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I Hate You (Episode 24)

Hey guys! Are you liking the plot? Please tell me honestly. The number of comments have decreased. I’ve noticed this on all the other ff also. I don’t know if u guys are just too busy to comment or are not liking the plot. So please let me know. I’ll try to live up to ur expectations and I hope u will like it….Now let’s get on with the episode.

Recap: Twinkle and Kunj go on an unofficial ice cream date. Kunj surprises Twinkle by bringing Leela. it is revealed that Kunj explained everything to Leela and Leela forgave Twinkle. Twinkle decides to realize that Kunj is not that bad of a person and begins to form a soft corner for him.



(At College…)

Kunj and Twinkle arrive at college. Alisha sees them enter together and fumes.
Alisha thinks- Twinkle and Kunj, u two did not do good with me. U messed with the wrong person. U played with Alisha’s feelings. U will pay for this.
She clenched her fists as Twinkle and Kunj entered the classroom.

The Next Scene….

Twinkle entered the cafeteria, looking for Kunj. She spots Rishi.
Twinkle- Hey Rishi, do u know where Kunj is?
Rishi- Yea I saw him headed towards one of the back stairways. He seemed upset and told me not to come with him.
Twinkle- Ok thanks.
Twinkle thinks- Where did Kunj go?
Twinkle walks to one of the stairways and sees Kunj sitting on a step. She goes and sits next to him. Kunj was sitting there and fidgeting with his fingers.
Twinkle- Kunj? Tum thik toh ho na?
Kunj- Pata nahi Twinkle.
Twinkle- What happened?
Kunj was silent. After a few moments, he spoke.
Kunj- It was my dream to become a pilot. Ever since I was little, I wanted to fly. Now my chance has come. The aviation exam to get into a course for piloting has been released. I have to take this exam and course. But…
Twinkle- But?
Kunj- I don’t have the money for it. I may be able to manage something for the exam, but the course….
Twinkle’s heart fell listening to Kunj’s words. She didn’t know why, but his sadness had an affect on her. Twinkle reached over and held Kunj’s hand. They sat in silence until the silence was broken by the ring of the bell and the halls were filled by students.

(Twinj’s Flat…)

Kunj was finishing up his assignments while Twinkle was surfing through the internet. Suddenly her face lit up and a smile formed on her face.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
Kunj jumped up, startled.
Kunj- What happened!
Twinkle jumped up and held Kunj’s arms and started spinning him around.
Kunj- Twinkle!
Twinkle stopped spinning.
Twinkle- I found a solution to ur problem.
Kunj- What problem?
Twinkle- Are! Ur piloting problem.
Kunj- Really? What solution?
Twinkle- First tell me…..can u dance?
Kunj- What? What kind of solution is this?
Twinkle- Just answer na!
Kunj- Uh….
Twinkle- Chodo! U are a great singer and I know u can dance also.
Kunj- So?
Twinkle- So…..u can get the money by….
Kunj- By…..
Twinkle- Dancing on Jhalak!
Kunj’s face dropped.
Kunj- What! U mean Jhalak, as in Jhalak Dhikhla Jaa the dance reality show?
Twinkle nods her head.
Kunj- Twinkle, are you crazy?
Twinkle- Hold on. Listen to me first. Here look.
Twinkle shows Kunj the screen of her laptop. It showed an ad for a Jhalak competition.
Twinkle- It’s not telling u to participate for the whole season. This is just a dance contest that is coming to our area. Whoever wins, will be rewarded the prize money. So…..Kunj, u have a chance in winning.
Kunj thinks for a while.
Kunj- Twinkle, ur not going to do another siyappa again are you?
Twinkle- Offo Kunj! Do I always create siyappas?
Kunj (mumbles)- Siyappa Queen.
The Next Day….

Kunj and Twinkle went to sign up for the competition. On the way, a man saw Kunj and stopped him. Kunj was surprised to see the man.
Man- Are sir! U are here?
Kunj became nervous.
Kunj- I think u have the wrong person.
Man- Sir? Did u forget me? I am Aman.
Kunj- Bola na meine, I think u have the wrong person.
Man- But sir….
Kunj- Let’s go Twinkle.
Kunj took Twinkle and walked away, leaving the man baffled. Twinkle was shocked at Kunj’s behavior.
Twinkle- Kunj? Why did u have a sudden outburst like that? U are not like this?
Kunj- Forget it. He probably mistook me for someone else.
Twinkle thinks- Something is wrong. Kunj never behaves this rudely without a reason. It’s not like him to act this way.
Kunj went and signed up for the competition. There, he was assigned a choreographer, who was also his partner for the competition. Kunj practiced all day for the whole week for the competition. After practice, he came home all tired.
Twinkle- How was practice?
Kunj- Good. My choreographer is a really good dancer.
Twinkle- So, tomorrow is the big day…
Kunj- Yea. So I will practice one more time tonight.

The Next Scene….

Kunj was practicing his dance routine. However, he was struggling to dance alone as the dance was a duet. Twinkle saw him struggling.
Kunj- Ahhh! This is impossible to do alone!
He saw Twinkle sitting and watching him practice and got an idea. He went over to her and took her hand.
Twinkle- Kunj? What are you doing?
Kunj- U know how to dance right? I need a partner to practice with me.
Twinkle- But…
Kunj- Shhh.
Kunj takes Twinkle’s hand and puts it on his shoulder. He places his hand on her waist. The performance was a sensual dance. Kunj turns Twinkle around and traced his finger up her arm. Twinj and Kunj shared an eye lock as Kunj dipped Twinkle. As he was bringing her up, they did not break their eye lock. Kunj suddenly went into a trance and started advancing towards Twinkle. Twinkle started walking backwards until she was stopped by a wall. Kunj moved Twinkle’s hair behind her ear and cupped her cheek. Twinkle closed her eyes from Kunj’s touch. Kunj leaned closer. Twinkle’s heartbeat started racing as she was able to feel Kunj’s hot breath on her skin. Kunj’s lips came into contact with Twinkle’s forehead. Twinkle tightly clutched the side of her dress. Kunj then kissed her cheek. His hand found its way and rested on her waist. Kunj leaned towards Twinkle’s neck. Twinkle opened her eyes. She ever so softly called out his name.
Twinkle- Kunj….

Precap: Silver Jubilee! 🎉 So a pleasant treat…..

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