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I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-11)

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(Note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, of need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


And what next when she saw me she was surprised!
I saw her coming towards me!

She asked me: KUNJ SARNA?

And my reply was: TWINKLE TANEJA?

And thats it we both nodded in a yes and was looking suprisingly at each other!

As if time stopped for both of us, everything seemed to fade away for me, only me and twinkle and the song playing in the background which was my own imagination added to my feelings..

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

The sounds from the crowd broke my trance and the scene was again the same, i was drooling over her, over MY TWINKLE, and she was all shy, blushing and adorable! She looked way more cute in formals!

I guess the saying is right, Earth is round and you never know how will you meet someone!

Yuvi and Mahi came and introduced themselves to Twinkle!
What the holy hell! I didn’t even talked to her yet and here yuvi and mahi is all friendships with her, common guys give me some personal space!
And as if Yuvi heard my inner soul he asked my mahi to accompany her and passed a filthy wink to me with a look of  “CARRY ON DUDE” on his face!
As soon as they both left I didn’t waited a second to spoke a Hi to her!Afterall excitements you know!
I know you guys can understand me so well!
And for the frist time I heard her voice carefully!
It was so pleasent, so sweet, so melodius!
Just like a Cookoo bird is singing songs in the nature!
A simple Hi of her voice had me in different emotions, what will I do good when we start talking casually?
God I’m in your hands today! Save me or I will die looking at this purest soul that landed from heaven!

After my adoring and her blushing session was over I asked her out!

Me: How was you flight? I hope you didn’t get bored!

 Twinkle: It was good and it wasn’t boring i kept listening songs!

OH MY GOD! Can anyone be this cutter! She passed a very slight smile that gave birth to thousands no no millions of butterflies in my stomach!
And I don’t even know what she must be feeling! I wish I had a device that can read the minds of people!
Kunj you are seriously a gone case nothing can happen of you!

Me: You must be tired lets go to hotel! You can change and have some rest then we can go out!

Twinkle: Yes sure I would like to roam about on the streets of Delhi!

Me: Ofcourse you can tell me where you wanna go but first you should rest for a while!

And I was behaving all protective for her to which she passed a knowing smile!
Her smile is infectious and you can’t afford to miss it!

We guys were on our way back to hotel, Yuvi was driving the car and Mahi was with him in the front! Me and Twinkle were sitting at the back seats!

We had many eye-locks and believe me guys you can’t help but loose yourself in that brown oceans of her!
Everytime our eye-lock breaks she would smile and look away blushing and I could not help myself from smiling sheepishly like a fool at her this gesture!

It was Yuvi and Mahi who were asking questions to Twinkle about how is her life, Her family and all and from there I get to know Aman’s wife shanaya is not her friend but actually her cousin sister!

Mahi and twinkle get along very nicely!
And I was happy that Twinkle was feeling a bit comfortable and was opening up!
Soon all the nervousness between us was gone and we were behaving like normal couples!
Couples Kunj seriously?
We guys first need to know each other only then we would know how we get along!
But there was a ray of hope that came alive that yes this date is going to work out!

We were in the lobby of the Hotel THE CITY PARK!
We booked Two rooms one for both Twinkle and Mahi and other for Me and Yuvi!
The room service man took our luggages to our rooms and we all were discussing on our daily life, work, family and all in Twinkle and Mahi’s room!
It was 5 in the evening already and we planned a date at 8 in the evening!
Mahi and Yuvi had left for their work and only me and Twinkle were in the room!
I felt very casual with her, and we started talking normally like other couples!

I asked her to get ready to go to the date in the evening and went to my own room to get ready for the day that will decide my future!

Bas bas isi episode mein thodi sabhi kuch dungi! Wait for the next one guys!

Precap: How will be Twinj’s first date!

to know about it!

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