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I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 15

Hey everyone..really sorry😓….i was not able to post for a long time…was busy with my new ff and project work etc..really sorry so lets begin but i would just love to sum up in case if u people have forgotten it😊…
so in this ff Sonakshi as usual is a nutritionist and dev is one of the best business man…it revolves a bitter past of them…and the track is currently in flashback mode.
DEV(to everyone)ladies and gentleman,a very good evening to u all..firstly wishing u a very happy diwali and before we start enjoying I would like to introduce Ms Sonakshi Bose..who has arranged this program…
(everyone claps,and Sonakshi from the right side of the stage steps on the stage ..sonakshi is wearing a beautiful balck net gown with a Pearl necklace and matching earings and a diamond bracelet..everyone seems mesmerized by her beauty even dev 😉)
DEV(coming back to the present)here (handing the mic to her.)
SONA(taking the mike and gives a sweet smile to dev and the audience as well)gud evening everyone,a very happy Diwali..thank u dev for giving me the chance to organizing the party and yes thanks to all of u for coming…this party is arranged for all of us to cherish our college memories,to reunite with our friends,to once again go back to those golden days😊…so lets enjoy to the fullest,lets think that this is our last day guys😊….(to this the audience cheer)ya that’s the spirit so let’s party.play the music.
(the music is played..a rock one like,u all imagine whatever the music u want😜)(everyone goes to the dance floor except dev and sona.)
SONA P.O.V.:last time during the farewell I was not able to tell u how much I loved u dev,I want to tell u now but can’t because I know that u won’t except 😞..but at least we can be friends😥.
SONA(to dev)dev I want to show u something.
DEV:I was waiting for that,Nikki told me that u have planned one surprise for me..hope its no kind of punishment..for making u come forcefully here.
SONA(gives smile,holds dev’s hand that is from his wrist)u urself decide whether it’s a punishment or..
DEV:(following sona)or…
sona takes dev toward the lawn…its completely dark
SONA:dev here is it ..ur surprise.
DEV:what this darkness….
SONA:no this(sno claps and on a projector screen dev’s childhood photo starts projecting)
DEV(without saying a word just keeps on looking)
first photos of dev’s childhood then his school time and finally college and in those photos their were photos of sona a nd dev too of their college time.
the slideshow ends,at the last slide there was this line”will u once again be my friend?”

DEV(with a big smile)yes of course I would love too😊😍
SONA:😊..thank u
DEV:I am sorry that I did all this too u..removed u from ur job..but know I promise I will not give u any trouble/create any problems for u.
SONA:and I promise that I will always try to understand u😊…nikki told me that why u removed me from my job…for aunty na
SONA:ok so my dear friend lets dance.
DEV:dance …no
SONA:come on u cant say no to ur friend(pulls dev to the dancefloor)
now the music is kind of slow one like tere sang yaara types or ae dil hai muskil one
DEV:oh now couple dance.
SONA:oh wow it would be fun come na.
the are standing on the dancefloor,music is playing but dev and sona are not dancing.
SONA:dev,come on dance.
DEV:these many people,how can I dance
SONA:are u nervous
DEV:umm umm😌kind of.
SONA:uff!ok fine just look into my eyes and start.
DEV(looks into sona’s eyes and start dancing by putting his hands in sona’s waist)
SONA(smiles nad puts her hands on dev’s shoulder)
like this their slow dance starts..dev was completely post in sona’s eyes and sona was just like dream come true …but both were looking the best.👍
unfortunately the music ends and everyone starts clapping for dev and sona..due to this dev comes to his senses and smiles.sona too sees his smile and reciprocates with a smile.
ALIA:(whispers to sona)ohoh..finally dev and u
SONA(whispering)will u shut up
ALIA:(whispering)ya ya now why will u want to talk to me or anyone else after all u have dev now.
DEV(coming to sona)sona can u pls come here for a second
SONA(looking towards alia was all giggling)yes coming.
DEV(looks at alia,confused)here this way.


dev takes sona towards his room.
SONA(entering dev’s room)dev why did u bring me here leaving the party.
DEV:because i wanted to thank u.
SONA:but why?for making u dance.
DEV:ya and also for being my friend.

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