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i will always love u….( part 15) udaan

Hey guys I m so sorry. I told UL that I’ll be writing my ff daily but yesterday from morning i was in the hospital so i couldn’t write it.. Hope UL understand my problem and will forgive me….enjoy reading😍

Suraj and Chakor’s eye lock is interrupted by Vimli..
Vivan: Hey guys ul don’t wanna have food or what..
Imli: Bell is about to ring.. Have something at least..
Suraj: By stomach is full.
Vivan: But u didn’t ate anything
Chakor: U r wrong vivan he ate alot…
Vivan: How come yaar… He didn’t came in canteen..
Chakor: To eat mg brain why should he go to canteen😅
They laugh😆..


Suraj: Interesting ha…. U r becoming dam intelligent by staying with me..
Imli: Oh plz my di was born intelligent…
And they again laugh…..
Vivan: Chakor Suraj ate ur brain but u didn’t eat anything.. Have this..
He removes lays packet which he was hiding behind..
Chakor: Oh thanks a lot vivan..
She was about to take that packet when Suraj snatches it..
Suraj: Vivan thanks bro…i really love u yaar
Chakor: Sadu that was for me..
Suraj: Why ur name is written on it..
Chakor: No but he bought it for me…
Vivan: Suraj don’t do this bro.. At least share it..
Suraj: Share and that also with this chatterbox.. Even not in my dreams…
Chakor: How rude…
Suraj: Thanks…
Chakor goes and stand near the window and looks out of it with a sad face.
Suraj looks at her and goes there..
Suraj: Take…
Chakor: No i don’t want..
Suraj: Drama queen… Take it..
Chakor: Told na I don’t want..
Suraj opens the packet and purposely feed her.. Chakor looks him romantically…
Suraj: I really won’t feed u whole packet eat it by ur self..
And he gives the packet to her and goes.. Chakor just keeps looking at him..bell rangs
Teacher: Students there’s an important announcement.. UL r having fresher’s party 💃 tomorrow.
And she gives a detail information about the party.. All becomes happy..
Suraj: Chatterbox I think god is also with us.. Before party we will do all arrangements..
Chakor: Yup Suraj even I think that tomorrow’s day Is perfect for doing what u told…. Btw when will we do the arrangement..
Suraj: We have to come early then… I’ll call u give me ur number..

Chakor gives him the number..
All go home..chakor hugs imli and Suraj hugs vivan..
Both in their mind: Tomorrow will be ur best day and we will make it special..
They go to sleep.. In the morning chakor gets a call from an unknown number…
Chakor: Hello.. Who’s this…
That person: Ur love…
Chakor: What nuisance.. Who the hell is this..
Person: Told na yaar ur love…
Chakor: I think its a wrong number..
Person: No this is right number..chatterbox.
Chakor realizes it was suraj..
Chakor: Suraj…
Suraj: Yup.. Stupid u don’t even recognize my voice…
Chakor: Why shall I recognize ur voice..
Suraj: Yup that’s true.. Anyways can u come now..
Chakor: Yup.. I’ll come…
Suraj: But how will u come..
Chakor: What do u mean..
Suraj: I mean.. That should I come to pick u
Chakor: No thanks sadu I’ll come..
Suraj: Chatterbox will ur parents allow u to come alone..
Chakor: Right I didn’t thought about this…
Suraj: Therefore I told u I’ll come to pick u..
Chakor: Ok fine I’ll message u the address.
Suraj: Btw u know what.
Chakor: What..
Suraj: It’s my best day..
Chakor: Why???
Suraj: As today u told me Suraj not sadu..
Chakor: Yup.. But just a sec I told u Suraj I the jungle also..
Suraj: But that time I forced to tell u Suraj na..
Chakor: Yup.ok bye I think imli is coming.
Suraj: So why r u afraid.. Tell her that u r talking with ur boyfriend..
Chakor: Boyfriend and u not even in my dreams..
Suraj: Yup not in ur dreams but in reality..
Chakor: Sadu at least don’t irritate me on phone..
Suraj: What should I do yaar.. I love irritating u..
Chakor: Fine…. Bye.
She ends the call…
Chakor: Maa I have to go in a few minutes.
Imli: But di party is in the evening..
Chakor: Yup but I have some work.
Imli: Ok then I’ll come with u..
Chakor: No imli. I’ll go..
Kasturi:no chakor u’ll not go alone..
Chakor: Ma my friend is coming to pick me.
Imli: Which friend..
Chakor was about to say Suraj but she thinks if she’ll say suraj imli will doubt so she says: Actually not friend maa but Riya is coming..
Kasturi: Ok then u may go…
Chakor goes and get ready as immediately after the arrangement she had to go for the party.. She gets Suraj’s call and understands that he already came..
Chakor: Maa I’ll leave..
Imli: Di wait u r looking too cute just like a princess.
Chakor: Thanks imli.. And yup when I’ll call u then u come so be ready..
Imli: Ok.
Chakor leaves Suraj was waiting outside.. He sees Chakor and is mesmerized by seeing her beauty. Chakor had worn an indian dress.. And Suraj was looking her first time in an indian dress.. His eyes was just continuously looking in Chakor’s eyes. Chakor came near her..suraj didn’t realised. He was just staring her.
Chakor: Sadu.. Shall we leave..
Suraj didn’t heard anything but said yes.
Chakor: K then come..
Suraj again said yes.
Chakor: R u mad..
Suraj: Yes..
Chakor: Am I looking cute..
Suraj: Yes.
Chakor: Am I looking so beautiful that u r unable to realize anything and u cannot control urself from staring me.
Suraj: Yes.

