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I Hate You (Episode 25)- Silver Jubilee

25 Episodes….wow. None of this could have happened without u guys out there. U guys proved me wrong as the number of comments drastically increased. It’s unfathomable to believe how much love my writing can get. After Love Is Blind, I never thought this ff would receive even 1% of that love and support…again I was wrong. I know I have not been able to thank you guys personally, so on this special episode, I will thank you…
Rashiverma2199, Lama, Ritzi, Meeta, Diya, Ayu, Anshikajainn (adorable dp by the way), Chiku, dreamer…arundhati, Akanksha, Sidvee, Anayra, Sidhantfan, Sohi, Sushmita, Apurva, TwinjSidMin, Karthikajasmin, Purnima.agrawal30 (I never fail to see ur comment…so thank you!), Shatakshi, and Anayaali….. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you! I know u guys are regular readers and regular commenters. I wait for these comments every time I post an episode. They never fail to make me smile and lately all ur comments and love is even making me blush.
Saira- Everytime I see a silent reader commenting, I feel like I am opening a gift from my birthday! Thank you so much and the fact that u read my last ff also just makes me speechless!
Twinj- No need to say sorry…I know u read my ff. Actually I should be saying sorry. I write wonderful stories and OS and my dumb busy schedule doesn’t let me comment. Love you too!
Monica- Haha…I guess we’ll just have to see how the plot turns out… never say sorry for lengthy comments, that’s like saying sorry for giving me a gift…y are you sorry for something I love? Lol I guess u and Ria are like friendship goals!

Speaking of Ria- Girl, u are amazing! U know every little detail about my writing… I don’t even know how many episodes I write! Let’s see what happens to Twinkle and Kunj…Love you!
Anam_sidhant- Gosh U are making me blush! Thank you so much!
Ramya- I guess we will just have to see what happens…love you too!
Vipul- Don’t be sorry. I understand. Thank you so much…to be getting a favorite title is beyond amazing. Thank you!
Zuha Fatima- Questions? Hmmm…I hope u get ur answers soon…..
Paavu- THANK YOU!!!! Aww u start dancing and howling? Lol.
Adya- Favorite? I am floored…I never thought I would be getting this much love. Thank you!
Thanmy and Laddoo….busy? I miss you guys…
And last but not least, my amazing silent readers! THANK YOU! Now let’s get on with the episode…


Recap: Kunj is upset because he can’t afford to take an exam for piloting. It has been his dream to become a pilot. Twinkle tells him about a Jhalak Dhikla Jaa Dance competition. Kunj decides to participate to get the prize money. Kunj practices with Twinkle and gets a little romantic.


Kunj leaned in towards Twinkle’s neck. Twinkle opened her eyes. She ever so softly called out his name.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj froze as he was just centimeters away from her neck. He moved back and looked at Twinkle. He took his hand off her waist and stepped back in shock. He left the room. Twinkle was still standing in shock. She slowly touched her cheek then her heart. She felt her fast paced heartbeats. (Sajna Ve plays in bg).
Twinkle- Why is it happening again? This feeling in my stomach…my fast pacing heart….what is happening to me? And Kunj…what was he doing? Why am I not angered? How could I just give myself in like that? Babaji, what is happening?


Kunj leaves the room in shock.
Kunj- Kunj yaar…kya hogaya tujhe? What were u doing in there? How could you…and Twinkle?
He shakes his head.
Kunj- No no…it’s just a mistake. I should apologize to her. But how? This Siyappa Queen’s anger level is off the charts. If I go to apologize, kahi jaan toh nahi lenge na?

(Twinj’s Room…)

Kunj silently entered the room. He saw Twinkle sleeping on the bed. Seeing her already asleep, he let out a sigh of relief and took his place of the sofa.
Kunj thinks- Thank God Twinkle is asleep. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have faced her.
Kunj closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Twinkle opens her eyes and looks at Kunj.
Twinkle thinks- Thank God I pretended to sleep before he came. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have faced him.
With the same thoughts in mind, both Twinkle and Kunj drifted off to sleep.

The Next Day….

