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Hello guys well I am back again 😂😂😂😂 thanks to all who commented on last one well without bak bak I am starting the epi …
So shall we begin ?????
Are u all excited ……
Plzzzz do comments n let me. Know 😘😘😘😘

So let’s us begin 👏👏👏👏
Light camera action….

Recap : twinkle haldi n mehandi ceremony
some twinj moments ….
The episode starts with the others rituals such
as sangeet n all r going on but our lovely Jodi’s
weren’t happy where mahi had also gave up now ……
Meanwhile one day before the wedding kunj
comes to twinkle room n sees the door open n
he comes inside the room to find twinkle sleeping …..he sits beside her bed n talks to sleeping twinkle
K : idk what will happen tomorrow I wanna see
my siyappa queen for the last time I waited for the when we’ll be together we it’s like the dream which never comes true I love u soo much
twinkle I can’t even describe n I know that it’s
right for u twinkle yuvi will take care of u very well not like me who left u in midway he cries n a tear falls on Twi hand ….
T : kunj ….(sleeping )
Kunj comes back to senses n sees twinkle n goes n hide behind curtain when twinkle wakes up
T : why I felt like kunj is there she gets up to search kunj gets afraid when twinkle sees someone behind curtain…N was moving towards it when she heard a knock on the door …. she goes to open it meanwhile kunj runs from there n comes to lawn ….
K : Bach gaya aaj tu kunj agar twinkle ko pata chal jata to huh Babaji thanks for saving me ….
He also left for his room …..
Next day :::::
Leela comes to twinkle room n ask her to wake up as she was going to get married now ….
Twinkle wakes up n hugs leela tightly
L : twinkle mera bacha what happen ??
T : nothing maa I just wanted to hug u can’t I ??
L : you can beta get ready n have ur bf after that u have to get ready for some rituals okay twinkle
Twinkle nods n leela left from there n twi get lost in deep thinking….
After sometime twinkle gets ready n came for rituals n all started teasing her about her mehandi ……
Bubbly: twinkle di u r going to leave us tomorrow n some senti talks happen in between twinkle family and all started looking for preparations n all twinkle goes to her room n sees her n kunj pics n the bridal veil which kunj gifted her n hugs it meher comes there looking for twinkle n ask her to get ready soon as only 1 hour left for the mahurat Twi nods n after sometime she gets ready in red lehenga with golden borders meher leela Rt Abeer pinni Raman bubbly comes there n looks at twinkle ….
Rt : princess u r looking so beautiful
L : yeah then she is my princess
Meh : now no more senti talks or else Twi make up will get spoiled
Everyone laughs at it ……..
Yuvi also gets ready n Anita does his aarti saying u r the world’s best son ..
Y : mom if I’ll ask u something will u give me ???
An : yeah beta y not I’ll surely give u what u want ….
Y : nothing mom I’ll ask when the right times comes ..
An : okay my prince now lets go
Yuvi comes there with his baraat n his family everone dances happily with them kunj looks on leela welcomes yuvi n does his aarti n other rituals and they take yuvi to mandap when Anita ask for twinkle …..
Leela ask meher n bubbly to bring twinkle down n they left ….
Few minutes later twinkle comes down with meher bubbly Abeer n everone kunj turns n get Mesmerized looking at his lady love ( bas itni si tamanna hai plays in bg…..💖💖💖💖💖💖)
Twinkle too looks at kunj who was wearing blue coloured sherwani n they have a deep eye lock (song continues )
Anita comes towards twinkle n says u r looking gorgeous twinkle
Twi smiles when leela comes infront on her when pandit says to cover twinkle face with her veil and yuvi face also with his sehra as it is bad omen that bride n groom should see eo before marriage they does that n takes twinkle to mandap …pandit started chanting mantras kunj was not able to bear it any more he left form there ….
Suddenly lights went off n Abeer goes to check after few minutes lights comes n all sighs of relief n again pandit started chanting mantras……
Screen freezes…….
So guys how was the epi ????
Next epi me suspense khulega aakhir shadi hui kiski 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Well if u want next epi soon do comment as again comments decreasing
Plz plz nah 1 comments plz
Ba byeee do read keep commenting n stay tuned 😂😂
Sameera 😘😘😘😘

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