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I am back with my zid (Epi-9)

Hi,how r u all ?
Thank u for reading and commenting my ff
Let’s start ,
Start with rumya ,
Som: rudr… U… Here…..any work ?
Rudy:why did u lie sumo ?
Did u avoid me ?
Som:no…. why did i avoid u ?
Rudy:bcoz my presence affect u ?
som: not really… in fact i don’t care about u and ur presence,
rudr move towards her,
Rudy:really ?
soumya bit nervous,

som:wo… wo… ya.. i don’t care,
rudr: haan…. i didn’t hear….
som:rudr…. don’t …. stay away from me…
rudr:why ?
som:rudr don’t come near?
rudr:u don’t care right….
som:ye…yes….i don’t care but u don’t come closer….
soumya hit wall ,now soumya stand in deadend and rudr is so close….soumya stop him with her hands ,rudr hold her hands and twist behind her and take her closer
soumya close her eyes,
som:rudr… plz…
rudr rub her cheek with his cheek and slowly whisper her ear,
rudr:Tume farak hai sumo….
and he kissed her cheek ,he leave her…


rudr:i think this is enough for today….
song plays,
hua hai aaj pehli baar ,
Jo jaise mushkuraya hu
tume dheka to jaana
ki kyun duniya mein aaya hu
soumya open her eyes and stares him….
he smiles ,
rudr:don’t dare to stay away from me… he about to leave…
som:i hate u…. rudr….
rudr:but i love u moti ….

scene sift hotel ,

ani :offo somu went fm station,maa had fever so she need rest ,Ranveer didn’t come till now… ishu did not answer my call…. i have to go meeting…ansh is alone ,now what to do?
phone ringing ….
ani: hello … mishra …. we pospont the meeting tomorrow bcoz ansh is alone….what he is already went…. u will take ur home… but… ok… his number…thank u…
ani:ansh get ready Mr mishra come and pick u… i have imp meeting so u go with him…oh god i forgot to ask his boss name.
ansh:where ?
ani:his house and thang math kar naa…
i will catch u later…
in meantime oberoi mansion ,

Sarah show the vedio which ansh and anshi fight…
all r shocked and cups their mouth….
Pinky : kya ladka hai …
Anshi stares Pinky ,
pin:i mean … very bad boy…
just then Tej enters, on call,
tej :plz come fast ,
he cut the call,

Tej:what happened ? why my Anshi ‘s mood off
anshi:bcoz of one stupid boy…
Tej:who ?
anshi:arre wahi ,pade dadu he is just like monkey … hungresi aulath …
just then mishra enters with ansh,
anshi see with super angry ,
suddenly whole oberoi mansion shaken 1sec…..
all r getup in their seet,
dadi:yeh tho wahi hena ?
Janvi:ji mummyji….
Anshi:what u r doing in my house,who allowed u inside,
ansh:ansh can go everywhere if he want ,he don’t want anyone permission and mujhe tumari gar aane ki koi shok nahi hai…
anshi:then why r u standing here,get lost…
ansh:ansh doing everything in his wish….
Sakti:mishra what’s going on ?who is this boy…
in Om room,
Om is crying bcoz of today incident and here some noise and come downstairs ,
in hall,
mishra tells everything,
Pinky :wah…. Mrs randhawa ka beta.. come….Anshi don’t be angry… accha ladka hai.. be friend with him…
Om:yes dono shake ur hands…
Anshi take something in her hand and give him hand for a shake…
ansh also give his hand with half heart…
anshi rub his hand and take her hand… ansh see his hand and shout….
ansh:what the wuck ,what is this,

ansh:hey watch ur language ? what is gobar…?
anshi:Mr hangresi aulath gobar means cow dung….
ansh is hell shocked and also angry….
ansh:yuck ….u r mad…. ill manner…. chiii….
Om:relax … this is glue only… so chill come with me…
ansh:where ?
Om:u didn’t wash ur hand… come I’m help u…
some restaurant ,
Shivaay waiting Mrs randhawa ,

anika enter and see Shivaay in same place,hide herself behind the pillar
ani:billu ji ,here..? why ? no i can’t go here, she messaged one number which is given by mishra
(i am Mrs randhawa I’m really sorry ,i can’t meet u rights now ,)
Shivaay read sms and reply her no prblm ,
Shivaay leaves ,
anika see and get relief,
ani:ok i have to go…
parking area,
anika comes and move forward her car suddenly someone pull her from behind ,
she is about to shout ,Shivaay close her mouth,anika get shock..
shi:what do u think ? u r roaming near me… and hide urself i didn’t find u ? u know me very well i can feel ur presence…. don’t dare to go away from me..
anika take his hand from her mouth,
ani:yes ,i know u very well,u sensed my presence but u never sense my truth,my innocence ,my loyal and my love…
they get teary eyed….
song plays,
u know u love me ,i know u care,
just shout whenever,and I’ll be there,
u r my love, u r my heart,
and we will never ever ever be apart…..
one guy shoot prinku at that time Ranveer drag her another side and he get shot in his arm….
anshi and ansh fight in kitchen ,
they throw things eachother ,like tomato,egg,fine flour..ect
Om try to stop them and also get all things in his face…

sorry for grammatical mistakes and some guys missing shivika and anshi&ansh in last episode.

sorry guys disappoint u ,really there r 5 kind of story (anshi,shivika,ishkara,rumya and priveer ) so all in one that was bit difficult so i hope u understand me… and i will try some romantic scenes out of my comfort zone if u didn’t like it ,I’m ready to get ur slap..

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