Today was Kunj’s big day. Today was the day of the competition. Kunj woke up as the sun rays hit his face. He stretched his arms and sat up.
Kunj- Come on Kunj. Today is the big day.
He looks around to find the bed empty.
Kunj- Where did Twinkle go?
Kunj freshens up and comes to the kitchen. He sees Twinkle making breakfast. She was running around the kitchen frantically. Kunj noticed some oil spilled onto the floor. In shock, he watched as Twinkle stepped on the oil and began to slip and fall. She slipped on the oil and closed her eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle!
Twinkle opened her eyes to see herself in Kunj’s arms. (Sajna Ve plays in bg). Twinj share an eye lock. Kunj breaks the eye lock and makes Twinkle stand.
Kunj- Are you crazy Twinkle! What were u doing? U can’t do anything carefully? What would have happened if I had not come? Did u ever think of the outcome?!
Twinkle was speechless.
Kunj- How could u be so careless? Twinkle mein tujhse baat kar rahi hoon.
Twinkle- I was trying to make you breakfast…..
Kunj- Can’t u be a bit more careful? Do u always have to create some sort of Siyappa?
Twinkle- Relax Kunj! What’s the big deal? The most that could have happened was I could have slipped and fell. Why are u overreacting so much?
Kunj was caught off guard by Twinkle’s words.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle’s right. Why am I overreacting this much? What has gotten into me?
Suddenly the doorbell rings. Kunj fixes up his stature and calms himself. He opens the door and sees Chinki.
Kunj- Chinki? Ur here?
Chinki- Hello jiju. I came to meet Twinkle. And u have ur competition today na? So I came to wish u luck.
Twinkle- Chinki!
Chinki runs and hugs Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj, eat ur breakfast and leave.

Twinkle serves him breakfast. Chinki watches them. Kunj finishes his food.
Chinki- Jiju! Best of luck! Twinkle and I will arrive there just in time.
Kunj smiles and leaves. Chinki turns to Twinkle.
Chinki- So…what’s going on between u two?
Twinkle- Matlab?
Chinki- Matlab….u guys are acting like husband and wife. Ur making food for Kunj and what not.
Twinkle- No nothing like that…
Chinki- Acha chod. Now tell me why u called.
Twinkle- Chinki, I don’t know what’s happening. I’m confused.
Chinki- What happened?
Twinkle- Voh…how do I tell u….Kunj…he….he kissed me.
Chinki- What!

Twinkle- Are not like that. Listen…
Twinkle told Chinki about what happened between Kunj and her last night, about their ice cream date, about Kunj’s care for her, and how he scolded her for being careless.
Twinkle- Chinki, I don’t know what happens to me whenever I’m around Kunj. My heartbeat races faster and my stomach feels funny.
Chinki smiles.
Chinki- Twinkle, I think u have gotten an illness that doesn’t have a cure.
Twinkle (worried)- What?
Chinki- Love (echoes).
Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle- Are you crazy? Love and Kunj? Never!
Chinki- Twinkle, just listen to ur heart. U care for Kunj and u love him. Don’t let ur ego stop u from listening to ur heart. Listen to what u actually want.
Chinki leaves. Twinkle was still thinking about her words. She walked into the bedroom thinking about what Chinki had just told her.
Twinkle- Love?


Leela- Twinkle puttar, be a little mature now. Ur grown up and pretty soon u will be married.
Twinkle wraps her arms around Leela’s neck.
Twinkle- Offo maa! Who said I’m leaving u so easily? I love you too much!
Leela- But one day someone will come who u will love more than me.
Twinkle- That’s ridiculous. I can’t love anyone more than u maa. And vaise bhi, how will I know when I love someone?
Leela- Puttar, u will know when the time comes. U will notice every little detail of that person. U will feel happiness on his happiness and sadness on his sadness. He will care for u, and occasionally scold u because he has the right to. U will get butterflies in ur stomach, ur heart will race every time ur near him. That person will make his way into ur heart and u won’t even find out. When u search, u will only find his picture in ur mind. Then u will realize that u are in love. Understood meri pagal kudi?


Twinkle remembers all the silly fights she had with Kunj. She remembers Kunj consoling her, bringing Leela back to her, their ice cream date, and finally the kiss. Twinkle slowly closes her eyes. She puts her hand on her heart and feels her heartbeat increasing. With closed eyes, she sees Kunj smiling at her. Kunj does his one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- Oye Siyappa Queen! Phirse ek siyappa kardiya….tujhe toh mujhse pyar hogaya…
Twinkle suddenly opens her eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Twinkle smiles as tears form in her eyes.
Twinkle- I…love…Kunj?

Precap: The Jhalak dance competition…..

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