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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 17

Hey guys, I am so sorry for the late update. I was busy with my exams still three to go.
So lets start,

Recap: Viplav decides to leave India, Dhaani does not tell her feelings to Viplav thinking that it will distract him.


Viplav is on the airport in the waiting area. Just then he gets a call. He is shocked to hear something. He takes his luggage and goes out to find a taxy for himself. He soon gets one and sits inside.

Tripathi Mansion,
Everyone is seen tensed and a doctor is seen checking Dhaani.

Doctor: She has fainted because of taking stress and I guess crying, her mind is upset. She will be fine soon, these are the medicines which have to be given to her regularly.

Shambu and Mohan thank doctor and leave him outside. Everyone inside is confused with those words of doctor, thinking why was she taking stress crying? They didn’t have a single idea. Just then Viplav enters and everyone is shocked to see him back.

Kanak: Viplav??
Viplav: Maa.. how is Dhaani now?
Kanak: she is fine but how did you come to know? And what about your flight?
Viplav: Vo maa.. Riya informed me
Kanak: and you came back just to see her?
Viplav: yes maa.. humanity na…
Kanak: seriously Viplav HUMANITY??
Viplav looks down.
Riya: Dhaani…
Everyone looks at her, she gains conscience. A big smile crept over Viplav’s face looking at Dhaani.

Dhaani was shocked seeing Viplav and thanks god for not sending Viplav abroad.
Kanak: How are you beta? How are you feeling now?
Dhaani: I am better.
Dulaari kisses Dhaani’s forehead and asks her to take rest.
Mohan: yaa.. we should also go out and let her rest.
Everyone nod and start leaving. Whereas Viplav still stands there.
Kanak: Viplav why are you standing here? Chalo let her rest.
Viplav: Maa I want to talk to her once
Kanak: let her rest now, you can talk later.
Viplav: but maa..
Dhaani: its ok.. he can
Kanak: but you need rest now
Dhaani: its ok…
Kanak nods unwillingly and leaves the two of them alone.

Dhaani tries to sit and Viplav helps her.
Viplav: Cant you take care of yourself? Why did you take so much stress? Was it because of that night? I have told you so many times nothing had happened. Don’t you get it? Why do you have this habit of giving me pain?
Dhaani: calm down yaar.. so many questions together! I don’t even remember them now how will I answer!
She said this with an innocent smile.
Viplav: Do you think I am joking? I came back from the airport and you are joking with me!

Dhaani: So what.. I am not even fine and you are shouting me as if you are my…
Viplav: my?
Dhaani: nothing…
Viplav: I am sorry for shouting at you but you only make me shout at you!
Dhaani hugs him and says Sorry…
Viplav is confused as well as very happy seeing her hugging him. He hugs her back. Dhaani felt as if this was the best place in the world, Viplav’s arms which comforted her the most. She cries under his chest and says: I cant live without you Viplav. I love you.
Viplav was now the happiest person on this earth, he tightened his grip on her and said I love you too. They didn’t move a bit as if they didn’t want to leave each other.

Outside the room,
Everyone is tensed thinking what made Dhaani cry and take so much stress.
Riya who was peeping inside the room from the window gets happy and says

Its time for the preparations of another marriage soon.

Everyone look at her confused. Riya asks them to peep through the window, Kanak and Dulaari peep inside and see them in each others arms. They both smile looking at each other and congratulate each other. They share this news with the rest of the family.

Inside the room,
They break their hug, Viplav sees Dhaani crying, he wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.

The scene freezes.

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