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Hello guys I am back again 😁😁😁 so thanks to all of u guys for ur cute n lovely comments and for ur suggestions too …..
Well I have taken a decision but I’ll tell it in the end but pehle epi lelo okay …
Now no more bak bak 😘😘😘
Let’s us begin ……
Lights camera action👏👏👏👏
Recap : twinj n yuhi decides to disclose the truth ….
The episode starts with Manohar usha babee kunj all r in gurudwara for the hawan meanwhile at the taneja mansion…. twinkle says maa let’s go to temple nah plzzzz
L : but twinkle we will go tomorrow
T : plz nah maa plzz from tomorrow I have to work on presentation plz plz Rt also comes there n twinkle making a puppy face agrees him to go gurudwara n smiles …..😊😊😊😊
After sometime luthras comes to gurudwara n sees sarnas doing hawan they ask sat there while surjeet was quiet only n kunj was waiting for twinkle when twinkle comes there with leela n rt n kunj looks on n wishes everything gets fine …..
Rt and leela were standing with twinkle n praying when Manohar does all the rituals of hawan n turns n gets shocked seeing Rt n leela n gets angry too ….
M : what the heck u r doing here Mr raminder taneja….
Rt : I don’t wanna fight with u today I just came for my daughter …
M : huh n u think I’ll believe u you came here to see if we’re r sad or not
Rt : there is nothing like that monu …
M : Manohar Manohar naam hai mera I had lost my sister bcoz of u and u came here how shameless
Meanwhile everyone was just looking at them when Rt shouts how many times I told u that she didn’t die bcoz of me …
U : and u think we will believe u …
L : don’t believe us but veera didn’t die bcoz of us she only made us get married happily …..

M & U (shocked at her statement ) : wow Mrs taneja lying don’t lie taking dead person name how shameless u both r meanwhile kunj says no papa leela aunty is saying right ….
Everone gets shocked n turns to look at kunj when Manohar holds him n says don’t talk when u don’t know anything..
K : no dad I am not lying …. veera bua didn’t committed suicide bcoz of Rt uncle …. while twinkle looks on
U : just shut up kunj u know veera loved Rt but he ditched her …..
T : this is not the whole truth …. usha aunty ….
U : I didn’t talk to twinkle just keep quiet
L : hey usha don’t talk to my daughter like this …
Y : enough is enough now …..
Anita surjeet mahi kunj Twi ushar Rt leela babee looks on while yuvi continues dad u are still quiet dad tell them truth ….
S (stammers) : w…hich which truth.. you r talking ….
Y : that truth only which u confessed last night ….
An : yuvi have u gone mad this is not our fight let’s go ….
Y : no mom today the truth should come out plz dad for god sake tell now …
T : surjeet uncle plz ur one truth will clear all the distances plz uncle
M : which truth u all are taking about
Rt : yeah which truth twinkle …
Y : dad plz tell me or else I’ll go far away from u leaving u alone dad
S : yuvraj n looks at him n turns towards Manohar n Rt n says I am so sorry I hided such big fact from u all since so many years ….
M & Rt : which fact surjeet ????
U & l : yeah what u were talking about
S : actually veera didn’t love ram ever she loved me …
M : what ?????
S : yeah u all heard it right she has only made Rt n leela married n after dat she came to my home at night n tells them what happen how he said that he doesn’t love her n all how he makes her understand to move on ….. he cries n says I didn’t knew that she will take such big step ….
Rt : u hided this from us how could u
M : I don’t know what to say now even surjeet was right how can he left Anita that time but u hided such big fact from us I won’t be able to forgive u now
S : I am so sorry I got scared n didn’t tell anyone about it but today he bends n cries while everone gets teard eye too Manohar n Rt looks at each other with guilt in their eyes …while twinj n yuhi looks on ….
Y : I am proud of u dad …. n hugs him
An : well let’s go now
S : I am so sorry he holds his hands n went from there …
Ushar n rt n leela looks at each other n goes from there without uttering a word while twinj n babee looks on …
B : I am proud of u two be happy always she says n left from there too leaving twinj alone ….
T (cries) : what still they didn’t apologize to each other I don’t think we will be able to become one kunj I am fed up of this enemity…
K (consoles her ) : twinkle don’t cry our mission got completed they know knows the truth twinkle n hugs her ….
T : what if their enemity doesn’t end ever
K : dont worry everything will be fine n pecks on her forehead ….
T : kunj I love u soo much don’t leave me ever promise me u won’t leave me
K : I promise u twinkle I’ll not leave u ever under what circumstances n caress her hairs they hug ….
Screen freezes…


So guys how was the epi ????
Do comment only few r left ….
Yes u all read it right only few epis left
I have decided to end this ff on a happy note guys well if I go with 2 option u all have to wait for long time n I seriously don’t want dat n if I go with 3 option to continue this ff in Jan then u all will forget this so it’s better to end this ff …
As I have saw a drastic decrease in comments also for my daily readers I extended this ff as I wanted to end it on golden jubilee itself hope u all support me in this decision like always 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Well plzz comments …guys plshh plshh
Ba byeee love u all take care
Sameera 💖💖💖😘

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