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I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-32)

Hi guys sangee back with Episode 32….thanks a lot for all the comments… Lets jump into the epi…
5 PM : Mumbai

Whole house is going crazy… Three girls 👩👩👩were making the house upside down…
They were running and dancing all around the house… Whole house was filled with laughter and giggles…
Karan was siting in the hall looking into his mobile 📱unaffected by the happenings around him…. On the other hand arjun and Neil were literally gone mad because of their atrocities… 😒😒… They were sitting in the couch like monkey’s in the three wise monkey statue 🙈🙉
They saw Karan who was sitting un affected 😒
Neil : Karan… What’s all this… 😞
Karan looked at him in confusion 😵
Arjun : are they gone mad 😮
Karan : who…
Neil : our wifes 😰
Arjun and Karan gave a accusing look at Neil 😒
Neil : your wife.. Riddi bhabi… Arjuns wife… Radu and my wife.. Sam
Karan: she is not your wife until you get married 😡
Neil : ok to be wife 😞😰
Arjun : that’s good 😠
Neil : y you guys are reacting like this… 😒😒😒
Arjun : she is my sister 😠
Karan : she is my sister in law 😠
Neil : so what… Guys you are reacting as if iam a road side romeo following behind your sister and your sister in law 😠 and more over Mr. Brother.. Sam is my lover before you became her brother… And Mr.BIL same for you 😒. Iam getting scared seeing your reaction… 😭😭 I need to get married as soon as possible… Else these devils will ruin my marriage for sure 😞😞😞😞


Neil stared calling out Sams name…
Neil : Sam…. Sammy…. Come here…
All came to hall hearing neils voice..
Sam : wat happened now… Y are you yelling my name now…
Neil started sobbing.. 😢😭😭😭
All were shocked seeing him cry
Sam : omg my darling is crying… Sam sat next to neil and stared wiping his tears…
What happened baby… Why are you crying… Do these stupids did anything…. Pls stop crying sweetu… Sam goes on pacifying him cupping his face..

Riddi, radu, samrat and piyali were smiling wide seeing them…😁😁😁😁
Arjun and Karan were shocked seeing his acting 😰😰
Neil : Sam…. Sobs😢… Sammy… Sobs… 😢
Neil started crying more… Sam stood from her place and stared at arjun and Karan 😤😤
Arjun and Karan were gulping seeing angry Sam…
Sam : now tell me Wat you guys did to my darling 😤
Arjun and Karan nodded in negative…
Arjun : stop your drama…
Neil stared crying more as response…
Sam : baby you stop crying… Tell me what they did… I will chop them into pieces 😡
Neil :… They… Sobs…. They… Sobs… They are saying that.. They will not let us to get married 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Neil started crying more…
Sam :😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Karan: Sam listen… We didn’t say anything like that … He is creating a drama infront of you…
Arjun : Sam believe us .. 😞
Radika and riddi were laughing at their husbands… Reactions…
Di really I don’t know how these two are successful as a police officer… 😂😂😂 radu murmered into riddis ears…
Not only them Karan is famous for his cold behaviour in hie business circle see him… The great business man Karan kapoor is gulping infront of his sister in law… Riddi replied to radikaa…and both laughed at them 😁😁
Arjun :nandu,ra…. Here your husbands life is in danger…. you guys are laughing there pls do something to save us from your sister 😞😞😞

Sister… Riddi and radu asked in chorus..
Riddi : your sister in law 😜
Radika : your sister 😜
Both made a hi 5
Arjun :😨😨😨
Karan :😨😨😨
Karan : dad… Mom… Atleast you guys help us…
Samrat : this is between Sam and you.. we cannot poke our nose into it… 😛 Sry son..
Piyu you were saying that you need to go for shopping right… Come on let’s go… 😉
Samrat and piyali left the place in next second
Riddi grabbed a mosquito bat near her and throwed it to Sam…
Sam catches it…
Radu :Sam come fast we will be waiting in the terrace 😉😉😉
Riddi : All the best hubby… All the best brother… 😉
Radu and riddi moved towards terrace…
Sam walked towards Karan and arjun by slowly patting the bat🎾 in her hand
Arjun and Karan :😨😨
Dishooom Dishooom Dishooom Dishooom…

After few mins
Karan was sitting in extreme edge of the couch… If he move another inch he will fell down from the couch…. Arjun was sitting in Karans lap.. Neil was sitting in another edge of the couch…
All the three were sitting with fear stricken face 😰😰😰 and their hair was in a mess….
Sam was standing before like a angry devil 👹 her hair was flying all over her face..
Neil : Sam.. What I did… Y are you beating me 😞
Sam : chup… If another word escape from your mouth 😡..
Neil zipped his mouth next second…
Sam : if you guys try to do any other drama…. I will kill you 😤
She stomped her foot hard and went inside…

All the three boys are seeing her walking inside 😰😰😰
Arjun : what happend to her 😰…
Asked arjun setting his messed hair with his hands
Karan : before that can you get up from my lap 😒
Arjun realised that he is sitting on Karans lap… He smiled at him and got up…
Karan : thanks 😀…BTW arjun see there… He pointed to neil..
Neil was sitting there like a third monkey 🙊keeping his fingers over his lips… Hair fully messed… Dress was torn here and there… He is looking as if a bulldozer roll over him 😰😥
Karan : Arjun I already said na… He is the most luckiest person among us 😉😉
This is only Sams trailer… 😜😝😛
Neil was super shocked hearing him 😨