After saying this he realized what she asked..
Suraj: No I mean…
Chakor: I don’t wanna know what u mean.. Lets go we r getting late..
Chakor and Suraj sits in the car. And Suraj drives it. And in between je was looking at Chakor..
Chakor: Its so boring. She on the radio..
Hua hai aaj pehli baar song plays..
Suraj looks at Chakor and smiles. Chakor was just looking outside the window..
Suraj: First time ever I fell like saying u chakor not chatterbox.
Chakor: Oh so nice of u.. Bit its ok call me chatterbox only.. I got a habit of hearing that name..
Suraj: Om that’s great u got a habit…
Chakor: Yup so many times u called me by that name definitely I’ll get a habit..
They reach college.. They see that all arrangements were done in the hall. The go and see that computer room is empty so they decide to do arrangement there..
Suraj: Lets start chatterbox.
Suraj removes all the things ..
Chakor: Lets fill air in balloon..
Suraj: U do that..
Chakor: No u do it.. U r a boy.. U should fill air I balloon..
Surat: Say it na that u cannot blow it..
Chakor: I know..
Suraj: So blow..
Chakor fills air in every balloon.
Suraj just looks at her..
Chakor: See this lat one is left.. U blow this one..
Suraj: Ok fine..
He starts blowing that balloon.
Chakor: Sadu that’s it..
Suraj: No u just shut up I’ll fill I more and will make a big one..
The balloon bursts.. Suraj looks at Chakor. After two seconds both starts laughing..
They decorate the room and even fight.. They r now done with their decorations.. Suraj throws left rose petals on chakor.
Chakor: Sadu u just wait even she picks the petals and throws it on him.. They see their decorations.
Suraj: Wow its just awesome..
Chakor: Yup.hope that imli and vivan likes it.
Suraj: Ofcourse they will.
Chakor: I really hope that what we have thought I happens..
Suraj: It will chatterbox don’t worry..
Chakor sees Suraj and hugs him..
Chakor: Thanks alot sadu.. It’s all because of u..
Suraj too hugs her back..
Suraj: Its ok yaar.. Its even about my brothers happiness so I had too do this..
Chakor breaks the hug.
Chakor: Sadu..
Before she could say something.
Suraj: Listen we have decorated it for vivan and imli not for ourself that u r becoming so romantic…
Chakor: Sadu…. U na
They both again laughs

Precap: Vimli love confession and sukor dances on song humdard…

So that was it guys hope UL like it.. And sorry once again.. I really hope ul r not angry.. Hope UL will understand my problem and will support me..

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