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ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (epi-8)

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Swara gets up late the next morning , it was already 8:30 . for maheshwari family 8:30 was too late , by 8:30 sanskar would have come back from jogging , kushi would have gone wid ruhi to drop her to school , ishu bhabi and ragini di would have gone to their work , ye kya kar diya , itni late , she goes out and sees nobody in the hall , she goes to kitchen and sees a note left for her , it said tumhe aaj bahar jane ki zarurat nahi , hai , tum already bahut tired aur stressed ho , kal muh dikhai thina , isiliye thak gai hogi . so this is from ishu bhabi , how sweet she is, she is like a mother to the maheshwari family , she went out and sat in the dining table , breakfast was ready , she went and changed and started eating quietly , if she would have got up early , all this would have not happened , she thinks , aaj office bhi nahi ja sakti hun , ishu bhabi ne mana kiya hai (swara was the ceo of gadodia grp of companies which was first her father’s but now it was her’s ) . she suddenly hears some noise , she thinks what noise is this ? she goes out and finds nothing there. She comes back and feels somebody’s presence In the room , she calls , rupali (rupali was their maid ) just then swara realises rupali had gone to her native place . suddenly she hears the calling bell , she thinks something is wrong , and takes the flower out of the flower vase and takes the vase in her hand , ready to attack the attacker , she opens the door and is abt to break the person’s head when she hears a scream , it was sanskar , swara loses her balance and puts the vase down , she is about to fall when sanskar holds her . she smiles and gets up . sanskar says if I had done something wrong , please forgive me ? don’t attack me in such a way and laughs , swara laughs back but she knew it was not sanskar whose shadow she had seen . she hugs sanskar . sanskar says tum itni dari hui kyun ho ? swara says nothing sanskar , vaise sab log vapas kab ayenge , I know abt ragini di , she is busy in the murder case . laksh jiju will come by 7oclock right ? sanskar says yes , ok I need to go now , I came to take a file , sanskar gives a kiss to swara and went rushing towards his car to leave for office . raman was working busily while sanskar says bhaiya the file Is ready , raman says what sanskar , u came back in thirty minutes? Sanskar says oh , yahan yeh sab chal raha hai , isiliye gar bheja tha na ? thaki mein swara ke sath time spend kar sakoon . raman says jyada math bol , ab jake apna kam kar . sanskar goes , raman says what yar laksh , this sanskar is so boring , I sent him home so that he can spend some time wid his newly wed wife , but ur bro is just like u ? laksh says bhaiya , he is like u . raman says no , u . laksh says no u , suddenly somebody knocks the door , laksh says come in and stares at raman , it was one of their staffs , she comes and asks raman for a signature nd then leaves , raman and laksh continue their argument like whom sanskar is ?


Ishitha is seen treating patients , a old lady comes to her . ishitha says yeh tablets le lijiye , phir tik ho jayega . the lady says doctorni ji , ap pet se ho ke ?(are u pregnant ) . ishitha smiles and says ji han par apko kaise pata chala , the lady says all is because of experience , and mein aur ek baat batun tane (and shall I tell u one more thing ?) . mane lage hei ki tujhe ladka hi hovega (I thing u will have a son only ) . ishitha smiles and says voh kaise , the lady says I know all this , in olden days they used to say, the one who carries a girl will have a dull face because the daughter will take all the mother’s beauty when she is in her womb , u look so beautiful , so I think this time it is a son for u? ishitha smiles and says don’t forget to take medicine han ? the lady says tik hai chori , khayal rak apna (take care of yourself ) . ishitha smiles and says ji zaroor , she thinks of the lady’s words and smiles . she thinks , agar ladki hogi to uska nam hoga aditya , agar ladki hui to adya , ishitha u r brilliant . she sees her watch ,it was already 7:30 , raman would kill her If she went late , she goes out and is about to call the driver , when she sees a car coming towards her . she sees swara in it and says swara tum ? swara says bhabi , driver has gone out , so I thought ,why don’t I pick up my bhabi . ishitha smiles and sits inside the car and they leave for their home .

Guys I know in one episode I will not be able to add scenes of all the couples , so the episodes will have scenes of different couples alternatively , so please keep commenting , and thanks a lotfor taking ur time and reading my ff

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