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I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 18

episode 18…here it goes
DEV P.O.V.:why do i feel so..i have to find it..but how..idea

NIKKI(talking to someone over phone)ya that stupid stuff and ya remember the maths assignment ….the submission date is tomorrow (sees dev standing)ok i will call u after sometime..bye
NIKKI(to dev)bhai u here..any problem,u look tense.
DEV:Nikki i wanted to,say sorry…i shouted at u na ..i don’t know what happened to me ..i am sorry😞
NIKKI:its okay bhai..i understand.
NIKKI:anything else bhai
DEV:wo actually..today i felt quite strange when sona was dancing with Harsh..i don’t know why but i felt a bit jealous.
NIKKI:oh..i guess i know why but i want surety
DEV:ok and how will u get the evidence
NIKKI:hmm..one way is there …i will ask u a few questions..and u will answer them but one rule…and the rule is that for answering each and every question u should not use ur brain instead u should use ur heart💖
DEV:what nonsense(getting irrated)using ur heart..how could one use one’s heart
NIKKI:uff..if u want to know the answers of all ur questions then u have to do this.
DEV:ok but i don’t know how to use my heart..i mean how shall i know what my heart is saying.
NIKKI:its easy bhai…just keep ur mind calm and let slience prevail…close ur eyes and don’t think of anything..ok and when i ask u the question,u give the reply..
DEV:yaar it sounds so difficult..but ok lets try..ask.


Dev sits in the desired position that is keeping his close
NIKKI:which person makes u complete,with whom can u share everything..whom u can never see sad…if u she her sad u too get sad…
DEV:(image forming in his mind actually heart…the image is like this,a girl with brown hair..deep black eyes,beautiful smile,gorgeous face…she is wearing a beautiful gown ..looking just like an angel😇…and she slowly says DEV)(dev quickly opens his eyes)
NIKKI:so bhai what did u see..did u see
DEV:i saw sonakshi(fully confused)
NIKKI:oh wow!i mean my guess was right,u love Sonakshi..u love sonakshi
NIKKI:ya u love sonakshi or else u would not have see her face na …
DEV:i love sonakshi(slowly a small smile appears )
Ishwari overhears their conversations and stands behind the wall..with a blank expression on his face.ishe moves from there when she hears that dev was going out,she goes to her room and makes a call to someone
DEV(comes out of the room and heads towards his room..he dresses quickly and goes to meet sona)i just can’t wait to tell u..i don’t know whether u will agree or not but i just can’t say without saying u this.

its 11:45pm and sona is sleeping…dev reaches in front of her house..and calls sona
SONA:(half in sleep,takes the phone)what the hell man…don’t u sleep during night…are u a hall
DEV:so now my name is owl.
SONA:(checking the name and seeing it suddenly sits up)what i am sorry i did’t knew that its u dev sorry
DEV:shut up and come down ..i am standing in front of ur house.
SONA:what but why
DEV:just come down
Sona nervously comes down and goes towards dev
SONA(shocked to see dev dressed in her fav oranges shirt..because she knew that dev does not like orange colour)dev what happen??
DEV:sona i wanted to sy u something really very important.
DEV:u remember when we were in college,u always used to say that one day i will fall in love and i used to say that its never going to happen…and u also made me promise that if i fall in love then first i should tell u…so here i am to fulfill my promise
SONA:(a small tear flows through her eyes..because she thinks that dev had fallen in love with someone else)so who is the lucky person(trying her best to smile)😖
DEV:she is the most beautiful girl ..i have ever seen,her simplicity is her beauty,her eyes are the place where i can live forever…her voice is sweeter than sugar…her heart has place for everyone….and she is my whole world..(saying so he bends on his one knee…and says)….I LOVE SONAKSHI…I LOVE U

SONA(a big smile appears on her face..but she was not able to say anything)
DEV:(standing up..and extending his arms ..like he did in the serial)
Sona runs towards dev (u can imagine the same scene of krpkab)
DEV:(smilingly and gives sweet kiss to sona on her forehead)
They both smile and hug each other tight..trying to say that they will never leave each other …and after sometime

SONA:so from where did u by hearted the speech?
DEV:aww..do u think i by hearted..it came from my heart.
SONA:oh(telling as if she is not believing)
DEV:u don’t trust me…(aacts as if he is going)SONA:(holding dev’s wrist from back)i trust u more than myself….
DEV:(smiles)even i trust u more than anyone.

So how was it…finally dev proposed sona …but what is ishwari going to do..is it because of her that sona and dev are not together in the present
To know the answers stay tuned…😊

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