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IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction (Episode 8 – Part 3)

Episode 8 – Part 3

Dhaani (present day) : (gets up all by sudden, screaming) Vidya!!!


She breathes loudly remembering her nightmare, brushing her hair, sweat all over her face, and looks on her left side. His small neck snuggling up on his strong shoulder-chest part, his tiny arm covering his neck staying on his other shoulder, his long arm caressing his soft and delicate hair. Admiring her baby’s cuteness, she couldn’t resist and drops her lips mark on his soft back shoulder. The lady then looks for water and falls on the carafe standing on the small table. She takes the quilt off her covered body to get down the bed but she feels something stopping her to move. Looking behind her, she falls on her dress behind held tightly by that tiny and adorable hand. Dhaani smiles and softly kisses on it before taking the sheet and his fingers off her. She reaches the table to drink a cup of water. But she was unaware it wouldn’t be discrete. Her head raised up while drinking, two strong arms delicately caressing her waist, Viplav comes close, half asleep. He lays his head on the woman’s shoulder, which jerks the latter because of surprise and makes her look on her left.

Dhaani : (her hand on his crossed arms) Viplav, what are you doing ? (pats his arm) Go and sleep.
Viplav : (eyes closed and with a low and sleepy voice) That’s what I am doing.
Dhaani : On the bed.
Viplav : Then you come also.
Dhaani : I… you first go, I will join in a while.

Viplav breaks his hug and makes her face him.

Viplav : (tired and sleepy eyes) What happened? Why are you so upset?
Dhaani : I am fin…
Viplav : You again had that nightmare right?

Dhaani’s pain was obvious to his eyes that he doesn’t need brightness to see it. He feels her tears and wiping them, he hugs her and drops a kiss of consolation on her soft hair.

Viplav : Did something happen that you want to tell me ?

He feels her nodding her head in “yes” softly and breaks the grip.

Viplav : Don’t cry. Sit!

He makes her sit on the sofa and joins her.

Viplav : Tell me. What happened ?

And Dhaani tells him about the child incident during their comeback, the way she was devastated seeing the little girl, while Viplav was understanding her saddened mood in the car little by little.

Dhaani : When I was seeing that little girl, I couldn’t miss to imagine our own daughter at her place. She was around 7 too.
Viplav : Dhaani, are you mad ?
Dhaani : I didn’t even understand why. But there was certainly one difference that made that child luckier and safe. Because… at least her mother was by her side to guard her kid.
Viplav : Dhaani! Please.. stop blaming yourself.
Dhaani : How shouldn’t I ? I have lost our child. If I were more careful, she wouldn’t have left us but been playing on our laps. (looks down) I am not a good mother.
Viplav : (holds Dhaani’s hand) Stop it Dhaani. Don’t talk nonsense. You are the best wife, the best daugher-in-law, the best daughter and especially the best mother someone could have. (cups her face) And if you mean it so, then I am the culprit. If I hadn’t left you alone, nothing would have happened.
Dhaani : (tears rolling down her cheeks) No Viplav. If you weren’t there, then Dhanush also…
Viplav : (puts his finger on her lips) Shhhh… Don’t say like that.

He looks at their son who was peacefully sleeping alone on the bed.

Viplav : We don’t have our one child with us. But at least, we have our son, and we must care and give attention to him.

He turns his head to look at her.

Viplav : If you still want a proof that you are a good mother, then look at your son. He will tell you.
Dhanush : (sleepy voice) Mumma!

His interpellation made both his parents look at him.

Viplav : See! He cannot remain not reminding you even sleeping. (looks at Dhaani) He loves you a lot Dhaani. Mothers are God of children. And you are Dhanush’s everything. He cannot remain without you. (teasing laugh) Your “laadla”.

Dhaani laughs at his last words and looks at her son emotionally.

Viplav : (holds her hand close to him) And about our daughter, wherever she is, with our blessings, she will certainly be perfect. And we will find her soon. Don’t worry. (kisses on her soft fingers)
Dhanush : (sleepy and waking up, frottant his eye) Mumma!
Dhaani : (looks at Viplav) Yeah (wipes her tear) coming!

She goes towards the bed and sitting besides her son, she cradles him.

“Aa Le Ke Chaloon Tujhko
Ek Aise Desh Mein”

(what is written as a narration is to imagine while reading the line below)
Dhanush again lays his body on the mattress and turns his face towards his mother’s side.

