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Chalo let’s move in next epi …
Recap : twinj sangeet n tashan moments
The episode starts with everyone getting ready to go to bachelor’s club … when twinkle goes to check if elders slept she was going but in mid way saw kunj n stares at him n smiles ….
T : kunj ????? (Thinks)
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n says u here …
T : u here kunj …
K : I am asking the same …
T : wo I was going to take water …

K : oh I came for walk okay I am going bye …
T : something is fishy but let it be …
She went to her room n all gets ready in western clothes n were looking damm hot when leela comes in room directly n sees them like that everyone gets shocked …😨😨😨


On the other side ::::
Kunj n others gets ready too n they r ready to leave when they saw Rt and Manohar standing there looking at them
M : what is this kunj ???
K : papa wo actually
Yuvi : papa wo actually we are going for bachelor party
Everyone looks at yuvi n signs him why he told them …
K : yeah papa it’s their idea showing other boys …
Rt : so what is wrong in dat kunj ??

Everyone gets more shocked n kunj ask him what he means ??
M : yeah kunj u r going to get married u should enjoy today ..
Rt : yeah kunj …but
Ab : but what uncle
M & Rt :we also want to come ….
Sur : yeah u all r going we are also bachelor’s n winks at boys they all laugh looking at each other …
At girls side …
L : twinkle what is this puttar ??
U : ha twinkle beta ye kya hai …
T : wo ma n usha maa …
L : r u going to do party now ???
Meh : ha leela aunty …

Ani : even we want to come ??
T : what Anita aunty r u serious ..
L : ha puttar even we want to enjoy n winks at usha n Anita …
Meh : okay so done now. ..
Usha leela n Anita too wears western clothes n they All left for bachelor’s club
@ Bachelor’s club…
All boys enter in the club n the song was being played …
Mere hath mein glass
Teri aakhon mein sharab
(Abeer takes liquor and gives it to kunj n he dranks it happily and they all started to dance freely on the song surjeet Rt ans Manohar sat on the couch their )
Thodi si pila ke

Mujhe karle kharab x (2)
( A girl comes there n makes kunj drank it and all the boys shout and dances from the other side twinkle n other is seen coming ….)

Ho jaldi se pila de mainu
Dance-vance vi karna hai
Aaj phir, aaj phir
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
(Kunj n all the boys dances making a circle n enjoying themselves as they r in club so it was the theme of masquerade so ladies didn’t identified them n went in the opposite side)

Drunk, drunk, drunk get me
Drunk, drunk, drunk
I wanna get
Drunk, drunk, drunk drunk, drunk
( Twinkle comes to the side where all boys r dancing all boys think her as club lady only n pulls kunj on twinkle n he dances with twinkle .twinj identifies each other n twinkle smirks )
Song ends kunj was shocked only n all boys r enjoying and r fully drunk when kunj hangover gets down seeing twinkle

On the other side ::::

Twinkle comes to the ladies n tells them dat boys r partying in the same club
L : what ??? Twinkle
T : yeah I saw all of them even papa n surjeet uncle too
U : twinkle they didn’t identified u
T : I think kunj has identified me …
All girls : what ????
K : arah suno guys I need to say something …
Ab : oye kunj ab kya kehna hai tujhe …
Y : kehne do yaar waise b kal se kunj ki bolti band hone wali hai 😷😷
Rt : ha kunj tell
K : twinkle and others r partying here too
All stands up in shock n looks at each other …
Rt : what will my daughter think of me
K : what will my to be wife think …
Twinkle n other comes on the dance floor and boys jaws dropped seeing their hotties and they stared to dance on drama queen boys too joins them leela usha n anita comes n takes surjeet Rt and Manohar with them …
All dances with each other twinj looks at each other n have a cute eye lock …
(Sajna ve plays in bg….😘😘😘)
Screen freezes….
So guys how was the epi ???
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