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I am sorry baby…..swasan os (Part 1)

This is a short part I am giving…thanks for all you comments. . most of you guessed it right they are swasan….



Sanskaar loves Kavitha…..but kwvitha only likes sanskaar’s money…..RP sanskaar’father comes to know about this and warns him to stay away….but he doesn’t listen…..rp decides to get him married to a good girl…rp finds swara….he checks her background and finds she is a orphan….she loves helping others and is a very good character….rp likes her and chooses her for sanskaar…..sanskaar disagrees for the marriage..rp said if he wants his property then he would have to marry her….sanskaar agrees with no other option….they get married..sanskaar hasn’t seen her till now…

On their first night.


Swara is sitting on the bed….sanskaar comes to her and removes her veil. He gets mesmarised to see her…..but sanskaar controls himself and goes from there….

Days pass by….swara has totally fallen for sanskaar…even he has fallen for her…but his mind says that he loves Kavitha…

One day at night…

Sanskaar comes back from office. Swara was wearing her night gown…..she looked quite hot in that….sanskaar’s jaw dropped seeing her…swara still did not notice.that day he lost all his control.. He moved towards her both trip and fall on the bed…

(Big fat sorry I forgot to tell you that swara is just 18 three months back…she is still quite small)

Sanskaar starts to kiss her .swara wanted to stop him because she new sanskaar doesn’t love her..but since she loves him like anything…she couldn’t control herself……

Swara asks him whether it will hurt too much….innocently….. …he was not in a mood to answer her..he slowly removes her clothes and enters into her….she cries in pain as her body is too small for this…

After some days she comes to know that she is pregnant.(sujata does not like swara as she is a orphan…and again sorry to say rp had passed away after swasan marriage)

Kavitha had emotionally blackmailed sanskaar…so he was completely fallen for kavitha..

Swara comes to inform this to all.and then comes to know sanskaar still loves kavitha…

Over with part 1…please do comment…

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