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i will always love u…(part 11) udaan

Hey guys thanks for supporting me.. When I started my ff i never thought that I’ll get so much of ur love. Glad that ul r liking my ff. Enjoy reading…😍

Suraj reach the address he steps inside the building and waits for the lift which is stopped on the 3 floor. He sees the stares and goes towards them.. He climbs and reaches on the3 floor and rings the bell. The door opens and he is shocked… As his sister Ragini is crying.
Ragini: Bhaiya.
And she hugs him. He hugs her back…
Suraj: Princess it’s ok I m here don’t cry… He consoles her..
Suraj: Are u ok..
Ragini: Yup I m..
Suraj sees a girl.
Suraj: Thanks alot u don’t know what you have done today… Our sister is our life.. And u saved her..
Ragini: No Bhaiya she didn’t saved me..
Suraj: Then who saved u.


Ragini: She just went right now..
Flashback shows..
Ragini: What’s ur name.
Chakor: My Nam is…
She gets imli’s call.
Chakor: Excuse me..
She goes aside and picks up the call.
Imli: Di ma is worried for u come home fast. Its too late.
Chakor: But imli.
Imli: I don’t wanna hear anything just come home.
And she ends the call.

Chakor: Imli.. Hello. Oh no now what should I do.
Chakor: Listen I m sorry but I have to go I got my sister’s call and my parents r worried for me.. Riya u plz take care of her till her brother comes.
Ragini: But my brother told that he wannabe meet u.
Chakor: I’ll meet him some other day..
Ragini hugs her..
Ragini: Thanks alot. I’ll never forget u…
Chakor: No need of saying thanks….
And she leaves. She steps In the lift and suraj sees lift is stopped on 3 floor he goes towards stairs and the lift comes chakor comes out but Suraj already went..
Flashback ends .
Suraj: No problem we’ll meet another day. Btw what’s her name.
Ragini: I didn’t ask..
Suraj looks at Riya.
Riya: Her Name is…
Ragini feel giddy and was about to fall. Suraj holds her.
Suraj: Princess r u ok.
Ragini: Bhaiya lets go home.
Suraj: Yup even vivan will be worried for u..
They leave.
Chakor reaches home and tells everything to imli.
Imli: Di why u always do this. If something would have happened to u then.
Chakor: Imli I m ok..don’t worry lets sleep.
They go to sleep.
Suraj and Ragini reach home..vivan was waiting for him.. Ragini goes and hugs vivan..
Suraj tells whole incident to vivan.
Vivan: Thank god princess u r safe.

Ragini: No Bhaiya thanks to that girl who saved me.
Vivan: Who was she…
Suraj: Don’t know yaar but just an angel..
Vivan feeds Ragini and they all go their respective rooms.
Vivan sleep but Suraj think of the girl who saved Ragini.
Suraj: Whenever I think about that girl why does chatterbox come in my mind….. No Suraj how can chatterbox save Ragini. Her house is in a different direction so why will she go there and she is so scared how can she fight with those goons.
He remembers the jungle scene when she hugged her due to frightening. And that how she got afraid when he took lions name.
Suraj: U know what u r thinking alot about chatterbox just go to sleep.
Chakor on the other side sees a lion following her and she’s running and the lion is behind her and hugs someone.. Chakor gets up. It was her dream she realizes and drink water. Imli is sleeping.
Chakor: Just because of that sadu u r seeing lion I ur dreams .. I really wont leave him.. But wait who was that person whom I hugged. Was that Sa… No no Chakor.. It was not sadu why will u look him in ur dreams.. U r just thinking about him too much.
She goes to sleep… Next morning..
Suraj sees Chakor.
Suraj: Hi chatterbox..

Chakor: Oh no from where this sadu came now he will irritate me.
Suraj: Did u Sai something..
Chakor: Did u hear something..
Suraj: Forget it.. I just wanted to ask u that r u ok.
Chakor: Yup what will happen to me.
Suraj: No actually ur boyfriend ditched u na so I thought that u might be crying whole night. So I asked u…
And he laughs.
Chakor: Very funny sadu… Just gth.
Suraj: Chal lets go together.. And he laughs again.
Chakor: Sadu u…. Ahhhhhhh ( in anger) useless talking to u..
Suraj: Then make it useful.
Chakor: Just forget it..
Suraj: No but I want to remember it.
Chakor goes in an anger.
Suraj shouts: What happened chatterbox don’t have anything to speak….
And he laughs.
Suraj to himself: Sorry chatterbox but after irritating u my day go just awesome…

Precap: Suraj sees Arjun and chakor together.. He goes to Chakor. Holds her hand.. And tells her that I wanna ask u something just reply it by saying yes or no. He goes close to her and ask……

So that was it many of ul told me to write longer ff in previous ff ( Ankur).. So here I wrote. Sorry cant write more lengthier. Hope its ok.. And yup saral as I told I cannot write two ff but I’ll try to make it lengthier.. So I tried to did it..hope its ok for u.. Will be waiting for ur comments. And yup all of ul guys I know ul love sukor scene and In today’s episode the scenes were very rare so hope ul r not disappointed 😞. I m sorry if today’s ff was not interesting or wasn’t so good but I tried to make it good. Thanks for reading😍 . Do let me know about ff

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