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IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 9 – Part 1)

Episode 9 – Part 1

Next day, the Tripathis get busy into preparing the house for the function. Workers decorating the walls of garlands, cooks getting their duty done, housemaids cleaning the dusty corners, the entire Ayodya Nivas had a busy schedule. Thankfully, half of the work has been done on the earlier day, and Daadi kept appreciating Dhaani’s magic and cleanliness in all the work she used to touch, and especially her perfection in managing everything alone. She was managing the preparations while Viplav and Pankaj took the kids to the playground close, so that they don’t disturb the work at home, though the men and kids were missing their ladies. And Shalini was obliged to take rest in her room. Bhaiyaa and bhabhi prohibited her, she mustn’t disagree.


Dhaani : (indicates a worker about adding garlands in the house) Bhaisaab, don’t add so many here. (points a corner spot) Do put them there, loads of them are needed.
Phoolwala : Ok madam.
Dhaani : Everything must look perfect at Shalu’s function.

Daadi comes to the hall admiring the decorations.

Daadi : Arey wah Dhaani!

Dhaani looks at her.

Daadi : (looks at Dhaani) You have done a wonderful job betha. I am so proud of you. Shalu will really like it.
Dhaani : It’s Shalu’s function Daadi. It must be on point.
Daadi : (caresses her granddaughter-in-law’s cheek) Shalu is very lucky to have a sister-in-law like you betha. God bless you!
Dhaani : No Daadi, I am lucky and happy to be a part of this family. (a broad smile on her lips)

Daadi smiles at her and goes away leaving Dhaani busy with the work. Once done, she takes a food tray upstairs for Shalu. Entering the room, she sees the lady busy tidying up her room.

Dhaani : (surprised) Shalu! (puts the tray on the small table in the room) What are you doing?
Shalini : (looks at Dhaani putting some dresses back in the cupboard) Nothing Bhabhi, just tidying up some clothes, when free.
Dhaani : If you had called me, then I would have done it na?
Shalini : Don’t worry Bhabhi, I can do it.
Dhaani : But we asked you to take rest. If something wrong happens…
Shalini : No Bhabhi, nothing will happen. I am perfect.
Dhaani : But…
Daadi : Arey betha! Let her do na.

Dhaani turns her head to fall on their grandmother.

Daadi : Working and exercising our body during pregnancy is good for delivery.
Shalini : And Bhabhi, this is my work. How can I let you do that?
Daadi : (teasing) Haan, let her do something. Now that she is doing something more responsible.
Shalini : Daadi!
Dhaani : (still not convinced) Alright, if you insist. But first, eat something. You must get ready also.
Shalini : Haan Bhabhi, I will eat. Don’t worry.
Daadi : (looks at Dhaani, her hand on her shoulder) Dhaani betha, you also eat.
Dhaani : Yeah daadi, I am just waiting for the guys to come back. We can eat all together. And Daadaji is meditating in his room.
Daadi : Alright. Then go and take some rest. You are working hard since morning.
Dhaani : That’s nothing Daadi. And there are so many preparations more. I can’t take rest.
Daadi : It’s ok. We will manage. You need to get ready also.
Dhaani : Alright. I will be with Shalu for a while then get ready.
Daadi : (smiles) Ok as you wish.

She goes away from there leaving the young women in their conversation. Both got to laugh and talk a lot like two close friends, that they didn’t notice time flying. With time, both ladies got closer and Dhaani felt seeing a little sister in Shalini. But they didn’t have any proper time for conversing once fate separated the families.

