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I Hate You (Episode 22)

Recap: Kunj is surprised to see Twinkle dancing. He confronts her back at home and she reveals that she has been dancing at charity functions for a good cause. Later, Twinkle has a nightmare and starts panicking. Kunj consoles Twinkle and comforts her whole she sleeps.



Twinkle wakes up and stretches her arms. She feels something and looks to see Kunj leaning against the backboard of the bed and sleeping next to her.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj? What is he doing here?
She suddenly remembers the happenings from last night.
Twinkle thinks- Oh no! This is exactly what I was afraid of happening! What will I tell him now when he questions me?
Twinkle sat up and stared at Kunj. Kunj opened his eyes and found Twinkle staring at him.
Kunj- Twinkle? Are you ok? Here, lay down and take some rest.
Twinkle looks at Kunj lovingly and admires his concern for her.
Twinkle- No. I’m fine.
Kunj- U sure?
Twinkle nods.

Kunj- Pakka?
Twinkle- Pakka.
Kunj- Ummm….last night….
Twinkle- Sorry about that. I…
Kunj- Did that happen before also?
Twinkle was silent.
Kunj- Twinkle don’t stay silent. Say something.
Twinkle got off the bed and proceeded to leave but Kunj held her hand.
Kunj- Ur hiding too much from me already. I know I’m not ur husband but right now, u stay with me. So I have some responsibility over you. Even if u deny it, that’s the truth. And staying silent won’t solve anything.
Kunj let go of Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle turned to face Kunj.
Twinkle- U really want to know? Then look!
Twinkle pulled down he shirt, revealing her shoulder, on which lied a tattoo of a flower.
Twinkle- Look!
Twinkle lifted her shirt a bit, exposing her stomach, which showed a tattoo of a heart near her waist.
Twinkle- Look!
Twinkle pulled up her shirt a bit and faced her back to Kunj. Kunj saw another tattoo on her back. Kunj was shocked and speechless.
Twinkle- U want to see more! Then look!
Twinkle reached for the collar of her shirt but Kunj held her hand and stopped her.
Kunj- Twinkle? What is all this?
Tears ran down Twinkle’s face. Kunj made her sit on the bed.
Twinkle- My mom….
Kunj- Leela aunty?
Twinkle- No……


When Twinkle was very little, her mother died. Her father married another woman. Unfortunately, that woman did not give Twinkle the care and affection of a mother. Instead, she got the brutal punishments from a devil. One day, Twinkle’s father died of a heart attack. Now that there were no more obstacles, Twinkle’s stepmom gained all their wealth and remarried. This time, the stepmom and her husband abused Twinkle. Daily, Twinkle would get a beating from the man. Cruel torture was put on Twinkle.

(Child abuse is a serious topic that is purely condemned by me. A brutal act like child abuse should never be justified and such actions should always receive the punishment it deserves. I, in no sort of way, condone of this sort of abuse).

One day, the police found out. The parents went to jail and Twinkle was left in an orphanage. Until one day, Leela found Twinkle and instantly formed a motherly bond with her. As a single woman, Leela yearned for a child, which Twinkle later fulfilled.


Silence filled the room. Kunj was staring at Twinkle is shock and amazement. Silent tears ran down Twinkle’s cheeks. She fiddled with her fingers.
Twinkle- Yes, I got a new life, but my old life did not leave me so easily. Those marks from the beatings permanently stayed on my body. But I didn’t want them. So I covered them up with something that would not remind me of those old days. I covered up my bruises and scars with these tattoos.
Kunj’s eyes became moist. He reached out and put his hand over Twinkle’s hand and gave her a reassuring look.
Twinkle- Maa gave me all the love and care a mother can give her child. She treated me like her own child. Not once did I feel that we were not blood related. But I broke all her trust. I ruined that pure relationship.
Twinkle broke down. She covered her face with her hands and cried. Kunj pulled her into him and side hugged her. Twinkle cried into Kunj’s chest. A few moments later, Twinkle broke the hug. She wiped her tears and left the room. Kunj was still left awestruck.
Kunj- All his happened to Twinkle, and no one even knew? Who would have thought that such a strong and powerful woman like Twinkle could have had this past? She has been living with this in her heart?
Kunj stood up and smiled.
Kunj- I’ll make everything right. Don’t worry my Siyappa Queen.
He smiles.

The Next Scene….

Kunj enters the kitchen and sits on the counter. Twinkle was making rotis.
Kunj- What are you doing?
Twinkle- U can’t see?
Kunj thinks- Looks like she’s still upset.
Kunj moves her hair from her cheek and flour from her hand goes on her cheek.
Kunj gets an idea and does his one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- Be careful.
Twinkle looks at Kunj with a confused look. Kunj picks up a plate and shows Twinkle’s reflection to her. Twinkle makes a hawww face.
Kunj- Kahi roti na pak jaye. Itne hot jo hai aap.
Twinkle squints her eyes.
Twinkle- Are you flirting with me?
Kunj- No. Genuine compliment. Vaise….I’m in the mood for ice cream right now. So I’m going. If someone would like to come, they can.
Kunj smirks knowing that Twinkle can’t deny ice cream. Twinkle’s eyes light up.
Twinkle- Ice cream?
Kunj- Be ready in 5 min. I’m waiting outside.
Kunj leaves. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle- I know ur doing all this to make me smile. Ur so sweet Kunj.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj’s ice cream date and a surprise for Twinkle….

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