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I Was Sold (swasan chapter 3)

Hi guys thank you so much for liking my story …
Let’s start …
Omg omg I can’t think about him …. what I am doing urrrgghhh !!
But his eyes are so dreamy ..😘😘
Urrrgggh swaraaa No!! !
I asked him to get popcorn …he got …he took a popcorn tossed in air ….and with anothersecond

It was in his mouth … than I took it tossed in air and with another it hit my nose …and he laughed …. I was angry …i again tossed popcorn but this time ..it was in my mouth….
I said :look loser …i have learnt … it’s my open challenge….that who will eat more popcorn ….
He said :okk let’s start …
We were tossing and eating very fast and one popcorn got stuck in my food pipe .. I coughed…he immediately rushed to get water….he came back … gave me water ..i drank it but I was still coughing …and his started patting my back …after a minute I stoped coughing …


I demanded for pani puri he agreed ….
And he had only 10 and I had 100 but I want more but he said no and scolded me….i said katti…i will not talk to you okk …i left from there and I was walking on roadside …he came from behind …and he slipped and came on me … I was downwards and he was upwards … he was looking to me like mad and has mischievous smile on his face … .. I don’t know but I also was lost in the eyes of dreamy eyed man …..than I came to senses and asked him to get .up ….
I also realised that mud stucked on me ..
He said:I am sorry Swara..chalo we go to near by hotel …you take bath there ….
I nodded

We gone there took the room and I been to bath room after some time half bathroom dress ..(actually I forgot the name what we call it..ot is made up like towel ) it was above my knees and he was continuously staring at me ….

His pov
Omg the beauty on earth …i fell for her I college only …but I can’t express my felling … and I can’t love her because I have some different plans …to go with ..but she is really a beauty …

Hope you liked it…

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