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Is enemity the first step of love? Intro and CS

Chakor’s pov
“Mom and dad, I promise, that I will protect our supernatural kingdom against our enemies, they will pay for what they did to you.” My younger sister Imli said, while our parents were taking their last breaths and died in our laps, before they died, they told me to take care of Imli and myself, I promised them that I will protect our people from the Kamal Naryan Rajwanshi.
End of Chakor’s pov

Suraj’s pov
“I’m so happy I killed my enemy and they don’t have any heir of their kingdom, not like my kingdom.” My dad said, while he was drinking  something disgusting. “But dad wasn’t Aakash Singh your bestfriend and why did you kill him?” My younger brother Vivaan asked him. “Cause he killed my daughter Ragini and his daughters Chakor and Imli.” Dad answered back.
End of Suraj’s pov.


Imli’s pov
“I will take revenge from the Rajwanshi’s in trapping one of their sons, but I don’t know which one of them, cause both brothers are very handsome.” I told my plan to di, but she wasn’t happy with it, cause she said that this is wrong by playing with two innoncent people is against our rules and regulations.

Will the Rajwanshi’s, get to know the truth about Aakash Singh or not?

Chakor Singhania(Singh)
She is brave, loves to help poor people, she is cute, bubly, has a great heart, loves her family a lot, she is 21 years old. She is the daughter of Aakash singh and Raina singh, both her parents are dead. She has a very big secret about what she is, cause she isn’t a normal human being

Imli Singhania(Singh)
She is brave, nice, she can do anything for her older sis, she is 19 years old, she is a lot like her older, she too has a secret. She is the daughter of Aakash and Raina as well, but they are dead now.

Suraj Rajwanshi
A cool guy, handsome, he is brave, loves his family, he is the right hand of his father, good at heart not at all evil like his dad, he just acts like he is evil,
cause he is like his mom and he is 22 years old. His parents are Kamal Naryan Rajwanshi and Tejaswini Rajwanshi.

Vivaan Rajwanshi
Is against  killings and murderings, is the left hand of his father, he is brave, the rest is same as Suraj except of his age, he is 21 years old.

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