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Hello guys how R u all well I am fine 😂😂😂😂
Thanks to all who commented on last one n aamu kaise mardu usha monu aur anaya ko and adya samjha lena aamu ko thanks to all of u don’t say sorry guys ……
Vipul thanks yaar for comment and ur long comment I was laughing while reading it …
Wait itni jaldi b kya hai aaj kisi ka birthday to nai hai ??????? Well sochne do umm ummm shyd
Ek bht zyada cute si jhalli si thodi pagal b jiski chappad chappad ke bina tu is like on silent mode arah nai samjhe ?????
Well that cute si girl was Hamari pyari aamu (ab yr mat kehna ki meine maska zyada laga diya )
So Happy birthday to you
……. Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday dear aamu …
……. Happy birthday to you…..
A very happy bday to you may u get all the happiness which u want today 😘😘😘😘..
Enjoy ur bday n treat chahiye ok …….
Na yeah plz don’t tell me to unite twinj as this track is gonna continue for some epis ….
More shocks r on the way
Now no more bak bak lets us begin …
Recap : anaya revelation bechara twinj ….
The episode starts with evening guests r started coming in luthras inauguration…n surjeet yuvraj n Anita welcomes them twinkle comes down too with taneja family but she was very much depressed sarna family also comes there n they all congratulate luthras ……
L : congratulations Anita for ur new hotel
Rt : yeah surjeet it is very nice …
Sur : thank u soo much …..
Twinj sees each other with painful eyes n yuhi were smiling looking at each other mehbeer were tensed seeing twinkle ..
Yuvraj noticed twinkle sad n moves towards her ….
Y : hey baby doll what happen …
T : nothing yuvi n makes excuses
Y : ohh if there is something u can share it with me…..
Twinkke smile n looks at kunj who was standing far from there enjoying drinks
T (thinks) : I can’t believe kunj u r doing this with me …..

Kunj pov ….
I know what I am doing is wrong twinkle I don’t want u come near me I can’t face you I left from the counter when I saw twinkle coming to that side Babaji plz help me …
Pov ends ….
Twinkle was going towards kunj when she hears leela calling her name n turns to go ….. Anita stands in middle for announcement….
An : attention everyone I am glad that u all came here to increase our happiness on this auspicious day I want one thing from u yuvi …..
Y : me mom ???
An : yeah beta now I don’t want to be alone at home I want my dil to be with me now ….
Yuvi blushes n looks at mahi while Anita continues here we have decided as yuvi bday is going to start we want his engagement today itself ….
Meanwhile everyone was confused at this statement….. from the guest one lady ask who was the special girl ..
An : well she was standing here itself Anita moves towards twinkle holds her hand kunj twinkle yuvi mahi r shocked 😨😨😨😨😨
Twinkle looks at leela who nods in yes n she remembers their condition that if kunj says that he doesn’t love her she will marry the person they’ll choose .yuvi was shocked too n Anita comes there n takes yuvi n twinkle with them to floor ….
Yuvi and twinkle looks at eo with confused faces…..
An : well yuvi u wanted this only na beta I know u too love eo right leela …. yuvi nods in yes making mahi n twinkle shocked ……
K (thinks) : wth yuvi loves twinkle kunj y r
getting jealous u have ditched twinkle she has right to move on…he left from there ….
All claps for them …….
Leela comes to twinkle n ask her to change for engagement n Anita too ask yuvi to change ….
At twinkle room ..
Twinkle comes n cries bitterly as so much happens with her in one day itself she doesn’t know how to react leela comes n wiped her tears ….
L : twinkle don’t cry beta we have done what is good for u get ready soon …
Meher comes n leela ask her to ready twinkle n left from there …..
Meh : twinkle don’t cry this is wrong tell leela
aunty that u don’t want to marry yuvi ….
T : no meher I can’t back off now she cried n goes to bathroom …


Anaya was coming from the stairs smirking n saying wow Babaji kitne great ho aap bas kunj aur twinkle ko alag karne ki der thi aapne to mera kaam assan kar diya she was smiling n sees usha on the stairs n runs towards her they both slips n falls on floor with a thud 😂😂😂
U : what’s the hurry anaya see what happen now
A : I am so sorry mami ahha ouch its paining
Some people comes there n makes them stand
Anaya cries seeing her broken leg n goes from there 😂😂😂😂😂😂(especially for those who hate anaya )

At yuvraj room ….
Anita gives clothes to yuvi and ask him to get ready soon n left from the room mahi comes there n shouts what is this yuvraj u said yes how can u do this ??
Y : mahi jaan just listen to me I love u I love yaar I can’t day no that time bcoz if said no that time so mom would be depressed and as well twinkle reputation will get spoiled too ….
M : so what yuvi U’ll get engaged to twinkle ….
Y : don’t worry mahi I’ll make everything fine ….he consoles mahi

After some time twinkle gets ready n ask meher to wait for her she goes in corridor n sees kunj standing there ..
T : kunj …
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle n get Mesmerized but then controls himself
K : what happen twinkle …
T : well u don’t love me right ..
K : yeah twinkle …
She takes out ring which kunj gave her when he confessed his love n ask him to take that back …
K : ohh common twinkle I don’t take gifts back keep it with u n think it as ur engagement gift from your x ..
T : I don’t want your anything that will remind me of u she gives ring back n left from there …..
(Sajna ve sad version plays in bg ….)

All comes down for the engagement ceremony n shots happy birthday yuvi too twiraj exchanges rings too with much pain n everyone gets happy while screen freezes on twinj n yuhi sad face ………

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