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Is enemity the first step of love? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Imli’s pov
“Today the first part of our revenge will start.” “Kamal Naryan, your destruction will begin from today onwards, you killed my parents eventhought they weren’t at fault, that your daughter died, it was destiny’s choice.” “Imli are you ready to use our powers.” “Yes, I am di!” I said, then we used our special powers and reached Azaadganj the Rajwanshi empire beginns from here, this empire is not as big as ours, but this place is alright. “Now we have to separate from eachother, we will meet eachother here again.” I said. “Yes, that’s perfect choti!”
End of Imli’s pov


Vivaan’s pov
“I was meeting some of our vilagers, when suddenly I saw a very beautiful girl or woman, but she didn’t seem like one of our people.” So I went to her and said: “Hi, my nameis Vivaan Rajwanshi and who are you?” “I’m Imli Sighania and nice to meet you, Mr. Prince.” “Where are you from?” I asked her. “I’m from Mumbai.” “Should I show you around my kingdom.” I asked her and she answered back: “Yes, please!”
End of his pov

Chakor’s pov
I was looking around, the village untill I crashed into someone, that person was very tall, I nearly fell on the ground, if that person wouldn’t have caught me, when I opened my eyes and he asked: “Madam are you allright?” “Yes, I am, thank you!” I said. “I have never seen you here before, are you new here?” “Hi, I’m Chakor Singhania and I’m from Mumbai.” I answered back. “Hi Chakor, I’m Suraj Rajwanshi.” “So you are the prince!” I said surprised. “Yes, I am!” “Oh wow, I’m soory my prince.” I said, while I bowed down to him. “You don’t have to bow down to me.” He said. “Can you please show me around, this place?” “Yeah, sure!” “Thanks.”
End of her pov

So the both brothers showed Imli and Chakor around their whole kingdom and then Sukor and Vimli met eachother at a restaurant.

Convo between them four
“Di!” “Imli.” “You both know eachother?” Suvaan asked, cause they were very confused. “Yes, she is my elder sister.” Imli answered back. “Vivaan, I have to go somewhere important.” “Can you bring them back to their hotel?” Suraj said. “Ok, bhai I will.” “Hi, prince Vivaan my name is Chakor!” “Hi, Chakor!” She forwarded her hand to shake Vivaan’s hand.
End of the convo.

Suraj’s pov
“When I met this girls, I felt like I have some connection to them, but I don’t know how and why.” “It feels like I have known them since years.” “I like one of them the most and it… Nana I won’t say it so easily.” “Everything about her is perfect.” “Stop thinking about her, you have to some other work and don’t forget it’s very important.”
End of Suraj’s pov

Vivaan’s pov
“Both girls are very nice, but somehow I feel that I know them since ages, but it can’t be, cause they aren’t our friends Chakor and Imli.” “What’s happening to me, why am I thinking about someone, who I met today and don’t even know her.”
End of Vivaan’s pov

Chakor and Imli’s convo after they were dropped to an hotel by Vivaan
“Imli I don’t know what to do, but Kamal Naryan’s sons are nice.” “Yeah, they are!” “We have to make them fall in love with us, so that we can avenge our parents death.” Imli said. “So that he realises, how it feels when the people, who you love leaves you and how it feels.” Chakor said. “We should sleep now, tomorrow we have to meet Anne.”
End of convo

Rajwanshi family convo
“My sons, did you find something out, about the new Singh queen and princess.” “No dad, they don’t have any social media or anything like that.” Suraj said. “Oh, now what should we do?” Vivaan asked. “You boys have to go to their kingdom!” An angry Kamal Naryan said. “And come back, when you have some informations for or kidnap both Pavitra and Ananya and bring them to me!” He said again. “Ok, dad!” Suvaan said.
End of the convo

Chakor, Imli and Anne convo
“My pricesses, did you find out about the Rajwanshis.” Anne asked. “We met both sons of him.” Chakor answered. “Both brothers aren’t what they look like, both of them are hybrids, like you guys, but are half Vampire and half…..” “Yeah, we know, what we are, Anne.” Imli said. “Calm down Imli!” Chakor said. “I’m sorry Anne!” “It’s ok!” “What did you find out Anne?” “I found out, that Kamal Naryan us planning to kill both.” She said. “But how?” “Chakor, you forgot I’m a naagin and a witch.” Anne answered back. “Oh, yeah I forgot!” Chakor said. “We have to do something against them.” Imli said.

End of their convo

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