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I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-27)

Hi guys sangee back with Episode 27…. Here goes the next epi before that I need one confirmation form all you guys yes 😉 iam sad 😭 nowadays you guys are not at all commenting 😭😭😭 I got only few comments for last epi… Iam very sad looking at it 😢😢😢 silent readers pls drop atleast one word to encourage me to post the next one 😢😢😢😢 I will post next epi only if you all comment 😀😀😀😀and all the one who are commenting regularly thanks for the encouragement 😀😀😀
Ok enough of my sad story let’s jump into todays epi….

Radika was staring at arjun and munching her pizza 😮😮😮
Arjun was smiling seeing her reaction 😀😀😀
Sam :omg how have I forgot this 😱
Neil : Wat happened Sam…. Anything serious 😑
Sam : we forgot to take selfie 😉
All others face palmed themselves
Sam : we need to cherish these memories na come let’s take photos 📷📷📷
Sam took her mobile and started taking pics..
All started giving crazy posses for the photos… radika hugging Sam and riddi… All boys showing their arms…💪💪💪 All Girls with pout…. Arjun hugging his sisters…. Sam twisting Neils ears…. Karan swirling riddi… Sam looping her hands over Neils shoulder.. Karan carrying riddi on his back..
Karan : only arjun and radika left..
Karan saw Ardika ☺
Radika : no jiju we not taking…
Karan : y😕
Radika after thinking for a sec : vo vo if any one got to see these photos they will come to know abt our relationship… So no 😠
Radika finishes in strict tone
Sam : but radu…
Radika cut her in the middle
Radika : no means no thats it… Lets go and sleep
Radika started moving towards the house
All are looking at arjun with sad face 😞😞😞😞


Arjun winked at them and signed Karan not to miss even a single snap 😉
Arjun ran after radika and in a nick of time he lifted radika from ground carrying her in bridal style
Radika : Arjun leave me down… Wat are you doing…. .
Radika started struggling to get down from him but arjun was not in the mood to leave her down 😉😉😉
Radika started shouting again….
Arjun holded radika in one hand and placed his index finger on her mouth
Arjun : sshhhhh silent… If one more word escape from your mouth then I know better ways to make you silent 😉
Radikas eyes opened wide, hearing his words she stopped struggling
arjun removed his finger from her lips… Ardika have a intense eye lock 😍😍
Arjun was walking towards the gang carrying radika in his arms without lifting his gaze from her face 😍😍
All the others were going awe seeing them 😊😊😊😊
Karan was clicking their pic continuously he didn’t even missed a fraction of second 😄😄😄
Arjun reached near the sea… Full moon was smiling seeing their proximity…. He left her down 💑still looking at each other… Arjun holding radikas hands…. After a wave crashed their legs they came to sense and radika tried to move from him but she stumble as another wave hit them 😉😉😉
Arjun pulled her towards him to protect her from falling… Radika crashed in his hard chest…
She lifted her head to meet Arjuns eyes 😍
Radika saw his love in his eyes 😍 they are looking at each other lovingly… They were flying in different world…😍😍
Karan was still taking snaps 📷
Nesam and riddi are looking at Ardika with wide open eyes 👀
Riddi to Sam : they are looking cute together na 😍
Sam : made for each other 😍
Neil : we shud make them stay like this forever 😊
Riddi and Sam look at Neil 😮😮
Sam : Neil do you think the same thing Wat iam thinking 😉
Neil : ofcourse baby 😍
They made a hi5🙋🙋

esam revealed their plan to riddi.. All made a hi5 and smiled at Ardika
Ardika were still in their own world looking at each other lovingly 😍😍
Another big wave crashed them hard and they came out of their trances 😊😊
Nesam riddi and Karan started clapping 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Radikas face was turning into beetroot red 😳😳😳😳😳
Arjun was enjoying radikas blushing 😊😊😊
Karan : I have captured every thing he winked at arjun
Arjun and Karan made hi5🙋At last After their photo session ends with a romantic note 😃😃😃
Karan : ok iam very tired working as your photographer come on let’s go and sleep 😃
All went inside
Arjun showed room to each one
Arjun : ra Sam u guys use that left side room.. Nandu and Karan you guys take that right side room… I and Neil will use that center room…
Riddi : Arjun why that room is locked… She pointed towards one room
Arjun: dat dat room is store room it has old furniture and all leave that let’s go and sleep iam very tired
Neil signed Sam and riddi… 😉
Riddi : Arjun you didn’t show us your room… Your room alone has sea view… 🌊🌊🌊
Arjun : actually nandu I used to come here now and tthen I have some my stuffs in that room
Riddi : oh ok let us see how is the sea view..
All entered into the room
They saw the sea view from balcony…
Sam : Iam feeling sleepy let’s go…
Sam said while faking a yawn 😐
All came out of the room…
Arjun was leaning over the room door ☺
Neil : ok bye guys Neil winked at Sam
Sam : ok bye…
Neil showed thumbs up to Sam 👍

