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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 18

Vidhaa come out of each other’s embrace and Dhaani blushes. Viplav moves ahead to kiss her forehead and Dhaani looks down shying when their romance is interrupted by Riya.

Riya: Ahem.. Ahem if you both are done with your romance then let Dhaani rest!
Both of them feel embarrassed and look down. Riya asks Viplav to go out and let her stay with Dhaani. Viplav gets up to leave and shows a punch to Riya. Riya acts as if she is scared while Dhaani giggles. Riya goes to Dhaani and hugs her saying “I’m so happy for you.” Viplav smiles seeing them and gives a flying kiss to Dhaani. Dhaani turns pink and Riya smiles seeing her and looks towards Viplav who had by then left. Riya and Dhaani have a talk.


Outside the room,
Kanak: So now everything is fine, Dhaani is fine (stressing on the word Dhaani) so I think you should leave now, right? I’m sure you’ll get a flight around this time, so go!
Viplav: Maa… I’m feeling tired I’ll go some other day. Otherwise also today was the marriage and I’m really very tired!
Kanak: Ohh! Is it? Then you can stay here. (looking towards Dulaari who was smiling) so Dulaari I think you should also leave with Dhaani. I guess she will feel better if she is at her own home, right?
Dulaari: Yes.. afterall one feels alright at their own home. So we’ll leave.
Viplav: Aree maa.. Aunty you can stay here. This home is also like Dhaani’s home only! She can stay here, you and Mohan uncle can go, I’m there I’ll take proper care of her, you don’t worry.
Dulaari, Mohan, Kanak, Shambu smile at him. Viplav realises what he just said and feels embarrassed.
Viplav: I think its too late now, I’ll go and take rest. Saying so he moves towards Dhaani’s room.
Kanak: Your room is upstairs Viplav.
Viplav: I know maa.. I just wanted to say good night to Dhaani.
Kanak: Its ok. Its not necessary that you wish her. This doesn’t count in humanity!
Viplav has no words, and so he runs upstairs. Whereas everyone down laugh at his antics.

Everyone leave to their room and Dhaani’s parents also sleep in the guest room..Sometime later Viplav calls Dhaani and luckily Dhaani picks it up in one go.
Viplav: Seems like someone was waiting for my call.
Dhaani blushes,
N..No.. why do you think so?
Viplav: Ok.. whatever but first open your window!
Dhaani: What? Why?
Viplav: Just so what I am saying

Dhaani opens the window and Viplav jumps inside the room.

Viplav: I never thought that one day I’ll have to enter in my own house like a thief!
Dhaani: But why?? If someone sees us then? You go ple…

Dhaani is interrupted by Viplav as Viplav keeps his finger on her lips.
Viplav: Don’t say a word now!
He kisses her forehead which makes Dhaani blush.
Viplav: Aww my cherry!
Dhaani blushes hard and beats Viplav’s chest playfully. Viplav holds Dhaani’s waist and pulls her closer. Dhaani shivers feeling his touch on her bare waist. (She has worn saree because of the wedding and she had not yet changed. All her makeup was intact)

She closes her eyes and feels Viplav’s breath due to the close proximity. Viplav moves his head towards her and gently places the strands of hair which were falling on her face behind her ear. Dhaani again feels his touch and slowly opens her eyes. They were lost in a deep eye lock. Viplav moves forward to kiss her lips and Dhaani pushes him and laughs. Viplav runs behind Dhaani, she gets on the bed and Viplav also gets on the bed and holds her waist pulling her towards himself, Dhaani’s leg slips and they both fall down with Viplav over Dhaani. Viplav again tucks her hair behind and kisses her neck. She feels his warm breath but then realises their proximity. She pushes him and says

No Viplav.. nothing before marriage.

Viplav: Marriage, uh? He smirks.
I respect your decision.

Dhaani: I guess you should leave now.
Viplav: Aree.. but!

Dhaani: No ifs and buts now go!
Viplav sadly goes and Dhaani smiles.

So how was the episode? Very eager to know your views because this is a bit romantic so…


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