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Ishqbaaz 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye asks are you fine, did he trouble you again. Khanvi asks who is troubling Anika. Shivaye says don’t know, someone attacked Anika yesterday night. Daksh asks what. Dadi asks Anika did you not inform police. Anika says no. She sees Daksh and says I got this at home, its that play ticket about which you were talking yesterday night.


Sometime before, Shivaye and Daksh reach the disco. Daksh says finally, lets go. Shivaye says you go, I will park car and come. Daksh says as you wish. Shivaye asks for his phone. Daksh gives it and says don’t be late, see you. He goes. Shivaye drives ahead. Anika sits tensed at home in darkness. She sees the door winding on and off. She gets down the sofa, and someone holds her feet. The guy is wearing a mask and hidden under the sofa/bed. He pulls her

and makes her fall down. She screams and takes a hammer to hit on his hand. She gets away and sits in some corner. Someone comes close and holds her. She shuts her mouth and gets silent. Someone holds her. She gets shocked seeing him and hugs. Shivaye hugs her while she cries. He says its me Anika, nothing happened, just calm down, relax, what happened, what did you see.

She says there is someone there. He says just relax, there is no one, I have come. Music plays……………….. Shivaye gets water for her. She sits tensed. She takes the glass. He asks are you sure someone was there. She says yes. He asks did you see him. She says no, it was darkness. He says okay fine, come with me. She asks where. He says Oberoi mansion, you will be safe there with me. She says no, I will not leave Sahil alone. He says okay, anyway I have done security arrangements, security guards will be outside, no… don’t sing you are strong and independent, I know you are strong and independent, but we all need help and support in life. He asks her to drink water. He helps her and feeds water.

O jaana……plays…………….. Someone watches them on live camera feeds and gets angry. Shivaye asks are you sure you are fine here, I mean I will wait, when Sahil comes, you both can come with me. Anika says no, its not needed, you have sent security. He says yes, they will guard, you will be fine, so shall I leave, I will go. She stops him. She says I had to ask something, I called you, we could not talk, my balance got over, so how did you know that I need you.

Shivaye looks at her. He says I mean you called me late night, I felt you need me, that’s why I came here. She says thank you Shivaye…….. He looks at her. Music plays…………..He gets a call from Daksh. Daksh asks where are you, everyone is waiting for you. Shivaye says I had some important work, I m going home, you guys enjoy. Daksh asks are you not coming. Shivaye says see you later and ends call. He says I shall leave now, take care, if you need anything, I m just a call away. She says I know. He says good and turns to go. O jaana…….plays…………she looks on. He leaves.

Om’s phone falls. He picks it and sees the little boy’s pic. He recalls Ranveer’s words and takes drug bottle. He recalls Shivaye and throws the tablets. Anika says it can’t be my illusion, who can it be, think…. She recalls. She looks for some clue. She gets a play ticket under the sofa/bed. She recalls Daksh saying same play name. She says it means…. Daksh…. She gets shocked.

Its morning, Dadi asks Jhanvi where did Pinky go, she was teaching me dance and went without saying. Jhanvi says Pinky went to beauty parlor. Dadi says I have to prepare dance on own, when Anika comes, decide what we have to do in sangeet, Anika is here, she has long life. Daksh comes and greets Anika. Anika looks at him and gets tensed. He greets her good morning. She thinks what to do, shall I say or not, but I have to say, how to say such big thing. Shivaye comes and says Anika….. are you fine, did he trouble again. Jhanvi asks who is troubling you Anika. Shivaye says don’t know, someone attacked her yesterday night.

Daksh asks what, attack. Dadi asks did you not inform police, carelessness is not good. Shivaye says not yet, but I did security arrangements outside her house. Dadi asks Anika does she have doubt on anyone. Anika says no. She shows the play ticket to Daksh and says I got this at home yesterday, its same play ticket which you were talking about yesterday night. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says wait a min, what’s connection of me and this incident, and ticket, do you mean to say, I m that stalker. Anika says no, I m not saying that, I mean I don’t know, I have just questions and this one proof, so I m asking you, you asked me for marriage, I refused, then I went home and all that happened with me, I got this ticket so…. Shivaye says many people have such tickets, I can tell you that, Daksh was in disco last night. She asks did you see him.

Tia comes and says I have seen him. She says I was also there in same disco, it was a fun night, Daksh and I were together, I have party pics too, if you want proof, see… She shows Daksh and her pics. She says I dropped Daksh home after party. Daksh says even if you don’t believe this, Shivaye and my common friends were there, I really don’t know why you feel I was that man, I can’t even think of such thing. Tia says its okay Daksh, Anika has habit to blame big things on basis of small doubts, seriously Anika, don’t you think its too much to blame a decent guy like Daksh on basis of a stupid ticket, just because he proposed to you, ridiculous. Shivaye looks on. Anika says I said, I m not accusing him, I got the ticket so…. Daksh says if ticket is the reason for this doubt, then see. He shows the two tickets. Anika gets shocked.

Anika checks Tia’s pics and notes down designs. She says my day was bad, Tia spoiled my mood its her marriage and her clothes, but I have to choose clothes of her choice. She sees Tia’s pic with some guy and says what is this…..

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