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I Hate You (Episode 32)

😂😂😂😂I wish I could somehow show you guys my reaction. I’m literally laughing my head off. I really don’t give a shit about hate comments. Now don’t take this the wrong way…if I see hate comments for others, then I lose my temper, but when its directed towards me, then it just becomes really funny! Thank you all sooooooo much for ur love and support! Like I don’t even know what to say. Just one request, for my upcoming hate comments, please only respond to the hater with a thank you and a heart. In one way, thank you also to that hater for showing me how much love I get and that we all have each other’s backs. So in celebration to that, everyone raise your glasses for a toast 🍷and enjoy this special episode that I decided to just for you guys. Hope you like it. Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Kunj saves Twinkle from an incoming car. Twinkle confronts Kunj but Kunj remains silent. Leela decides to get Twinkle married. Chinki tells Kunj about Twinkle’s marriage. Kunj realizes that he can’t lose Twinkle and vows to get her back.


(Taneja Mansion…)

Twinkle was sleeping when she heard some noise coming from her balcony. She got up and walked towards the doors to the balcony.
Twinkle- What is that noise? Who is there?
Twinkle opened the doors to the balcony and stepped out. Suddenly she saw someone holding a jar of fireflies. The dark night did not allow Twinkle to see the face of the person. The person opened the jar and the fireflies flew out and lit up the night. Twinkle was shocked to see her surroundings. The whole balcony was decorated with pictures of Twinj. Twinkle was speechless. She looked around to see hearts and sorry signs. Suddenly, Kunj walked out of the shadow and stood in front of Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj! What are you doing here?
Twinkle faced away from Kunj and spoke softly.
Twinkle- Kunj, please leave from here.
Kunj- Twinkle please sun na.
Twinkle starts walking away from Kunj but Kunj held her wrist. Twinkle turned around to find Kunj sitting on his knees, holding his ears, and pouting.
Kunj- Sorry…
Kunj stands up.

Kunj- Twinkle I know I’m a bit stupid.
Twinkle- Not a bit…a lot.
Kunj- Yea. I’m the number one idiot. Call me anything you like. Idiot, stupid, khadoos Sarna. I messed everything up. But please forgive me.
Twinkle watches Kunj with pain in her eyes. (Sajna Ve plays).
She turns around and wipes of a tear from the corner of her eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle……I love you.
Twinkle froze. Slowly, she turned to face Kunj. Kunj told Twinkle about Leela aunty’s words.
Kunj- I know I messed up but trust me, I never played with ur feeling. I can’t live without you Twinkle. I love you and I always will.
Silence filled the atmosphere as the two looked into each others eyes. Suddenly Twinkle embraced Kunj into a tight hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. Kunj smiled and hugged Twinkle back.
Twinkle- I love you too.
Kunj’s smile grew bigger and he hugged her tighter.
After a few minutes, they broke the hug. Twinkle lovingly wiped off the tears from Kunj’s eyes. Kunj kissed Twinkle’s forehead.
Twinkle- I never knew you were this emotional.
Kunj- Well, after staying with such a big drama queen for six months, I learned a few things.

Twinkle- Kunj!
Twinkle playfully slapped Kunj’s chest. Kunj looked at Twinkle lovingly.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Nahi kuch nahi….I missed you.
Twinkle- I hate you!
Kunj was surprised.
Kunj- Are! U just said you loved me.
Twinkle- Well….now I hate you. Do u know how much I missed you? And do you know what has been going in my heart?
Twinkle pushes Kunj.
Twinkle- Do you know how much I cried?
She pushes him again.
Twinkle- Do you know that ma fixed my marriage with someone?
Twinkle pushed Kunj again but this time Kunj caught her hands.
Kunj- Kisiko himmat hai jo meri Siyappa Queen se shaadi karlenge? Let’s see which idiot tries to take you from me.
Kunj put his hand on Twinkle’s back and pulled her towards him.
Twinkle- U are only mine.
Twinkle blushed, turning her cheeks pink. She pushed Kunj away.
Twinkle- Kunj, go now or ma will see come to check who is making this much noise in the middle of the night. Then our love story will end before it even starts.
Kunj- But…

Twinkle- Kunj go!
Twinkle held Kunj’s arm and brought him to the balcony edge, where a ladder was standing.
Twinkle- Kunj, quickly go before someone sees.
Kunj makes a sad face and heads towards the end of the balcony.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj turned around. Twinkle signed him to come closer.
Twinkle- Come here.
Kunj made a what face.
Twinkle- Come na.
Kunj leaned in towards Twinkle. Twinkle cupped one of Kunj’s cheeks and kissed the other cheek.
Twinkle- I love you.
She ran inside to her room. Kunj touched his cheek and smiled.

The Next Morning…

Twinkle was awakened by a knock on her door. Leela walked in the room.
Leela- Twinkle puttar wake up.
Twinkle rolled around and mumbled.
Twinkle- Ma, let me sleep. I slept late last night.
Leela- Why did you sleep late?
Twinkle- Voh Ku….
Twinkle stopped herself from revealing anything.
Leela- Why is it so dark in here? Open the curtains and open the door to the balcony. Why is it closed?
Twinkle suddenly sat up.
Twinkle thinks- Oh no! Ma can’t go to the balcony.
Twinkle nervously bites her nails. She sees Leela approaching the balcony. Twinkle quickly goes and stands in front of Leela.
Twinkle- Ma. Good Morning!
Leela looks at Twinkle weirdly.
Leela- What happened to you? Now move, let some light enter this room.
Twinkle- Ma, you go, I’ll do it.
Leela- I’ll do it. U go freshen up.
Twinkle- Ma…I’m really hungry. Can you please make me breakfast???
Leela- Ok I will in a min…

Twinkle- No ma…u need to do it now. Pet mein chuhe dor rahe hai. Please.
Leela pinches Twinkle’s cheek.
Leela- Ok my drama queen, I’m going.
Leela leaves and Twinkle lets out a sigh of relief. She then goes out to the balcony and looks at all of her and Kunj’s pictures. Thinking about their confession last night, she blushes. Twinkle carefully takes off all the pictures. She suddenly remembers something.
Twinkle- Oh no! Today that Sunny is supposed to come. I have to tell Kunj.
Twinkle calls Kunj.
Kunj- Hey! Missing me already?
Twinkle- Shut up Kunj. I’m in a huge dilemma right now. There’s a big problem. The guy that ma arranged my marriage with is coming for lunch today. Kunj do something.
Kunj- Don’t worry. I will give him such a zhor ka jhatka that he will remember it for life.

Precap: Mission Zhor ka jhatka….

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