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If That Mistake Didn’t happened! {Two shot} (Prologue) ~ Komal

Hey guys!
I’m here with two shots on Twinj!
This is specially written for Anam, coz her birthday is near the date!
Love you chudail!
It is a birthday gift for you in advance!
This is just a prologue and the 1st shot would be posted after 16 Dec coz I’m too busy writing exams!

If That Mistake Didn’t Happened!



“Love is unconditional. It is a spiritual state, not an emotion. It’s not a choice you pick at a fork in the road….it exists forever.” Is this just an ideal we strive for but can never attain or is it possible for a human to actually love someone unconditionally, love them even if they do something we hate or they decide to leave us!
But is it the same in my case!

Some Mistakes are not that big and can be forgiven!
But have you guys ever thought what if A mistake is so big that you can’t even regret it!
Same was the case with me, if I would have not done that mistake, he would be alive!
If I would not have done that mistake, I would have lived happily with my LOVE!
If I would have not trusted him, I would never had done that MISTAKE!
BUT only IF is what is left!
I cheated on him, I loved him still I cheated him!

I can’t bring him back!
I can’t ask forgiveness for the mistake I did!
I betrayed him, I betrayed the LOVE of my life!
I lost him forever and its impossible to get him back now!
It was only coz of my MISTAKE!
If I would have not gone away like that, He would have been here!
Between us, with me!
We would have been happy!
We.. Would.. Have.. Been.. Happy!

But now we are not,
Coz he is DEAD!

So what is the MISTAKE?
Whom did Twinkle trusted that led to such mistake?
Who is Dead?
To know all this stay tuned to If that mistake didn’t happened!

So guys I’m giving a try on this two shots!
Tell me through your comments should I continue or not?
I would love to hear from you guys!

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