Neil and Karan made a hi5 seeing Neil 🙋
Arjun : ok ok guys get up.. Go fresh up and come 😒
Neil and Karan looked at him in confusion 😵😵
Arjun : what you are looking at me … We have many works to do…
Neil and Karan :😵😵
Arjun : hello guys.. We need to arrange for tomorrow’s party 😍
What 😫…Karan and Neil yelled in chorus
Arjun :after all she is my little sister 😉
Neil :you will say like that only… . iam the one who got more beatings … 😥
Karan : Neil you should get used to this Neil . This is our fate… 😝
Arjun : Karan.. Will nandu also 😕
Karan : not only your nandu all wifes are same in this matter 😞

All the three sat in the couch.. Pressing their palm in their cheeks… Thinking deeply
They were sitting there in the same position until they heard some noises from upstairs..
All jerked and came to reality.
All looked at each other in confusion 😵😵😵
Karan : next drama 😞
All the three walked towards the source of the noise…
All stood infront of Sams room…

Karan opened the door slightly.. And all the three Peeped into the room.. Without making any noise..
Neil sitting in the floor.. Arjun standing behind him placing his head over Neils shoulder .. And Karan was standing behind Arjun… Placing his head over Arjuns shoulder 👨👨👨
Their jaw hitted the ground under them seeing the scene before them
A raunchy song was going in the TV… Rads and Sam where enacting movements of the girl and boy in the video…
Sam was dancing like a boy and Rads was dancing like a girl… Both were dancing sensualy…
Riddi was sitting in the couch and laughing at their movements… 😀
Arjun, Neil and arjun are hell shocked seeing their this side.. 😰😰😰
Neil :what is this guys 😛
Arjun :Let me record this… He took out his mobile and started recording it..
Smirking at radika

As time passes they were totally into the song and started dancing more sensualy….
Radika climbed over the bed and stared rolling over it mimicking the girl in the video…
Arjun : I never ever thought in dream that ra will dance like this 😍
Karan hitted his shoulders.. The already wounded Obe
Arjun shouted in pain..
Arjun : ouch Karan it’s paining..
Girls stoped their dance as they heard Arjuns voice..
Arjun Neil and Karan smiled sheepishly at them
Riddi : what are you guys doing here.. 😤
Arjun Karan and Neil looked at each other..

Next second all ran in different directions 🏃🏃🏃
Girls also ran after their boy chasing them
Riddi ran after Karan…
Radika ran after arjun and
Sam ran after Neil
After chasing for few mins…
Riddi cornerd Karan in their rooms balcony…
Radika cornerd arjun in the terrace
Sam cornerd Neil in the car parking
Balcony :

Riddi was laughing at Karan 😀😀😀
Karan : riddi you look more beautiful while you are smiling. 😍
Riddi : Karan behave like a dad for 6 yr old ☺
Karan : y so 😉…you didn’t look like that…
He traced his fingers over her cheeks
Riddi started blushing 😳
Karan : see Hw u r blushing for a mere touch of mine 😉
Riddi : stop it Karan ..
Riddi started to move out..
He pulled her and locked her between his arms…
Karan : you don’t know how much I missed you… 😍 you are enjoying here with your family 😞
Riddi : no Karan I too missed you a lot 😍
Karan : let’s see who missed more 😉

He lifted her in his arms…
Riddi : Karan what are you doing… Leave me down… They can come here at anytime
Karan : who cares… 😍 btw they will also be busy 😉😉😉
He placed her in the bed and and he too climbed the bed…
He hugged her close lying next to her…
Riddi : Karan what are you doing…
Karan : riddi you don’t know how I spent sleep less night there all alone…
Riddi :😵
Karan : yes riddi..I can’t even sleep without your presence 😍…after so many days gonna sleep 😍
He hugged her and closed his eyes to sleep…
Riddi chuckled see his sleeping face 😊

Car parking :
Sam looked at neil in full anger…
Neil stared laughing at hee 😁😁😁
Neil : Sam seriously… You danced very well even that heroes dance is zero before yours 😉😉😉 He looked at her with naughtiness in his eyes
Sam : stop teasing me Neil… 😳
Neil started dancing like her
Sam : Neil stop this…. Stop it I say..
But Neil didn’t stop he started dancing around Sam like she danced around radika..

Sam pushed him and ran out but Neil held her hand and pulled her towards him 😍
Neil : Sammy this red colour in your face…. He pointed her cheeks..is making me crazy 😍
Sam started blushing more 😳
He lifted her chin up with his index finger
Neil : Sammy look into my eyes..
Sam lifted her gaze and matched it with his… 💏
Neil : Sammy… … Can… I..😍😍
Before Neil finishes his sentence Sam captured his lips 😘😍💏
Neil cupped her face… While Sams fingers ran into his black locks…

Thats it for today guys.. Sry for the late update.. Was not feeling well for last few days… Sry Sry Sry… If the epi was boring… Pls bare me today because it’s my birthday 😳 no scoldings today ok 😉 as usual bare my typos and grammer errors.. Waiting for your reviews guys… Keep reading keep commenting… Silent readers atleast one word today to make me happy 😍😍😍

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