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I Was Sold (swasan chapter 4) Romance

Hi guys let’s start
His pov
Now it is the time to go on with my plan …oops our plan …i said to her :Swara we will go home tomorrow morning…okk
She said :Yeah …
I said: Swara you wanna have coffee…
She said :sure ..
I called up and ordered…
The waiter came …and he left after putting coffee on table …i have one to Swara and other I took ….

I and she started having it ..after we had it …swara said she is feeling sleepy but she got unconscious…i smiled and lifted her and thrown her on the bed …and I undid my shirt and jumped on her ..i started kissing her face and her hands too… after that I licked and bited her Neck and now I started kissing her bare belly and now I rolled myself and her in a bed sheet……….
After 2 hours she woke up and found herself naked…she said :sans … and I immediately kissed her rosy lips and she also enjoyed…….

We broke the kiss and said sanskaar …what is this …i gave a smile took out my phone and showed a video …. she was shocked to see that …and was crying…..

Sorry for short update because tomorrow is my maths viava voice….

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