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Hello guys how R u all ???? Ab bata bhi do thik ho nah well I was free n wrote epi in college so posting it now guys plz don’t get sad for the scenes …..as now more scenes r gonna come as this is love hate relationship know so i can’t give twinj romance like before plzz support me
U all saw twinj romance in 40 episodes no see their hatred also 😂😂😂😂
So now no more bak bak
This epi is dedicated to all the cute buddies of mine who commented on last one seriously I was so depressed n aamu sachi mardu usha aur monu ko 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Well let’s start …..
Recap : twinj parents getting to know about them n kunj tells that he doesn’t love twinkle revelation of y usha doesnt like mahi

The episode starts with usha coming to a room n saying thank u beta u have told me everything at right time thank u soo much…..
The person says it’s okay mami and she turns and it’s revealed to be anaya (kunj cousin ) ….
U : if u didn’t told me then kunj would have said that he loves twinkle …
Flashback shows…
Anaya listening to the whole convo BTW Rt leela n twinkle n coming to usha …
A : mami I need to tell u something imp n she tells the whole story to usha …
U : so that tanejas plan is that …
A : ha mami I have told u bcoz I want good of our family …
U : don’t worry anaya I’ll manage everything….and usha left from there ..
Flash back ends ……
U : thank u soo much anaya u have fulfilled the duty of a daughter n hugs anaya …
A : it’s okay mami n smirks …
Usha left from leaving and anaya smirks n says this is just the beginning of ur loneliness Mr kunj sarna I’ll never let u live happy n shouts ….. what u thought kunj I hate u from the beginning u have snatched my shared of love from my mom “mom left me and gave my share of love to you I’ll snatch ur life now n laughs …
(When babee husband n son died anaya was just 6 months old babee in-laws has thrown her out of their house calling her bad eye for their family n kept anaya with them n told her that babee left her n she only loves her nephew kunj ….)
A : dadi maa said right mom doesn’t love me she just loves u i didn’t got motherly love from childhood…N I’ll not let u stay happy also bhai ..bhai my foot she breaks vase n left from there …
On the other side …
Twinkke was just crying recalling how kunj said that he doesn’t love how he jerks her away n thinks I know kunj u have some reason behind it n I’ll ask u that ur twinkle loves u alott kunj ….
(Yaadan teriyaan plays in the bg ….)
Yadaan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke
Rone aa assi kalle
Raati oss chan thalle beh beh ke (x2)
(Kunj n twinkle is seen crying bitterly as they never that this phase would also comes in their life’s …)

Yadaan teriyan aundiyan hanju le le ke

Tere bina dil eh dhadhakda nai (aa.. haaye)
Tere baajon dil eh lagda nai
Roi jaave seene de vich beh ke (beh ke)
Sohn teri dil sukkda nai
(Kunj is seen talking to twinkle pic n constantly saying forgive me twinkle i have done wrong with u he burns his hand saying I have jerked u with this hand n cries )

Aaye.. Tujhe bhi pata a
Mujhe bhi pataa
Yeh jo bhi hai dil ki hain ghaltiyan
Tujhe bhi pataa mujhe bhi pata
Yeh jo bhi hai dil ki hain ghaltiyan
(Twinkle was also not able to believe on what happen just before sometime she thinks to talk to kunj once …)

Hum hain bekusoor ho gaye door door
Mar na jayein vichhode seh seh ke
Yaadan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke
(Anaya comes to kunj and stops him from burning his hand n twinkle is shown coming to that way ….)
A : bhai don’t do this I can’t see u in pain n cries fakely
K : anaya plzz leave me alone for sometime ….
A : I know bhai u loves twinkle alott but what to do I told u that ur parents will never agree …
K : anaya I don’t wanna talk about anything just go from here plz

A : okay bhai n get up when kunj says sorry to her …
K : I am so sorry but I don’t wanna talk
A : it’s okay bhai …U can share ur pain with me
K : anaya twinkle won’t believe that I don’t her I need a strong reason
A : yeah bhai I am thinking same u have to do something to make her believe that u don’t love her
K : yeah 😤😤😤

Anaya gets up n says ok bhai if u say n she turns to leave when she saw twinkle coming n smirks n turns to kunj and signs twinkle is coming
A : so bhai u don’t love her right ..
K : how many times should I tell u anaya I don’t love her …. I have taken revenge from her as I know enemity btw sarnas n tanejas will never end n laughs fakely
Anaya was just seeing kunj n thinks oh pyaar me log kitne pagal hojate hai …
Meanwhile twinkke heard this convo n comes to kunj ….
T : kunjjjj
K : what happen twinkle
A : I think I should leave u two alone
Anaya left from there n kunj says I love u twinkle but not like that n comes closer while twinkle slaps him hard saying u have proven me wrong kunj I am ashamed to love u I hate u I hate ….
Kunj gets so much hurt but doesn’t show on his face n twinkle left from there leaving a shatered kunj …
Screen freezes……
So guys how was the epi …
Now u all know anaya is the main villain here
So ba byeee take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera 😘😘😘

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