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I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-10)

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Yo guys i have succesfully completed 10 episodes!
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(Note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


Today is the day!
Its 30th october today nd I’m going to meet her!
I’m going to meet Twinkle to make her my life partner!
I just really hope everything goes well today!
I really want this date to work out!
I have a sudden urge to get married soon and I don’t even know why I have this feelings all of a sudden!
It didnt happened with me in any of those
27 years!

I and Yuvi was on the way to Delhi!
I had told everything about the website, my profile, Twinkle and the date to Yuvi nd No one can be more happy then him!

He is so happy for me, he is happy that finally I had found myself someone!
But I’m so nervous, Its my first time I’m dating a girl!
I’m sure every boy feels nervous for the first time, but i feel the butterflies doing dance in my stomach!

Yuvi and Mahi are travelling with me beacuse they both have a work in Delhi and to accompany me if something goes wrong!

No Kunj No negative thoughts please!
Its been 2 hours we have been driving and I really felt hungry!
But I didn’t have the epitome to eat anything!
Maybe nervousness has already filled my tummy or the butterflies find a house over there!

Stop It kunj stop behaving sheepish! Twinkle is surely gonna reject you if you behave this in front of her!

We are almost here and I have worn the same clothes that I decided with Twinkle after all its our first time meeting and we have decided this dress code!

We are here at the airport 2 hours before actually Twinkle’s flight will land!
Yuvi says that I have gone mad, coz I was the one telling them to do fast and now I’m behaving all hula-bula in front of them both! What Mahi must be thinking of me?
I found Yuvi rolling his eyes at me!
Ofcourse he would coz I’m behaving all nervous and mad!
He held me by my shoulders and asked me to calm down and gave me some water to drink?
And that did worked i felt a bit relaxed but again nervousness kicked me on my stomach and ughhh! Again those butterflies!
Common Kunj stop being nervous its Ok!
Everything would be Ok!

As I was thinking all this I felt something really hard on both my cheeks and it was Yuvi who slapped me hard to divert my mind!

Me: What the hell Yuvi? Who slaps his friend in such a critical times?

Yuvi: Yuvraj Luthra the great!

Me: What rubbish Yuvi! Is this the way you calm down your friends?

Yuvi: I think instead of calming you down i raised your tempo man!

Me: Yes you did nd you are sulery gonna pay for it!
And I hit him in his stomach in front of Mahi!
I saw Mahi passing death glares to me and Yuvi was laughing!
And everything striked me!
Yuvi did all this to divert my mind!
A smile captured my lips looking at yuvi laughing like maniacs I mean who laughs after getting hit!

Me: You wreck Yuvi! You did all this to divert mind!

Yuvi: Yes bro say thanks to me! See its almost the arrival timenfor Twinkle and you are no more nervous! But tell me one thing did you ever played boxing or what?
I think my stomach bones are all broken!

Me: Shut ur mouth Yuvi! It is all beacuse of your master mind you got these beatings!
I told yaa you have to pay for it!

And I heard Mahi screaming: Stop it you both! Its almost the time, move out of the car and lets go to pick up twinkle!

And we both like a very obedient cute child’s nodded and started laughing again! 😂😂

Mahi rolled her eyes at her and started moving inside and so did we both followed her!

I was holding the board of Twinkle Taneja!
|                          |
|     Twinkle      |
|          Taneja |

The flight has landed and I was waiting impatiently to have a glimpse of her, Of Twinkle!

Suddenly some questions started building a nest in my mind!

How Do she look like?
What if she didnt show up?
What if she dont look good?
What if she was just joking on that site?
What if she is a fraud?

While all these questions were playing snakes and ladders i my mind, I caught a Glimpse of the girl I met at Aman’s marriage!
Yes she was the same girl!
Yes… she was the same girl!
And what I saw next left me baffled!
She wore the same kind of clothes that Twinkle told she would be wearing!
And the question that striked my mind was 

And what next when she saw me she was surprised!
I saw her coming towards me!

She asked me: KUNJ SARNA?

And my reply was: TWINKLE TANEJA!

And thats it we both nodded in a yes and was looking suprisingly at each other!

That is all for today guys!
Next chapter will be uploaded depending on the number of comments! As i’m comment hungry right now!

Precap: What happens next!?

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