“Milti Hai Jahaan Khushiyaan
Pariyon Ki Bes Mein
Pariyon Ki Bes Mein”

Viplav wipes his hidden tears discretely and joins them.

“Main Aasmaan Ko Khidkiyon Se
Ghar Mein Laa Doon
Main Aasmaan Ko Khidkiyon Se
Ghar Mein Laa Doon
Saare Ke Saare Taare
Yahan Chun Le La Doon
Sapno Mein Rang Maan Ke
Yoon Hi Bharti Aayi Hoon”

He comes close to the bed and staring at them, he slowly lays on the bed while Dhaani was concentrated on her lullaby cradling softly his arm with her softly patting hand.

“Har Dard Bhool Jaaoon
Yoon Hi Khel Khel Mein
Har Dard Bhool Jaaoon
Yoon Hi Khel Khel Mein
Milti Hai Jahaan Khushiyaan
Pariyon Ke Bes Mein
Pariyon Ke Bes Mein..
Aa Leke Chaloon Tujhko”

She keeps singing cuddling the little one glueing his tiny body in her maternal warmness, while Viplav, his head taking support on his palm, stares at his beautiful wife.

(musical passage)

Dhaani looks at Viplav and questions him why he was looking at her, frowning her eyebrows. He shakes his head in no smiling, making her smile also. Both lay down the bed, fallen into an eyelock, and their hands put on Dhanush’s tummy, fingers struck into each other, they are slowly drowned into a deep sleep.

At that same moment, somewhere far from there…
It was very dark in the room and people in the house were peacefully sleeping. We enter a silent room, and furniture and decorations, that were kinda figured out through the dark shadows of the night, made it able to discover the small age of its owner. The little girl’s head only coming out of her sheet, she was trying to sleep with that same peace but her expressions and her gasping in sleep showed it well how tensed her inconscience made her be.

(Echo of a woman talking was heard in her inconscient world)
“Your papa and your brother are gone leaving mumma and Vidu betha in the room to sleep peacefully. So now mumma is fully Vidu baby’s. Now let’s sleep!”
(Echo of a man talking)
“Do you know something ? Papa always wanted a daughter first. And I got you. (sound of cheek being kissed)”
(Echos of people talking)
“Look at her hands. Awww! How adorable and small!”
“Come to naani come to naani!”

The voices hitting her mind, the little girl starts crying unconsciously, and wakes her house members up. Suddenly the door gets open forcefully and lets a tall and quite young woman enter in.

Woman : Gayatri, what is this noise ? Aren’t you sleeping ?

Getting no answer, she turns on the light, which makes the scared girl hides her face under the cover. The woman gets closer to the bed and stands next to the bed, arms crossed.

Woman : Gayatri !

Still no answer, she angrily removes the cover from her, to fall on the sweaty and crying baby face.

Woman : Again?

She forcefully holds her arm and makes the child sit on the bed.

Gayatri : Ouch! Mom!

The woman makes her stand on the ground and takes her somewhere, tightly holding her wrist, which hurts her soft skin.

Gayatri : Mom it hurts.
Shamli Rani : Shush! Enough of your naughtiness.

Both walking in the windy darkness, they reach a small house behind the mahal they came out from. They knock at the door and soon, it was getting opened from inside, letting a late-twenties lady coming out. Seeing her superior, she gets curious, and tensed when noticing the child with her.

Woman : Madam, what happened?
Shamli Rani : Shanta, just take care of this girl. She keeps crying in her sleep.

She handovers the little girl in a sudden and fast gesture and the young nanny takes her with her inside while the harsh mother goes from there.

Shanta : (lifts Gayatri in her arms) My sweet Gayu baby! What happened ? Why were you crying ?
Gayatri : (wiping het tears) Shanta di… I … I …
Shanta : Alright alright! (makes Gayatri lay on her shoulder) Now no more tears ok? (caresses her back) Gayu baby is going to sleep with Shanta di today. (smiles)

She swings left to right cradling the little thing. And slowly the latter gets drown into a peaceful sleep while Shanta looks on sad.

Shanta : (thinks in her mind, lullabying the child) How can a mother be so harsh with such an adorable girl? Is it even humane to blame her ?

Gayatri : (sleeping) Mom!

Shanta pats softly on her back and makes her lay on her small bed, before turning off the lights and joining her Gayu baby besides her.

Precap – Shalini’s baby shower function.

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