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I Hate You (Episode 30)

Hey Sarah! (Love the name btw 😂) I wonder where I heard that name before 😏According to the dictionary, the definition of happy is “delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing”. And as far as I know, musicians are “happy” when their music is loved and enjoyed. Anyways this whole thing was quite funny to me and I actually laughed out loud. Don’t worry, I didn’t take it to heart. Thank you to everyone who stood up for me and supported me. I can’t explain how loved I feel. U guys are literally the best. Love you all! Now let’s get on with the episode…

Precap: Twinkle gets possessive over Kunj. There is a farewell party for the seniors. Kunj asks Twinkle for a dance. Kunj sings a song and indirectly confesses to Twinkle.



Twinkle- Kunj, I need to tell u something.
Kunj- I also need to tell u something. But not here. Meet me back home in half an hour. Don’t come before that!
Twinkle- But…
Kunj- Rishi will drop u home. Bye!
Kunj ran off, waving bye to Twinkle.
Twinkle- That was strange.
Twinkle somehow stayed at the party, still thinking about Kunj’s weird behavior and what was in store for her when she reached the flat. After what seemed like many agonizing hours, which in reality was just minutes, Rishi finally came to Twinkle.
Rishi- Bhabhi, Kunj told me to bring you home. U can come now.
Twinkle- It’s about time.
Rishi drops Twinkle off at home. Twinkle walks into the elevator. She smiled thinking about the dance and Kunj’s song.

Twinkle thinks- I will tell you how I feel Kunj. Tonight, I will tell you how much you mean to me. After tonight, there won’t be any boundaries between us. It will all be perfect.
With a smile on her face, Twinkle stepped out of the elevator and continued towards her flat. She opened the door and found the rooms dark. Light was coming out of their bedroom. Twinkle headed towards the bedroom and opened the door. She was amazed to see the room. The whole room was decorated with candles and red balloons were everywhere on the floor. The lights were off, only the light from the candles gave a luminous glow to the room. In the balcony sat a small table with two chairs opposite each other. Covered in a white tablecloth, the table held two champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice. Twinkle was speechless. She entered the room in awe. Kunj came out of the shadow and stood in front of her.
Twinkle- Kunj…

Kunj- Twinkle, I have to tell you something.
Twinkle- I also have to tell you something Kunj.
Kunj- U will be very happy after hearing what I have to say.
Twinkle- Jaldi bolo na Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle…..
Twinkle looked at Kunj eagerly, waiting to hear those three words.
Kunj- Twinkle…
Twinkle closed her eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle…I filed for a divorce. (Don’t kill me yet guys…it was needed for the plot, sorry).
Twinkle opened her eyes. She felt as if the ground was snatched away from right under her feet. She took a step back to comprehend what Kunj had just said.
Twinkle- What did you say?
Kunj- I filed for a divorce.
Kunj avoids Twinkle’s eyes.
Kunj- We should be getting our divorce soon.
Twinkle- Kunj, ur joking right?

Kunj- Why would I be joking? This is what you wanted right?
Twinkle held Kunj’s collar.
Twinkle- U knew what I wanted. Why are you doing this Kunj?
Kunj- I don’t know what u are talking about.
Kunj avoids Twinkle’s eyes and looks at the floor. Twinkle tugs on Kunj’s collar, pulling him closer to herself as tears form in her eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj, ur eyes say something else. I can see in your eyes that you….
Kunj- I what?
Twinkle- You love me (echoes).
Kunj looks into Twinkle’s tear filled eyes. He looks away again and takes Twinkle’s hands off his collar.
Kunj- I don’t know what ur saying Twinkle. Love? There’s no love.
Twinkle (shouting)- NO LOVE? What were all those moments we spent together? What about all those times u stood up for me? What about all those times you took care of me? What happened to those? And what is this set up now? Kunj answer me!
Kunj- Twinkle, u took my care and friendship in the wrong way. That wasn’t love. It was my duty as a friend. And this setup…I thought that since we are getting divorced, might as well have one last nice dinner as friends.
Twinkle is shocked.

Twinkle- And what about all those times you came close to me? Are all those feelings lies? Is everything a lie? Kunj look into my eyes. IS EVERYTHING A LIE?
Kunj- Twi…Twinkle. That was not love. We are still young and our hormones will get out of control sometimes. That was just lust.
Twinkle was taken aback by Kunj’s words.
Twinkle- No this is not the Kunj I know. My Kunj would never give such a pure thing like love the name of lust. U are not the Kunj I fell in love with. U broke my heart Mr. Sarna. I hate you! I just hate you!
Twinkle cries and runs out of the room. Kunj walked out to the balcony and touched the Champaign glasses. He picked up a glass and looked at it. Suddenly, he threw the glass onto the floor, shattering it to pieces.


Kunj left the party and returned to the flat.
Kunj- Finally Twinkle, tonight I will let you know everything. Everything has to be perfect.
Kunj decorates the whole room then waits for Twinkle. The door bell rings.
Kunj- That’s probably Twinkle.
With a hopeful smile on his face, Kunj opens the door to find Leela standing there.
Kunj- Aunty aap?
Leela- Kunj, I need to speak to you.
Kunj- Of course aunty. Come inside.
Kunj lets Leela inside.
Leela- Kunj, I need to speak to you about Twinkle.
Kunj thinks- I should tell Leela aunty that I love Twinkle.
Leela- Kunj, I have filed for a divorce for you guys.
Kunj was shaken.
Kunj- What?
Leela- Yes. There is only one month left before the end of the six month period. Then you guys will get divorced and Twinkle will come back to me. You know Kunj, Twinkle grew up with anything she wanted. It is my duty as a mother to give her the happiness she deserves and get her married to someone who can meet her demands and keep her happy.
Leela held Kunj’s hands.
Leela- I hope you understand beta. I know you two have no relationship. So I am asking for my daughter back. Won’t you do this for a mother?
A lump forms in Kunj’s throat as he stands there, speechless.
Kunj thinks- I have seen how hurt Twinkle was when she stayed away from her mother. I can’t hurt her again. Leela aunty is right, what can I do for Twinkle? How can I make her happy? She deserves all the happiness in the world.
Leela- Kunj?
Kunj- Don’t worry aunty, Twinkle will come back to you. I will sign the divorce papers.


Kunj stepped over the broken glass pieces on the balcony. He remembered Twinkle’s confession, her tears, and her leaving the room. Kunj took a piece of glass and squeezed it in his hand, blood dripping from his palms as tears flowed down his cheek. It started to rain. Kunj looked up to the sky and yelled.
Kunj- WHY ME? Hum hi kyun? Why does all my happiness get taken away from me? Why?!

Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan…

Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah…

Kunj fell to the floor and sat and cried as the raindrops fell on him, mixing in with the endless tears that were flowing down his cheek.

Precap: What will Kunj do now? Will their love story remain unfinished?

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