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“INVISIBLE LOVE” (Chapter-2)

Hi, guys , myself, yb back with the second chapter of “invisible love”, this will mostly contain suman’s introduction. This will be an ff…
So here we go with the second chapter.

A small yet compact building, named “ PRIYA TIFFIN CENTER” stood on the roads of delhi, the atmosphere inside the building was pretty good, with old songs at the radio, the building was filled with a large number of females , each one of them engrossed in their own work, some of them busy chopping vegetables, humming to the tunes, while some of them busy in taking orders and supplying them, the corner of the room, had a small table with some photos of a young boy and a girl.

“preeta..” , everyone realized that she has come- suman tiwari, their employer, a young woman entrepreneur, who’s passion was cooking and trying out special dishes and new recipes.

The young woman entered the center, she seemed very strict and responsible, only a few people can change her mind, one such person was mr Shravan malhotra, her childhood friend, even though she finds him boring and makes fun of his crazy ideas, she is his pillar of strength. She knew that shravan was a coward before he went for higher studies and hence she wasn’t very friendly with him, but he left her for 10 long years which she couldn’t bear, she needed him and once he was back, she tried to maintain peace with him and now she knows that they share something more than friendship which the heart very well knows, but little did the mind know it was love. She supervises the work of her employees and goes back to her desk, which was filled with lots of memories right from her childhood till now, some crazy selfies and everything.

A big photo was hanged in front of her table, it was framed and it seemed like it was sumo’s favourite, a young girl and a boy with their hands on each other’s shoulder as if their whole life depends on each other.(yeah, they were none other than our shraman in their childhood). Sumo kept staring the photo and is in deep thoughts thinking about Shravan, how their friendship bloomed and how much she yearned for him when he was away to London. her thoughts were disturbed by the loud ring of her phone, she took a glance at the caller and yeah it was none other than Shravan, it showed shravo as she fondly calls him, she picks the call with full joy and excitement.

Suman: hi!! Shravo
Shravan: looks like someone was busy waiting for my call , huh?
Suman: oh yeah I was, after all you are my best friend forever. (she seemed rather sad while saying this)
Shravan: so, anything special today?
Suman: hmmm, yeah, your favourite dal is been cooked here in pct..
Shravan: oh, great, im coming there, just for the dal….
Suman: just for the dal and not for me??
Shravan: I was just kidding sumo, I have got some good news to tell you…
Suman: really! Ok come soon, bye..
Shravan: bye….

Precap: what is the good news? Sumo in shravo’s laboratory! Tragedy happens!!

Ok guys, see you , hope this epi was good

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