Dhaani : I think we have to get ready. Guests will come soon. Otherwise Daadi will scold us.
Shalini : Bhabhi! More than Daadi, mah will scold both of us, like always. She doesn’t like me the way she loves bhaiyaa.
Dhaani : Why are you saying so ? Mahji loves you a lot, as much as she loves Viplav. You are the daughter of this house after all. And not only Mahji, but we all love you the most.
Viplav : (enters in the room surprisingly and stands in front of Dhaani’s seat when the two kids run to embrace their mothers and Pankaj comes from behind and joins Shalini) 100% wrong, Mrs Viplav Tripathi! (sits next to Dhaani on the hand part of the couch) Mah and all in this house loves me the most. You must not lie so much.
Shalini : (cute sad face) Bhaiyaa!
Dhaani : (turns to look at him and hits on his upper arm) Viplav!
Viplav : Why do you hit me ? You even love me the most right?
Dhaani : Maybe because you are my husband.
Viplav : (excited tone) See I to…
Dhaani : (interrupts his joy) But I still love your family more than you. (looks at Shalini and puts her hand on her nanand’s) Because I respect them for having (points Viplav with her hand, her palm facing the ceiling) beard you all these years.

A cute and angry Viplav suddenly smacks on her fingers that were facing him, and her cheeks kissing pink by embarrassment, she removes her hand away from her hold, while the man shows his one-million-dollar curve on his lips.

Shalini : (clears her throat with a teasing smile) Ahem ahem! Bhaiyaa, all this, in private please.

Dhaani looks down shy.

Viplav : Oyye moti, I do romance wherever, whenever, (hugs Dhaani from the back) however I want. Don’t bring bad eye in it.

Shalini, the kids and Pankaj giggle at his answer while the innocent bhabhiji reddens more. They get stopped suddenly when Daadi makes her entry.

Daadi : You guys havent got ready yet? Function is to start in 2 hours. Go and get ready fast!
Viplav : (standing up) 2 hours? That’s way too much for men Daadi! I can make it in 10 minutes.
Daadi : Let’s see ! (looks at Dhaani) Dhaani betha, go and get ready fast. And come to help me in the kitchen after.
Dhaani : Ok daadi.

Viplav holding the little Dhanush in his left arm, he follows his wife and the three reach the room to get ready.

Dhaani : Go and get your dresses ready. (makes Dhanush get down of his father) Till that, I will make Dhanush (once on his legs, the little one goes towards the sofa) take a shower.
Viplav : (looks at her moving here and there in the room) First answer my question.
Dhaani : (takes a towel and dresses ready) What?
Viplav : You (longs on the word) … really don’t love me the most ?

Dhaani gets stopped in her moves and looks suddenly at her husband with surprise while the latter smiles at her expecting for a reply of hers. She then shyly smiles looking down, turning red at his question.

Dhaani : (takes the red “Cars” towel and goes towards Dhanush who was playing games sitting on the sofa, smiling now teasingly) Is it important for me to tell ? (bends down to the boy making him stand up) Don’t you already know the answer ? (takes off the little one’s tee-shirt while he was very busy on his game)
Viplav : (comes close to them) Maybe. (sits next to them) But still, I want to hear it from you.
Dhaani : Haan haan but right now, you have to get ready for the baby shower. Go go go !
Dhanush : And Dhanush will get faster than you papa!
Viplav : Acha? (removes his blazer and leaves it on the sofa) Let’s see (unbuttons the first two buttons of his shirt) who wins the race.
Dhanush : Yeah race! I will beat you. (looks at his mother) Mumma, let’s go to shower fast na.
Dhaani : (laughs at her two men’s madness) Haan, let’s go.

Both mother and son stand up and get set to go, while Viplav takes his sherwani set in hold smiling. When suddenly he hears a sweet “Suno!” and turns round to look at that person. However she was faster and drops a soft kiss on his stubbly cheek with a shy smile, not letting him see her.

Dhaani : (whispers lovably near his ear) I love your family the most … for having given me the most beautiful gift I could ever get in my life.

He turns to look at his lovely wife surprised of the answer she just uttered but she runs away before his eyes fall into hers. He gets emotional and blushes remembering her words, with that broad smile which makes his eyes get smaller and adorable, rubbing his pink-lipped cheek.

Precap – Function at the Tripathis.

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