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ISHKARA – Ishqiyapa (Episode 2)

Hey YA’ll beautiful and wonderful people all around. I am back with my ff “ISHKARA – Ishqiyapa”.

So, Let’s get started with the Act-2


Act-2 Scene1::

The Get-together party starts. Slowly, One by one are coming and gathering in the foyer. The hall is filled with loud laughs and Silent glares. It’s all about a joyous expression on every ones face as they are gonna party with their friends after a long time. Om is talking with his 3 old friends and had a great time with them. Ishaana is also talking with her friends and is chilling.

When atmost all people gather at the foyer and in order to alert the remaining people They announce in the loudly in the mic. The remaining people rush to the party hall. Om also starts coming with his friends and at the entrance there is a lot of rush When his friends tried to enter the foyer. They are struck at the entrance. One of them named Bunty says It’s our foolishness that we thought to enter at a same time. When Om tends to come inside at the same time Ishaana also comes from the other side and they have a knock. Ishaana bends on him and He holds her. He looks at her astonished. She looks at him and tries to control her smile or most probably blush……… O Saathiya plays in BG……… Their stagnate moment breaks when Few people rush in the same direction. They are moved toward the wall beside. Om pinned Ishaana to the wall(Even though it’s a unintended incident) They seem to comfortable holding eachother. They share a sweet eyelock. She is a lil bit tensed and Even Om is nervous about holding a girl too close. Their moment breaks with the speech of the principle…… They get back into their senses. Om drags himself away from her. He is not a lil bit floating in tension He is almost drowned. Ishaana is peeping into him.

Om:: Are you alright?…… He asked with concern clearly shown in his voice.

Ishaana:: Haa…… I am okay.

Om:: Okay…… I think you are Ishaana Khanna…… Right…! (Some corner of his heart knows that She is Ishaana but still wants to confirm from her)

Ishaana:: Haa I’m Ishaana Khanna…… Aur aap Omkara Singh Oberoi…… Is it! (She still remembers their childhood memories and Wants to confirm from him)

Om:: Haa…… Mai Om…… Omkara Singh Oberoi……

Ishaana:: Aap ek Painter ho na?!

Om:: Ji haan……Aap ko kaise pata?

Ishaana:: Bas yunhi……

Om:: Matlab aapko aise hi pata chal gaya ki main Omkara Singh Oberoi hu aur Ek painter bhi…… Or any wild guess.

Ishaana:: Lagta hai aap ne mujhe pehchaana nahi main aapki school main hu or college me bhi………

Om:: Aise kaise?! Main to aapko janta tak nahi…….

Ishaana:: Bas kar pagle…… Ab aur naatak ya nautanki nahi……Samjhi.

Om:: Haa Madam Samajh gaya……

Ishaana:: Accha Tum mujhe ek baat batau………When I was talking to my friends……You saw me right……

Om:: Ofcourse I saw you…..

Ishaana:: Oh……Then Why didn’t you talk with me. She gives a angry wala look.

Om:: Accha madam…… Let me remind you I was seeing you and you left from there without talking with me…… And now you are blaming me……!!

Ishaana:: Haan I have to go to meet all my teachers……So, I went…… Don’t forget that you too didn’t talk with me. She turns her face away. He looks at her kiddish behavior and smiles seeing her.

Om:: You didn’t changed a bit…… Okay… I am Sorry. It’s all my fault.

Ishaana:: Hmm………That’s like my kiddoo. She smiles at him.

Om Smiles back

Ishaana:: What do you mean saying I didn’t changed a bit…… I am your friend and I will always behave like my self with you………My kiddoo…..

Om smiles at her and Hugs her. Ishaana reciprocates the hug…

Om:: Okay then Now we have to join the Party…

Ishaana nods and goes with him to join her friends….

Act 2 Scene2::

At board meeting

The Host of the Meeting comes and starts saying…………

“This meeting is mainly for the takeover of Lakshmi steels which doesn’t have any heir or heiress”

Tej:: Shivaay!! We need that takeover to be done..

Shivaay is sure that they will be getting the takeover but somewhere in his mind he feels fishy and thinks what if it’s not done?

The host checks the documents of all business persons and Finally selects two Best files among them. In that one belongs to Shivaay and the Other is………………Umm Surprise.
After a long time of discussion the host comes and Declares Anika as the sole owner of the property.

Shivaay and Tej are shocked hearing this and struck.

From behind, Anika comes to the stage and takes the document papers of the steel company, The host introduces her as the Heiress of Gupta group of companies who is succeeding her father in business.The host declare Anika as the owner of Lakshmi steels. Shivaay gets angry listening to this. The board meeting completes.

Shivaay starts leaving from there while tej is engaged in talking with other business persons.

Anika comes to him and forwards her hand for A hand shake with Shivaay. Shivaay looks at her and Shows his attiude. Anika takes her hand back and looks at him with a even more killer look than that of Shivaay(Actually She seems to be the female version of SSO). They both how their attitude to each other and are like familiar with that kinda looks.

Shivaay starts leaving……

Anika:: Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi………

Shivaay stops and turns towards her……

Shivaay:: Ohh……… You just want to show me that I lost the takeover and you won it……

Anika:: No… Not at. I am not gonna tell you that.

Shivaay::Then what do you want to tell…?

Anika:: I just want to tell you that make a habit of loosing because I am here

Shivaay:: Do you really think I will be afraid of your warnings…… Then you are mistaken and you are talking with a wrong person because Shivaay Singh Oberoi never looses anything nor gets afraid…

Anika::Well……… you are taking me in a wrong way. I am not warning you it’s my advice to you…

Anika puts her shades on and starts leaving. Shivaay looks at her and he is left awestruck.

PRECAP:: Untold love story of Ishkara………Ishaana’s POV………Omkara’s POV.

I am sorry for the short episode. Actually I am busy with my school works so, couldn’t upload a bigger one.

I wanna tell one thing to ya all. There will be some New Special persons entry in next episode as Ishaana’s childhood friends. 

Hope ya’ll liked today’s episode. And let me know How many ISHKARA Ishqies here. So, comment fast all pros and cons are accepted.

With love Naina<3

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