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i will always love u….( part 14) udaan

Hey guys thanks for ur love and support. Let me tell u this thing today’s episode will be not that interesting…… But yup enjoy reading it😍


Ragini hears this.
Ragini: Did i hear something wrong.. Is really my brother fallen in love???
Suraj: Yup vivan r u serious abut it.
Vivan: Yes Suraj I really love imli…
Ragini: Bhaiya.. I m so happy today.
She hugs him. He too hugs her back..
Suraj: Great yaar….
Suraj In a low voice: Thank god he loves imli not chatterbox.
Vivan:did u said something Suraj..
Suraj: No..
Ragini: Did u told Bhabhi about this..
Vivan: Bhabhi???//??😖

Ragini: Yup u r my elder brother so she will be my Bhabhi only na😝
Suraj: Great one ha…imli Bhabhi ha😉
Vivan: Just shut up ul both.😠
Ragini: It means u didn’t tell her about ur feelings..
Vivan: Princess I don’t know whether she loves me or not…
Suraj: Ofcourse she loves u…
Vivan: Who told u this.?
Suraj: It can be seen..
Vivan: No yaar.. Forget it goodnight…
Ragini: Yup Suraj Bhaiya let him sleep and see Bhabhi in his dreams…
Suraj: Yup princess u r right.. Goodnight vivan see imli Bhabhi I ur dreams..😝
Vivan: Just shut up ul both..
He goes to sleep.
Ragini: Bhaiya vivan Bhaiya already found a girl for him..what about u.
Suraj: Right now I just wanna go to sleep.. And yup I first wanna meet that girl who saved u..
Ragini: Yup u know even she is young… And she will be best for u…
Suraj: Ragini…..😒 goodnight…
He kissed her cheek and goes to sleep…
Other side…..
Chakor: U told vivan about this..

Imli: No di I m not sure that even he loves me…
Chakor teases her by saying vivan I now her jeeju and she will Call him by that name only…
Imli: Di goodnight..
Chakor: Yup see vivan In ur dreams…
Imli: Di…
She goes to sleep..
Next morning they reach college… Suraj teases vivan and chakor teases imli…
Vimli goes in the class…
Suraj: Hi chatterbox…..
Chakor ignores him….and goes in the class.
Suraj: Oh so u r ignoring me… Great but I will irritate u…
He goes and sits beside Chakor… In the next row just beside chakor Arjun was sitting.. Chakor saw him and gave a cute smile😊. Even he smiled back..
Suraj: Wow 😲 smile to that fool.. And nothing to me😌. Chakor now too ignores him… She is busy chatting with Arjun.. Suraj sees this and gets very angry😁.. Miss was explaining…Suraj got up…everyone was shocked with his sudden action..
Miss: What happened suraj…
Suraj: Miss I cant sit this side.. Chakor will u get up from there and sit on my side plz.
Chakor: But why?????
Suraj: Because….
He thinks for a reason as even he was not knowing why he told so.
Suraj: Yup sunlight is coming on my face..
Chakor: U always sit there it always comes on ur face but u r never bothered about it. So why today..
Suraj: Listen…
Miss: Students don’t waste others time.. Chakor u sit this side and let suraj sit the other side.
Suraj gives a smile 😊. He sits on the other side and gives a devil smile to Arjun as if he won something.. But poor suraj doing so much of nuisance also didn’t helped him. Chakor and Arjun were still looking at each other and was chatting isharo isharo Mai types. Suraj was getting jealous. So he was purposely coming in front of them.. They weren’t able to talk…
Bell rang..
Chakor: What’s ur problem…


Suraj: Why what happened…
Chakor: U very well know what u were doing..
Suraj: What I was doing.. I was copying the notes..
Chakor: Oh plz I know how much u were copying notes… Thank god imli loves vivan not u..
Suraj: What even imli loves vivan…
Chakor: What do u mean by even… Do vivan also loves imli.
Suraj: Yup but he think that imli doesn’t love him..
Chakor: Even imli feels the same thing…
Suraj: We have to do something for them.
Chakor: Excuse me i not we.. Cause I’ll be doing it alone.
She was about to leave when Suraj holds her and pulls her. She comes very close to Suraj and they both have an cute eye lock..
Suraj comes more closer to her and in a very soft voice says…
Suraj: I love u……
Chakor: What????
Chakor was unable to belief what Suraj told her..
Suraj: Hey listen don’t get happy i m not saying this to u…. I was saying that we should tell them to say i love u to each other..
Chakor: Ok… ( in very disappointing tone)
Suraj: Listen chakor i know we always fight. But its something related to our brothers and sisters happiness so lets do it together….
Chakor: Ok fine but only for vivan and imli..
Suraj: Yup..
And they shake hands.

Suraj: We promise that we will unite vivan and imli…
Chakor: Yup.. But what shall we do…
Suraj: I have a plan…
He explains her the plan…
Chakor: Great yaar… Wasn’t knowing that my sadu have brain too.
Suraj was dam happy as chakor said my sadu.. But Chakor didn’t realized it..
Chakor: What happen why r u smiling so much..
Suraj:as chatterbox complimented me…
Chakor: Oh plz Suraj.. Not again..
She gets up and hits something. Was about to fall but Suraj holds her and they again have an eye lock….

Precap: Chakor and Suraj decorates a room and have their cute nok jhoks in between

Hey guys that was it.. Know was little boring but didn’t had anything much to write. Sorry but hope UL enjoy it… Thanks for reading😍. Do let me know how it was…..

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