. Anika sees petrol entering the door. Sometime before, Daksh tells Tia that he completely respects Anika’s decision, that she does not want to marry him. Tia says I was saying about you. He says its not necessary, we don’t need any third person’s advice, Anika are you alright? Anika gets up and takes her bag. Daksh says I will drop you if you are going anywhere. She says no, I will go. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Music plays……….. Shivaye says whatever Anika is doing, is this all a lie…..

Anika comes home. She cries recalling Shivaye’s words. The power goes. She gets worried and says don’t get scared Anika, security guards are there, what happened to light. I will ask them. She goes to door and opens. She falls away and gets hurt by the vase pieces. She sees the guy wearing black coat and hood. The guy walks towards her. She asks who are you, what do you want. The mask guy goes close. She runs away to her room, and locks the door. He knocks the door and stabs knife in the door. She gets shocked and screams when the knife gets stabbed very close to her neck. Shivaye gets restless and says Anika……

Anika holds her neck and sees the blood in her hand. Shivaye calls out Om. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Om says don’t know, why. Shivaye says I m feeling strange as if something is wrong, is that girl again in some trouble. He asks Dadi where is Anika. Dadi says she will be here. Jhanvi says I have sent her to check lights, maybe she is there. Anika looks through the hole and sees the guy’s eye. She gets scared and falls. She calls Shivaye. Jhanvi tells Dadi about the dance floor. Dadi talks to Shivaye, and he does not see the phone ringing. The guy knocks the door again.

Tia takes Shivaye’s phone and sees Anika’s call. Anika says Shivaye please answer the call. Tia disconnects call. Anika says disconnected, and calls again. Anika sees the liquid flowing in and smells it. She says petrol… The guy says Anika just come out, else I will burn your entire house. Anika says Shivaye, please answer call. Tia says Anika, you are dead. Anika cries.

Shivaye asks servant did you see Anika. Servant says she left. Dadi says how, she never goes without saying. Shivaye asks where is my phone, just find it. Tia says I have to keep you away from Shivaye baby. She hears Shivaye shouting for phone and deletes Anika’s call log. She says Shivaye baby, your phone, is everything okay. Shivaye calls Anika. Anika is hiding away and does not see the call. She cries. Daksh comes and holds her. She screams. He says its me Daksh, relax, what happened. She says that man… He says there is no one, relax, no one can touch you till I m here. Shivaye says she is not answering. Tia says her plan did not succeed, so she left work, how unprofessional. Om says I m sure there is some emergency. Shivaye calls Anika again and worries.

Daksh does aid to Anika’s hand. He says I told you I will drop you home, you did not listen. She asks how did you come. He says I was worried for you and came to see you, thank God I m here. Did you see his face? She says no, I came home and lights went, I could not see face, I called Shivaye but he did not answer. He asks do you call Shivaye first in emergency, I did not know you both are so close. She gets shocked.

Daksh says this is not right time to ask personal things, but you know I speak whats in my heart, do you like it, we think of him who we love the most or trust most, you called Shivaye in problem, is love the reason for this. She looks at him. He asks or anything else. He goes to keep the first aid kit. Anika says love… with Shivaye, no …. there is nothing like that, if there is nothing such, why do I call Shivaye always, I was upset because of him today, I was angry on him, even then I called him knowing what he thinks about me. She thinks of Shivaye and their moments. She says do I really love Shivaye, no….. this can’t be. She holds her hand tight and it bleeds. She screams and sees the bleeding. Daksh asks what happened, what are you thinking, about Shivaye?

She says no, why will I think of him. He asks it means you don’t love him. She says no, I don’t. He says even then you called him first. She says I don’t know anyone else here. He says you know me and could call me, or don’t you trust me. Bua comes and asks Anika whats all this, blood… Daksh says Anika was attacked again, but its fine now, don’t worry. Bua says how can’t I worry, two young girls stay here, me and Anika, if any man stayed here, no one would have dared to do this. Daksh says yes, but Anika is my responsibility too, don’t worry, I m with her. Bua says girl needs a life partner than support, world does not let girl stay alone, you are friend, till when will you be with her, I think attacker knows Anika is alone, if she was married, no one would have dared to do such thing.

Daksh says if you and Anika don’t have objection, I would like to marry Anika. Anika gets shocked. Daksh says Anika, I thought you like someone else and did not accept my proposal, its nothing like that, so I m asking again, I know you don’t love me, but I love you a lot, my love will be sufficient for both of us, I promise you will never regret on this decision, will you marry me Anika. Anika looks at him. Bua says Anika, tell what is in your heart. Daksh says Anika, just take your time, I will wait for you forever. Shivaye keeps calling. Its morning, Shivaye is on call. He asks guard why did you not tell me at night, why are you saying now, where were you when Anika was attacked, how did you not know, were you sleeping, what did you go to have tea, you know what, you are fired. He ends call. He senses Anika and turns to see. He sees Anika coming. Music plays……………..

He stops her and asks are you fine, security just informed me about the attack last night, why did you not tell me, I called many times, you did not answer my calls. She thinks of Shivaye’s words and Daksh’s proposal. She looks at him.

Tia says have this money. Anika asks why. Tia says this is for you from Shivaye’s side, he wants to give you tip. He wants you to take this money and leave him. She throws money at Anika and goes. Anika asks Shivaye why did he give this money through Tia. Shivaye says yes, you want me to repeat it why I gave this money. Om takes Shivaye. Anika cries and throws the money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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