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i will always love u…( part 13) udaan

Hey guys thanks alot for ur love and support. I know many of UL were sad as I didn’t posted on Sunday but I will really try my level best that it never happens again. I will post everyday… Enjoy reading..😍

Suraj and Chakor have a cute eye lock..
After few seconds they realize their position so chakor gets up and suraj too gets up.. Chakor was feeling too awkward.. Suraj sees this and thinks of cheering her up.
Suraj: Chatterbox that day I told u na go on a diet.
Chakor: Just shut up.
Suraj: Really… R u serious.. Naughty girl ha.
Chakor: Sadu what should I do of urs.
Suraj: Sell me on olx.
Chakor: Sadu plz stop irritating me yaar.. Since morning u r doing this.
Suraj: Ok fine…
Chakor: Thanks.


She was about to go when suraj holds her hand.
Suraj: Hey chatterbox u didn’t replied to my three letter words.
Chakor: Sadu.. U
And they both runs again.. Suraj in front and chakor behind her.
Suraj while running: Pls now don’t dash with anything and fall on me..cause now I wont be able to tolerate ur weight..
Chakor: Sadu I really wont leave u.
Suraj: First catch me chatterbox.
They go downstairs and Vimli comes there.
Suraj goes behind imli.
Suraj: Imli save me from ur sister.
Chakor: Imli just get side. I really wont leave this stupid.
Suraj: Ae u call me sadu its ok but don’t dare call me stupid.
Chakor: Stupid, stupid , stupid.
Suraj: Chatterbox now I wont leave u.
Chakor: First catch me stupid.
Suraj: Chatterbox…

They run again this time Chakor in front and Suraj behind her..
Imli: I really feels that they both r small little kids.
Vivan: Really see the way they fight… Just like a small person.
Imli: Thank god we don’t fight like them.
Vivan: We will never… Cause I can never fight with u..
They both have an eye lock…
On the other side.. Suraj and Chakor runs full college and now comes on terries’. They both r tired.
Chakor: Lets stop I I really cant run more.
Suraj: Nor can I.. Lets sit here.
He holds Chakor’s hand and makes her sit on railing..
Chakor: We r really too much yaar.
Suraj: True we always fight like Ki.
Chakor: And that’s cause of u.
Suraj: Excuse me.. It’s because of u..
Chakor: Listen u always irritate me..

Suraj: So I love to do that…
Chakor: But i hate it na.
Suraj: So its ur problem not mine…
Chakor: Really its useless talking to u .
Suraj: So make it useful
Chakor: Sadu plz stop it. U know just because of ur stupid nuisance I didn’t ate anything.
Suraj: U know I ate many thing……
And he pretends to laugh.
Suraj: Even I didn’t ate anything yaar.
Chakor: Now the ball rang and I have to sit without eating anything in the lectures…
Suraj: As if I’ll sit with my stomach full.
Chakor: Just forget it..
Suraj: But I wanna remember it..
Chakor: Sadu..
And she leaves I anger.

On the other side. Vivan and imli r interrupted by Chakor…
Vivan: I think chakor is calling u.
Imli: Yup its time to go in class..
They go in class..
Chakor sits Vimli too sits. Everyone r inside the class. No wait where is Suraj.. He is not there. Chakor is continuously looking outside.
Chakor: This sadu will definitely die someday. Miss is about to come and this mr India didn’t came till now…
Chakor gets up. She goes outside to search Suraj. But as she comes towards the door Suraj comes.
Suraj: Can’t even stay a second without me..
Chakor: Oh just shut up..miss I about to come..
Miss comes from behind. They sit on their places.. She explains and Vimli again starts staring each other.
Suraj is looking at chakor.
Chakor: What happened.
Suraj: R u hungry.
Chakor: Ofcourse I m.
Suraj: See inside the desk.
Chakor sees a lays packet.
Chakor: Lays where did this come from..
Suraj: Ghost bought this.. Ofcourse stupid I bought this.
Chakor: But why.
Suraj: I didn’t wanted to hear ur taunts so.. And even I m hungry.
Chakor: R u mad.. Miss is explaining
Suraj: Look if u wanna eat then eat it or go to hell. I m eating this.
Suraj eats it and by seeing Suraj chakor too eats it…

Suraj: Well done ha.
Bell rangs.
Chakor was about to leave.
Suraj: Chatterbox who’ll say thanks.
Chakor: Thanks………….to u not even in my dreams.
Suraj: How rude.
Chakor: Thanks.
Suraj: Ur welcome….. U finally told it in reality not in ur dreams..
Chakor realizes that Suraj purposely told her how rude so that she could say thanks… Suraj laughs.
Chakor: Imli lets go home.
Imli: Yes di.. Bye vivan.
Vivan: Bye.
They go home eat food and go their rooms.
Imli: Di i wanted to tell u something.
Chakor: Say.
Imli: Di I love vivan.
On the other side vivan too tells Suraj that he loves imli.. Chakor and Suraj r shocked.

Precap: Chakor tells suraj that imli loves vivan and Suraj too tells her that vivan loves imli…..

So that was it guys. Thanks for reading😍
Hope UL liked it. Do let me know how it was

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