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I love my country- episode 1

Our Tiranga flag is shown…. It is proudly waving on the top of assembly building. The sky itself is saluting the national flag….

A young dynamic guy is speaking in that legislative assembly addressing the speaker. He is wearing a white kurtha, with formal look, but he is looking dashing handsome. He is opposition party MLA. His words are powerful as his looks.


“Sir, this state is suffering with corruption…. What this cm is doing? He simply sleeps as every time in assembly…oh, he is the main culprit, then what he can do more than sleep?” he says.

Then a lady stands up to speak. She is ruling party MLA.
“Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, I think you are forgetting. It is you who was yawning while assembly is going on. Hmm, I think we can see them clearly if the recorded CC camera is played.”

MLA laksh looks smilingly at her. “Mrs. Ragini gadodiya, I mean, Ragini Maheswari…”
Ragini blushes in herself.
“why you are looking at me while assembly is going on… are you counting how many times I yawn?”

All the opposition party people laughs. Ragini controls her smile and gets angry on Laksh,
“Don’t change the topic Mr. MlA. Before pointing out one’s mistake, you have to see your own deeds.”

Laksh: I don’t have any criminal back ground… your CM has it…

Then other ruling party man raises up…
“Mr. Young MLA. Don’t talk bad about our leader….”

Other person from Laksh’s side raises,
“he is telling truth not bad.”

Then Ragini to that man, “Uncle, please don’t raise your voice. I think you have to check your B.P”

All ruling party members laughs as she said him uncle.

Laksh: Mrs. Ragini, learn manners while talking in assembly.

Ragini: you too learn manners while addressing CM of this state.

Their debate turns hot….

Laksh: criminal is a criminal where ever he is…

Ragini: look at your history before commenting our leader…
Laksh: I don’t have any history. I came here on myself. It is you who have become MLA after your dad.

Ragini: that’s this party’s trust over me.

Laksh: you have come here just one month back. You came here and arguing with us…? I have more experience than you!! I was from one year here….

Ragini: oh, that’s why your party has lost this time and we are ruling now…

Now, the opposition party members start shouting on her. Ragini shocks. Ruling party members also raise and start shouting on them. Ragini keeps looking shockingly at them. Laksh laughs in himself looking at her.

Speaker keeps telling, “Please be silent… please be silent…”
The fight turns violent…..
Then speaker ends the session.

All will starts leaving the assembly.
Ragini sits and drinks water. Everyone are leaving. Laksh comes near her. “Shall we go mrs. Maheswari?”

Ragini smiles and stands and pinches him. Laksh shocks and scolds her slowly, “are you mad? This is assembly. You shouldn’t do like this.”

Ragini: hmm, then why are you looking naughtily at me…??
They both smile.

Laksh: how is your first experience in assembly…? Did you like it?

Ragini: oh no…. I can’t bear this. I’m getting headache.

Laksh: but, you have to be here. You have to keep your father’s name. he was a great politician.

Ragini: hmm… you are praising opposite party’s member? Our party members could have listened this…

Laksh smiles. They both go out. Media surrounds them as soon as they go out….

Media1: sir, do you think cm will answer you?

Media2: mam, just before you were fighting. But now you are together…

Ragini: of course, he is my husband…

Media1: sir, you belong to opposition parties. Can you tell us, how love happened in between you…?

Raglak looks at each other and smiles.
Flash back….

Before the high court….
A group of students are yelling. “We want… justice!!”
A girl is leading them. She is Ragini…

She shouts… “We want….”
Others join… “Justice..!”

They keep yelling. A police officer comes and stands in front of her.

Officer: go away silently. Otherwise, we have to make laati charge.

Ragini: even you shoot… we are not going to leave.

Ragini shouts: we want…

Others: justice…!!

Ragini: the culprit who has leaked the exam papers

Others: have to be punished.

Ragini: students union…

Others: live long…!

Police takes the laatis in their hands. All stops shouting. Ragini keeps shouting all alone. Only few students are shouting with her. many students step back. But, Ragini is standing at the gate with the firm determination…!
Ragini shouts: we want justice….

Police raises the stick to beat her. She scares and bends her head and closes her head in her hands. A strong hand stops the laati. Police looks at him.

That guy’s eyes are shown. He is holding the laati strongly. Police trying to take it back. Ragini raises her eyes and looks at him. He is Laksh. Then he sees Ragini.

Both look at each other. Laksh’s powerful eyes turn weak after looking at innocent eyes of Ragini. His grip becomes weak. Police pushes him down. Laksh falls down and he was looking at her then too. She is looking at him silently.

Then a lady police comes and arrests Ragini, and Laksh is also arrested.
Raglak are sitting beside each other.

Ragini keeps shouting, “police down down..! students zindaabad…! Vandemaatram..!!!”

Laksh: haa miss, this is not freedom movement. Why are you saying, Vandemaataram?

Ragini: when student’s voice has no freedom, do you think this country got independence?? No…. that’s why..! this is other freedom revolution…. Vandemaataram..!!

Laksh keeps looking at her smiled.

Precap: fb continues….

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