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“I found my love and I found my sister” (swaragini- A few shots) (Shot-1)

I don’t know if the title is the one that is most suitable for this…….but still…………positive and negative comments are welcome…….

Sanskar and Laksh are cousin brothers (just like in the serial, they live in a joint family). Swara and Ragini are step sisters. It was after they (swaragini) finished their college that they came to know of it. Then they both united their parents. They were only too glad to do that. Ragini studied in another college. But she has met Swara and Sanskar during competitions and was good friends. Laksh never used to talk to her just because she was traditional. He was very proud and gave very little consideration to other’s feelings. Ragini loved Laksh. But she never expressed it because she didn’t have the courage. It was unknown to everyone. Though she was the opposite of what Swara was, they bonded well. Swara and Sanskar were classmates. Swasan immediately bonded. Laksh was in another department in the same college. But he was quite famous in the college and was the heart throb of many girls. Sanskar always loved Swara. Swara too loves him but is blinded by her infatuation to Laksh. They both became in a relationship by the last year of college. Though heartbroken, Sanskar supported Swara. After college SwaLak were in a distant relationship. Ragini doesn’t know about it. Neither do Gogodia’s and Maheswari’s. The ill effects of being in a distant relationship had already started showing when the Maheswari’s asked for Ragini’s hand for Laksh. (Distance relationships often don’t work.) The Gogodia’s were happy about the alliance and they agreed for the same and fixed the engagement day. This news was kept as a secret from Swara and Ragini to surprise them on their birthday. Meanwhile Swara had decided to tell her parents about her and Laksh on her birthday. The engagement news made Ragini happy but it broke Swara’s heart. While the former danced about the house in happiness, the latter sat in her room and cried. Not wanting anyone to feel suspicious, she came out wiping her tears and asked Shekhar to show her would be brother in law’s photo. After seeing Laksh’s photo, she noticed that she had relief wash through her. Wondering why it had the opposite effect in her, she thought about it. After spending fruitless hours thinking about it, she made a call to her childhood friend Nikhil. During the school days everyone used to seek advice from him in the matter of love. His opinions proved worthy. Her conversation to Nikhil opened her eyes and made her realize that she had always loved Sanskar and not Laksh. What she had felt for him was nothing but infatuation. Feeling happy she came out of her room to see her parents staring at her with a slight angry look. Seeing Ragini’s sad face which she had well covered up, she understood that what she feared had happened. Apparently Sanskar had talked to her about Swara and Laksh being in a relationship. Recalling Swara’s sad face, she immediately said that she would unite them. After their meeting, she had talked to Shekhar and Sumi about it. Without giving Swara a chance to explain they contacted the Maheswari’s and both the families decided to engage Swara and Laksh on the same date. Since her parents and Ragini too were busy in the preparations, she decided to talk to Laksh. Ragini had decided to take so much work so as to distract her mind from thinking about her misfortune. But it seemed fate had a different game to play. Laksh was out of town and would return only on the day before the engagement. But a determined Swara called Laksh the very next day and talked to him. It seemed Laksh too was of the same opinion. He now had a new girlfriend, Kavya. Of this she was unaware. She then confessed her feelings to Sanskar. Sanskar was so happy. But by the time everything was almost settled down, it was the engagement day. A heartbroken Ragini helped Swara dress up. Though she (Swara) was a bit tensed about how her family would react to the news, she was also happy that she would be engaged along with her sister who loved her with all her heart on the same day. Little did anyone know what fate had kept in store for swaragini.


After a few hours………(The story starts here.)
The Maheswari’s and Gogodia’s looked at Laksh’s face wondering what he had to say. “This engagement won’t happen“. Hearing his words Shekhar felt the ground beneath him fall. A deep silence had fallen over the lot. It was broken by Durga Prasad. “What? Why?” Seeing Laksh silent, he repeated the question.
Laksh( with fake tears filling up his eyes): “ Swara doesn’t want this engagement to happen. (In rage) That Ragini loves me. Even after repeatedly telling her that I love no one but my Swara, she wasn’t ready to give up her love. Or should I even say that? She said that she will not let us live happily. So she threatened Swara that if she doesn’t back out, she would kill herself. Unable to see her sister in pain, she immediately confronted me. She said that she loved no one but Sanskar and what she felt towards me was nothing but a mere infatuation.”
Enraged Shekhar shook a shocked Ragini and asked: “Do you love him?”
Ragini:” Yes. But…”
Without giving her a chance to complete, he slapped her hard and said: “I don’t want to see you again. Leave.”
Swara who was shocked seeing his act: “Dad! (Walking towards him) Dad this is not the truth. I can explain.”
Laksh:”Stop acting like a mahan Swara.”
Shekhar who got even angrier pushed her aside and raised his hand to beat Ragini again. But this time, Ragini caught his hand and said with tears falling down her eyes:” You have known me for 22 years and you think I would do such a thing? You trust a person whom you met a few weeks back over your daughter? You will regret this act of yours when you know the truth and you’ll wish to say sorry. But I won’t be there to hear your sorry.”
Laksh:” What an act Ragini!”
Hearing this, she dropped Shekhar’s hand and moving over to Laksh she said,” Why??”
Laksh(smirked and whispered): “ What makes you think I’ll love a traditional girl like you?”
Ragini(in a broken voice):” You know what? I don’t expect you to understand my pain. Maybe in the future when clock reverse you will.”
Saying this, she gave a tight hug to Swara. This act expressed her love, gratitude for believing her and much more. Swara too hugged her back silently telling sorry and expressing her love. An angry Shekhar pulled them apart and cast Ragini a hateful look. She then wiped her tears and left the hall holding her head high.

Precap: Story take a leap of one year.

Hello all…………plzz do read it if you are interested……and comment………if you are not interested plzz tell me ….if so I will not type the 2nd part…….

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