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“INVISIBLE LOVE” (Chapter-1)

Hi peeps, this is yb, hope you remember the intro of my ff, so I am back with the episode 1, this will not have much interactions between shraman, but next epis will have some good ineresting stuff , should I make it a ff/ few shots,you guys dint answer that, so please tell me …..

A small two floored commercial with a board, that’s pretty faded with the name malhotra laboratories is present at the starting of the building, inside the laboratory, there is a handsome young man in his 20’s, he is in a white dress, the hair gives him a perfect look, he seems very alert about the things going around him but he seems a kind scientist, he is surrounded with different chemical compounds and test tubes filled with solutions of colours like green, yellow orange and what not….. he seemed very engrossed in the experiment that he was performing, the atmosphere inside the laboratory was pretty silent too, far away from the experiment section there was a glass cupboard that was filled with a lot of honours, prestigious awards,medals and certificates in the name “Shravan malhotra� , each time an experiment was successful, he takes a look at those honours just to assure himself that the presentation of his experiment will go well


He had many prestigious stuff and he was very renowned and rich, but yet a kind person, a man who wasn’t proud or over confident of his status, his richness, you may have concluded this at the starting of the episode that says� a pretty faded board�, he could afford to replace the boarding and could hang big banners in the name of the laboratory, but he would never do that, because he knew that the appearance doesn’t matter, it was the experiment that he performed which matters. he was a person who would get scared just for a single thing in his life and that was not god, or some supreme power , it was {the young scientist foundation} that he was scared of, a place where his inventions/ discoveries were approved.

Along with the chemical compounds, there was a notepad and a pencil that he used to scratch or jot his crazy ideas on. He had a personal table for himself where he would meet his clients/ chemical suppliers. The desk was a small one yet a one that was simple and organized. A telephone was kept near by, so that he could answer important calls, a small bell was also kept, which he would use to call his lab assistants, there was one of his childhood photos and a last photo that was of his bff suman tiwari. Shravan looked kind, but he takes a new avtar and can reach any extent to protect his friend suman whom he fondly calles sumo, shravo, was one such name that she gave him and he made sure only she has the right to call him that way. he takes a look at her picture when he is not able to remember some theory or chemical formula, a glance at her picture/ her face would make him recall all the forgetten things along with his childhood memories.

That’s it for today guys, I am very sleepy to type more stuff, hope this introduction was satisfactory.

Precap: suman’s introduction, funny conversations…….

Please note: tell me whether you need a ff/ few shots…

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