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Hi guys, this is balamirra here with something interesting. This is an intro of a title that I have researched on named the “invisible love� you guys must be wondering how love can be invisible, oh yeah that word-invisible plays the main role in my ff/ few shots, do tell me which one do you prefer, ff/ few shots.. so basically my ideas revolve only and only around Shravan and suman, no other characters.it includes comedy too.. so enjoy, and these days I miss edkv very badly, especially namik<3. So I am watching the tamil series of edkv in polimer tv just to keep on recalling our lovely shraman<3<3<3

So I am giving a brief character sketch, hope you like this.
Character sketch.
Shravan malhotra: a very intelligent and a very renowned scientist , whos daily work is all in the laboratory doing different sought of experiments with different chemical compounds. Lives all alone in a apartment, parents in abroad. Is the best friend of a middle classed yet a good looking girl named suman tiwari. Is ready to do anything for his bestie, will change his avatar if someone insults/ harrases sumo.
Suman tiwari: a bubbly cheerful girl, who has a very big hotel business, very hardworking, hates science, cooking is her passion, best friend of Shravan, lives in a small building with her grandfather as she lost her parents.. She finds Shravan very boring because of the passion that he has towards science but gives moral support to Shravan at times of crisis.
Basic idea: this story revolves around two different individuals having two different passions, it’s a story that focuses on how one can do something which they think they actually cannot, nothing is impossible, as you guys know, suman hates science in my ff, but here is how she understands science to help her bestie in times of crisis. the story is all about how these individuals help each other and fall in love one day.


Guys, this is the idea, will post the epi/chapters soon, just tell me whether you liked the plot and whether you want me to go ahead with it.. you are upset with my ongoing ff’s but don’t worry when I am here will update them soon too, please bear with this silly idea, just wanted to write more on shraman.

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