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Hello guys here I am back again 😘😘😘😘😘
Well thank u soo much all for ur lovely comments guys seriously loved ur comments ..
Special thanks to all of u guys 😘😘😘😍😍and even my client readers too ….
Thanks baby for ur lovely comment ops comments I had read all of them n was blushing like hell …
Well let’s move on to next epi ….
Wait am I forgetting something UMm yaad karne do kya hai kya hai yeah ….
Many many happy returns of the day twinjsidmin may u get all the things u wanted in ur life may u achieve success in every step 😍
Chalo ab epi pe chalte hai …
Lights camera action …
Recap : twinj haldi function n some cute moments 😘😘😘😘
The episode starts with Rt shouting at everone to get ready soon as they have to leave for sarna mansion while everone goes to get ready …..
Twinkle comes down wearing a orange colour sleeveless anarkali n her hair on one side leela n rt smiles at her n everyone moves to sarna mansion …
😉😉😉😉Sarna mansion😉😉😉😉
Rt leela mehbeer Raj ashna Maya comes to sarna mansion with twinkle n usha welcomes them ….
B : hayee twinkle u r looking so cute meri nuh ko kisi ki nazar na lage …
Naman to kunj : tune suna nahi babee ne kya kaha aise mat ghoor warna Teri nazar lag jayegi usse ….
K : shut up tu bht b raha hai Ashna ko batau tu abhi us ladki k saat flirting kar raha tha so 😂😂😂
N : hahaha kunj mere bhai …
Abeer yuvi n Raj comes there n meets kunj n usha takes twinkle to stage to get mehandi applied …
Twinkle n other girls sit to apply mehandi while bubbly mahi anaya meher dances n boys joins them n smiles ….
Twinj smiles at each other when henna lady ask her groom name …
T : kunj n smiles as kunj was looking at her ….
After sometime everyone mehandi gets done n they all left for works twinkle was alone in kunj room when he comes there n sees twinkle struggling to drink water he holds glass n makes her drink water while twinkle smiles at him they have a cute eye lock 😉😘😘 (sajna ve plays in bg….💖💖💖)
T : kunj find ur name ….
K : UMm I know my name is in your heart jaan…

While twinkle gets shy n blushes hard when kunj whispers don’t blush so much twinkle I am not able to control myself twinkle pecks on kunj cheeks making him more shocked n thy join their heads
K : okay let me search my name …
After sometime kunj finds his name n shows twinkle …
K : now u find your name …
T : u also applied mehandi n laughs ..
K : no twinkle just find ur name nah
Twinkle looks at his hand n didn’t find anything when kunj holds Twinkle hann keeps her finger on his chest at heart side ….
K : tera naam yaha hai twinkle 💖💖
T : awww kunj I love u …
K : I love u too jaan ….
After some time all comes back …..
Rt : now we will leave monu …..
M : okay ram we will meet in sangeet
L : okay …
They all left from there while twinkle signs kunj just 2 days n he smiles …


@ taneja mansion:::
All comws back n twinkle n other girls was moving towards their room while leela ask them to stay here itself
T : what happen maa …
L : twinkle one more ritual is left ..
Leela n rt shows twinkle Raman (twinkle mam) coming with chuda (bangles) ….
Twinkle runs n hugs Raman ….
Meh : chalo chuda chadane ki rasam poori ki jaaye n all sits there …
Raman n pinni makes twinkle wear chuda while kabira from yjhd plays in bg
Leela n rt too gets emotional but then hides their tears n everyone takes selfies
and smiles and twinkle left to her room
Next day ::::
Everyone wakes up early in the morning and decides to go for walk n left to get ready….
At park ….
Twinkle along with others comes there n they all have fun when they see kunj coming with the boys ….
Ab : kunj go n meet ur siyappa queen bro ….
K : okay ….
Everyone takes their partners n left from there leaving twinj alone …
Twinkle runs n hugs kunj tightly….
K : omg twinkle what happen…
T : nothing kunj can’t i even hug my to be hubby without reason …
K : ha yes u can my jaan n pecks on her cheeks ….
T : hawww kunj just wait for sometime
K : still 1 day is left twinkle
T : ops so sad
Both laughs at the same time n spend some quality time with each other n smiles …
Screen freezes
So guys how was the epi ???
Hope u all liked it ……
If ur feeling bore u can tell me so that I can improve
Chalo ba byee I need to go now
Love u all soooooo much.
Do read Keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera 😉😉

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