Sam and Neil pushed Ardika inside the room and riddi locked the door at once 😉😉😉😉
Ardika were shocked to the core 😱😰
Nesam and riddi made hi5
Karan was looking at them confused
Ardika started banging the door…
Arjun : Wat is this nandu open the door 😒
Surprise….. Nesam and riddi shouted in chorus
Radika : Sam.. Di open the door pls 😞😞😞
Riddi : no way you guys go and continue your romance… I will open the door in morning only 😉
Ardika pleaded them to open the door but all goes in vain 😞😞
Riddi : stop it guys go and sleep 😉😉😉
Ardika looked at each other 😒😒
Karan : guys you are brilliant ☺☺☺
Neil : we already know 😉
Neil : ok Karan you guys go and sleep I will sleep in the hall
Neil winked at Sam 😉 ( Neil had different ideas in his mind)
Karan : no problem Neil come let’s sleep together today… Riddi Sam you guys go and sleep ☺
Neil moved with Karan with a pout 😞
Riddi and Sam were laughing at Neil
All took shower change to night dress ( don’t ask me where night dress came from… They went for shopping know they bought night dresses also 😉😉😉)and fell asleep
Inside Ardikas room :
( this is the first time they are sharing the room)
Radika was biting her nails in nervousness 😒😒😒
Arjun : Wat to do now ra 😝
Radika : see tomorrow morning I will kill Sam for doing this… 😠
Arjun chuckled seeing her expression 😉
Though Arjun was also nervous…… but seeing radika more nervous than him he thought to tease her 😜😝😛
Arjun : leave it ra… I gave them surprise by gifting them and taking them for picnic… See how cool they are… They planned for my suhaag Raat and surprised me in turn 😳😳😳😳
Radika was dumbstruck hearing him 😱😱😱
Arjun started to move towards her in slow motion with a smile in his face 😊
Radikas heart started to beat fast… She started to sweat… seeing him moving towards her with that smile…
Butterflies stared to fly inside her stomach 😜😝😛
Radika was moving back wards… 😳😳
At last radikas back hit the wall ☺
Arjun was laughing inside seeing her reaction
Next second he removed his t-shirt swiftly 🙈
Radikas heart stopped beating… She closed her eyes tightly…
She can hear his steps moving closer to her… Her whole body started to react like crazy…. She felt his breath over her shoulder…. He was standing very close to her…. There may be a inch gap between them….
Arjun : open your eyes ra…
Radika nodded in negative still closing her eyes…
Arjun : if you didn’t open…. I will…
Arjun left the sentence incomplete…. Rads mind completed the sentence with all craziest words she knows 😜😝😛 and the scene flashed infront of her
Radika opened her eyes next second…. The sight she saw sent shivers down her spine… Arjun standing in front of her with bare torso… Looking at her with atmost naughtiness in his eyes…
Arjun extended his hands towards her..
Radika was in the verge fainting 😛😝😜
Arjun : I will come back after a quick shower… 😉

Arjun whispered in a husky tone….
He took the towel from the hangers behind radika and went towards bathroom and shut the door with a thud ☺
Radika came back to sense hearing sound of Arjun closing the door
Radika was still looking at the closed doors…
Radika : am I dreaming 😮 she pinched her and realised that it was real….
She have not seen this side of her ajju…
Radika : Wat the hell is going in his mind….. Those eyes…..
Flashes of arjun walking towards her fashed….
Her start to beat again… She placed her hands over her heart to prevent it from falling out 😍
Radika : y my heart is beating like this…. I think I will get a attack for sure if it goes on beating like this…. 😞😞😞…Oh god pls save me… 😞😞
On the other hand arjun was laughing hard closing his mouth… He have not imagined that his wife will become this much nervous on just saying a word.. He have always seen her bold avatar but this radika is new to him ☺
Arjun : how many times you have teased me in past two years… Wait and see Wat iam going to do 😀😀😀😀
But wifey you look cute while you are nervous 😍😍😍…I will make you more and more nervous to see your cute face 😍
Arjun had a quick shower all the while thinking abt radikas blushing face 😳😳…he wrapped the towel around him and opened the door
She was standing in the same position looking at the door for past 15 mins praying to all the gods in the world to save her life 😜😝😛
Radika hears the sound of opening the door…
her eyes met arjun standing there all wet and just wrapped in towel 😳
Next second she turned to opposite direction and closed her eyes tightly 😚
Radika : Arjun pls have some shame… Wat are you doing… Can’t you Wear something and come out 😠
Arjun : this is my room I will wear Wat ever I like…😜😝😛
Radika : ya its your room but iam here na 😞…
Arjun : so what you are my wife… You have alrights to see me 😜😝😛…I have seen many girls who are ready to do anything just for my smile… But here my wife don’t have any interest on me… 😞
Arjun was all giggling…. 😄😄😄
Radika : stop it Arjun 😒
Before arjun open his mouth
she ran into bathroom with out looking at him grabbing a towel and closed the door
Arjun was litrely rolling on the bed and laughing seeing radika running like that 😂😂😂😂
Arjun : real fun awaits Mrs. Arjun 😜😝😛
He changed into t-shirt and trousers and moved to the balcony 😊

Inside the bathroom radika was leaning over the door closing her eyes and panting for breath 😦…
She opened her eyes after few seconds…. Arjun was showering there 😝
Radikas jaw dropped seeing him inside the bathroom
Radika : Arjun… How you came inside… 😱😱😱😱
Arjun :I shud ask that… Y you came inside while iam showering 😉
Radika : Wat 😱😱😱😱
Radika was about to go out but he pulled her towards him
Arjun : let’s shower together baby 😍 😍 😍
Radika : Wat 😱No… No…..No…
Radika pushed him and came outside… Only to see arjun standing in the balcony showing his back to him 😝
Radika was shocked to the core 😱
Radika : how.?.. Here… She Peeped into bathroom with doubt but she didn’t find arjun there…
She facepalmed herself and went to take shower 😄

Precap : some more Ardika moments….

Thats it guys Hw was it 😀😀😀 I tried writing little bit of Ardika moments as aasthu wanted it… This is sply dedicated to her 😀😀😀

Sry guys if iam not upto the mark… Waiting for your reviews I will continue if you like it 😀
If you didn’t like it rotten tomatoes and chappals are accepted I will try to improve in next one 😊
Keep reading keep commenting…
Bye take care 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘( these kisses for my jazz, S.v,vetha, and for all who comment regularly)

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